On Hold: Waifus and Cuties

Long story short, the Waifu and Cutie weeklies on Mondays and Tuesdays are going to be put on hold for a while. I’m not necessarily cancelling them, but it’s time for me to relax a bit on these kinds of articles.

It’s never easy coming to these kinds of decisions, but in the end you have to do the things that will help your sanity more than anything else. What’s happened to me in the last month or so is not anything negative towards this page or the articles, but my own real life. There is so much more going on now that I cannot spend hours writing articles about how sexy a girl looks or how worthy of being my wife a fictional female character is. I don’t dislike writing those articles, they’ve always been fun, but I’m sacrificing too many other things because I’m writing them.

I work full-time, I go out with friends every other day of the week, I play two recreational sports every season of the year and on top of that, I’m still trying to listen to podcasts, watch anime, play video games, all the other kinds of things I do that make me happy as well. Unfortunately, being on a precise schedule with articles on here interrupts that and in fact it’s to the point that I’m not getting a lot of free time to do anything anymore.

And that’s the biggest thing, I’ve essentially lost almost all my free time I’ve had left because I spend a few hours typing up stuff like I’ve been posting for a while now. Because of it, I haven’t had time to play the last dungeon of Persona 5, to the point I might actually never finish i now, because it’s been too long and I’ve lost interest (mostly because I finally bought Horizon: Zero Dawn) in finishing it, which sounds so crazy to me, but I’ve had no inkling to turn it back on now, after not playing it for at least a month now.

That’s the scary thing with me, the number of times I’m driving home and instead of just relaxing, I’m spending the entire drive mapping out my schedule for the day so that I get a certain article done so I don’t have to think about it the rest of the week. I never wanted this blog to feel like a job, I wanted it to be something fun that I did. So what I want to do now, is alleviate that thought in my head that I have to finish an article by a certain date in order for myself to feel like I accomplished something properly. Instead, I want to feel like anything I’m writing doesn’t need to be due like it’s school homework or anything like that, I want each article I write to feel like something I’m writing out of sudden desire to write it.

Basically, I want anything I post on here to exist because I want to write it, not because I have to write it. So that’s what will change. The only weekly thing that will remain will by my anime viewing, which is easy enough considering I’m going to watch the shows I want to watch anyway, that’s something I’m doing because I want to, every single week. What’ll happen otherwise, is anything I’ll write will be either spur of the moment, or it’ll be recent news that I want to talk about. You saw it, yesterday as well, I have the “Too Much To Write” articles for a bunch of stories I don’t feel I can throw 1000 words at, rather a few stories I can bunch together and get my quick thoughts out about it.

I want to enjoy writing for you guys and I always will to varying levels. But at this current point, I dreaded a full day off because it meant six hours of typing as I tried to knock out 3-4 long articles for the page, plus watching a bunch of anime episodes on top of that. It’s time I started writing for myself again and by doing so, I’ll enjoy it just as much as a I did when I started.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been around here for a while now, I’m shocked you’re still here honestly, I didn’t think I was all that interesting, yet you continue to make feel so goddamn good for coming back and staying engaged with me. So I’d love to hear your thoughts on how things have been here, how I’ve been doing, what the quality of my stuff has been. I’d also love to know what you’d like to see on here, just for curiosity’s sake.

Again, thanks for always stopping by here and I hope to continue to see you on here. And please, don’t feel shy either saying hello and talking to me here on the page, or via my Twitter, I’m always happy to shoot the shit.


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