Week #12 – Spring Anime 2017

Week #12 has arrived with this Spring anime season. What’s in store this week?!

Just like every week, I’ll be watching my selected shows for the season and giving my brief feelings on the episode, along with things I liked and things I didn’t like. So let’s get a’watchin’!


Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor (Ep.12)


Meh. That’s about how I can sum up this final episode. Here I was wondering if it would disappoint me in the worst way, or be an absolutely perfect closing and instead, it was just a meh episode. The villain who’s supposed to be extremely powerful was defeated because of a student, so why should I care about anything further? Glenn doesn’t really ever suffer a catastrophic defeat beyond the loss of Sara before the show starts. Even I’d argue his ‘loss’ to “Leos” initially was more a matter of a lack of preparation than anything else.

I’m unsure whether I’ll continue this show if it does indeed get a second season. It’s so hard to figure it out, because I loved this show so early on, yet it trailed off so hard at the end. I guess we’ll have to see, won’t we?


  • The action was pretty good


  • The villain once again means jackshit in the show
  • The comedy was completely gone again
  • No real ending

Episode Score: 2.5/5

Eromanga-sensei (Ep.12)


Well this was quite the fun episode to end a season, hopefully just a season and not the series entirely. I really enjoyed this show, especially looking back and thinking it was going to be a weaker show on the list, if it managed to survive. But in the end, the show stuck to what worked the best and in the end, this show may have had one of the better finishes this season. It kept getting more entertaining and didn’t take its foot off the gas. I will admit I think the show may put Sagiri’s perverted nature maybe a little too much, but remember this is coming from a non-Japan resident who lives and grew up in this culture that is far more comfortable with sex than out here in the West.

For those outside looking in, Eromanga-sensei is a show that will certainly push things quite a bit for those who are a little more uncomfortable with this level of subject matter. But if you can handle the sexual nature of the show, there’s a lot to love, a great cast of characters, some really good comedy and of course some lovely ecchi and moe. A lot to love with this show


  • A fanservice episode if there ever was one
  • The idea that everyone aside from Muramasa (and sort of Masamune) being basically clueless about human anatomy and sex, it’s so ridiculous and yet super funny


  • *sniff* It’s over…

Episode Score: 4.5/5







Granblue Fantasy (Ep.12)


First off, I assume there were a bunch of characters from the actual game in this episode, because there were a number of “new” characters that came off extremely established and awesome. But more importantly, MARIE AND KARVA RETURN!!!

Secondly, HOLY FUCKING SHIT THIS ANIME BASICALLY BLEW ITS MASSIVE LOAD ALL OVER THIS EPISODE!!! The action was unbelievably cool and badass, the number of awesome characters only made me want to see more. And lastly, THERE WAS TECHNICALLY A FUCKING SHARKNADO IN THIS EPISODE!!!

I’ve already seen the screenshot for the final episode, so I think the main conflict is over for this season. So next week looks like the fun fanservice episode. Seriously I will cry if I don’t get Marie in a swimsuit. But yeah, this episode was absolutely fucking fantastic, it may just be my favourite episode all season. There was so much to love here, so much that I can’t even remember it all now! If only a show could be remotely like this every week, it could be my favourite show of all-time. But one of my favourite episodes of all-time? That’s not a bad place to be either.

For next season, I want all these awesome characters we saw in this episode to be more permanent sights. Get that shit done!


  • Um…everything!
  • So much fantastic action, the character designs were unbelievable, just everything was on point this week!


  • Nothing at all!

Episode Score: 6/5

Note: Anyone who understood the reference of this rating, I love you!







Hinako Note (Ep.12)


Hinako Note has always been a show where it’s cute girls doing cute things. The show never tries to do much more than that and with the way this season ends, it’s very much the same, just another episode of cute girls doing cute things, with the odd ecchi moment thrown in there for good measure. I’m a little disappointed that these last couple episodes didn’t result in some sort of play or anything like that, it was just a basic episode. Sure, they looked at their big goal, but we don’t see them reach it and honestly, I’m not sure this show will have a second season in order to do that.

Would I watch a second season of this show though? I would, it’s an average show that offers enough moe, ecchi and comedy to keep me satisfied almost every episode. Though if a second season does end up happening, it’ll be the real test to see if the show still holds up, as it’s very possible this kind of anime would get old the longer I watch.


  • Mayuki doing Mayuki things. Kawaii desu!
  • It was nice to see the girls get a good look at their main goal, getting them motivated


  • It’s a shame we don’t see them accomplish something here at the end
  • I’ve seen enough of the ditzy girl getting lost

Episode Score: 3/5

KADO: The Right Answer (Ep.11)


I’m sad to say that out of every episode thus far since the show really hit the high notes for me, this was easily the weakest, which is crazy considering we got minutes of Kanata going crazy AND Koujirou/Saraka’s first kiss! But the sudden insane attitude from zaShunina mixed with presumably the deaths now of a ton of humans, it comes completely out of nowhere and kind of gets off track for me. With one episode away now, hopefully the recovery is smooth and puts the show back on track for a great ending. But this one just didn’t do much for me beyond the two aforementioned positives.


  • Saraka finally got her wish for his love!
  • Kanata being Kanata


  • zaShunina’s descent into madness happened way too fast, makes no sense now
  • Are we to assume that millions of people just died, as we’re to assume they can’t handle being brought into the anisotropic?

Episode Score: 3/5




Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine (Ep.12)


A fitting end to a pretty good show. This truly was the standout episode for the characters’ performances, especially Kai. Bruno seemed like a slightly more intense version of himself, while Licht and Leonhard really felt like they were pushing themselves almost too hard during their big speeches. But in the end, all’s well that ends well and things are back they way they should be. I like how Einz, the prince we have not really seen actually makes a bit of an appearance and wants to win on his own power, rather than have someone do the dirty work for him. He’s still an asshole for being a noble first kind of king, but he’s at least an honorable asshole.

If there was a second season, I’m definitely in, though I’m assuming there won’t be, considering there’s (in my head) nothing left they can really do now.


  • Solid end to a good show
  • Princes really stood out this week


  • Nothing to report this week

Episode Score: 4/5

Renai Boukun (Ep.12)


Well thankfully the show ended decently when I thought the show was going to drop like a rock. However, it’s not to say that this was a great ending, it just managed to make up for the horrendous couple of episodes before that lead to this point. The whole fallen angel thing with Guri was done terribly, it came out of nowhere and the characters behind the event weren’t that great either, especially given Maoh’s motivations for why, it’s just plain dumb. But in the end, the show managed to bring back a little of its humour and remind me why I loved the show so much in the first place. Can you imagine how much I’d love this show if it was just 12 episodes of straight comedy?!

Would I watch a following season to this show? Absolutely, the comedy is more than there still and I can never say no to over-the-top anime comedy.


  • A return to comedic form at the end


  • The motivations for Guri’s fall was a little dumb
  • Demon Guri is still extremely boring

Episode Score: 3/5

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