Sexy, Beauty or Cutie? #13

Welcome to Sexy, Beauty or Cutie, where I go through random anime characters through and decide whether they best fall into the sexy, beauty, or cutie spectrum when it comes to looks. Now because of this, I’m only selecting anime girls that I actually think look good, which is generally most of them, but this does mean my own personal preferences will keep some girls out. Generally speaking, that just means old women, as in seniors and what anime designs as a “fat girl”, which generally is morbidly obese, as anime is always an over-exaggeration of everything.

So with that being said, let’s hop to it! We’ve got three lovely contestants for you today, let’s bring them out!

Fino Bloodstone – Yu-Sibu

This is going to be one of those unique cases I think where the character is definitely sexy as all hell, but instead of the usual secondary side of being gorgeous, I think Fino here leans a little more to the cute side as the secondary trait. Obviously with her natural elf physique, aka slender body with giant breasts and long blonde hair, Fino is a sexy goddess of an anime girl. But if you focus on her posing, her facial expressions and the things that have less to do with the main parts of her body that draw eyes in, she’s actually got quite the cute streak to her. Her glowy eyes, her smiles, most of the pictures I see of her generally exert a cute reaction from me more than anything else. She’s adorable, but holy hell that body!

Speaking of which, the outfits she chooses to wear…yeah, they all pretty much intend to draw your attention to one specific place. I mean just take the outfit she’s wearing in the picture above. Sweet mother of mystery, look at that beauty! I mean boobs, look at those boobs! Pretty much every outfit draws you to her chest, even though actually most of them are relatively conservative, they just don’t do much a job hiding her breasts. Bikini is relative par for the course, however her nipples are kinda poking out, so…yeah.

There’s no question about it, Fino is a sexy goddess of an elf. It’s almost unfair to the other categories, elves in anime are nine times out of ten pure sex appeal. She tries to balance it out with her facial expressions and her posture, but in the end, the biggest attention grabber is what decides your fate and when you wear an outfit that exposes pretty much all of your breasts, it’s really hard not to call Fino a heavy lean in the sexy category.

Saya Kisaragi – Blood-C

Don’t be fooled by the picture I used here, Saya’s appeal doesn’t often go into the sexy side of things with her chest being partially exposed or anything like that. She does have that look of a pretty girl who’s secretly very sexy, but it’s not shown to such an extent that it’s impossible not to notice. Generally speaking, she carries a more elegant, beautiful look to her, she’s got a unique hairstyle that more weirds me out than anything else, her facial expressions generally borderline beautiful and adorable. The sex appeal just isn’t there as much as the picture above makes you think she’d have.

Clothing-wise it’s the same thing, she pretty much has two outfits, being the shrine robe pictured above, which again isn’t open in the chest normally. The other is a gothic-looking schoolgirl outfit and that isn’t overly revealing either, the skirt long enough to cover what it needs to and even though it’s clear she has a bust, the colour scheme doesn’t make it so that any attention is drawn to her chest. She’s pretty much looking gorgeous in whatever she wears.

Saya’s a bit underwhelming for me altogether, she’s got something there, but through the kind of show she appears to be from and the way she’s designed, there’s more of an emphasis on something else that isn’t her physical look. But if I had to go anywhere, it’s pretty much one direction and that’s in beauty, she certainly has a beautiful look to her. The sex appeal isn’t there and any adorability is limited to her bookworm-looking charm that a lot of anime girls with glasses have.

Gou Matsuoka – Free!

Gou is such a hard girl to rate, because she’s from a show that clearly has no interest in drawing you to a beautiful girl, it’s all about the sexy, muscular men that litter the many swimming pools you see over your time in Free!. But if there is anything I can say for sure, it’s that Gou regardless of how no attention is supposed to ever be on her, she still ends up looking like a million bucks, a super gorgeous girl who I imagine would be far sexier in any other anime, but due to the anime being a pseudo-BL show, she’s taking the back seat. Her hair looks amazing, her facial reactions are super pretty all the time and she carries a bit of that semi-tomboy charm that also draws me in as well.

In terms of her clothes, she once again leans away from the sexy side and sticks to looking pretty or cute, depending on the colours and designs. Uniform aside, the majority of her clothes are extremely conservative, your eyes are intended to be drawn up to her face, which like I said earlier dominates on the pretty side. In fact, there isn’t an outfit I can see that really shows off any skin, even her swimsuit is a one-piece and she (as far as I can see) never takes off her jacket that she wears on top (which by the way, if it’s hot enough to go to the beach, how the fuck is she not dying wearing that jacket?!) and really hides any bust she might have that we’re not getting to see.

Because of what Free! is supposed to be, Gou is never really given a chance to shine any sex appeal she might actually have, the three I’m giving her is solely potential, I believe she’s actually hotter than that, but I have no proof outside of fan art. But even though the attention is never supposed to be on a female character in the anime, Gou is miles ahead of so many other anime girls out there. Gou is one of the most beautiful anime girls I will ever see, she is pure angelic beauty, nothing less.

And that’s it for this week’s edition of Sexy, Beauty or Cutie! Thank you so much for checking it out, I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s edition! Don’t forget to comment below about what you think about this week’s contestants!

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