2017 Spring Anime Awards

So the 2017 spring anime season is in the books. Either every show has ended or it’s continuing through into the summer season. Either way, a season has ended, a new one is about to begun or has already begun, depending on when you’re reading this, so it’s time to give awards to the best that the spring season had to offer.

This time around we’re going to do things slightly differently. Obviously last season I started to not do “Worst Of…” awards anymore, this time the format is going to change a little bit as well. Instead of just doing each category by having the nominees and then the winner, we’ll have a few smaller awards still retain that format, but for the more important awards, I’ll give a brief speech about why I nominated the very nominees for that award.

So with that being said, let’s get this show on the road!

Most WTF?! Inducing Show

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor


Hinako Note

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

Renai Boukun

Winner: Eromanga-sensei

In the end, while Hinako Note can get really random and Renai Boukun can get REAAAAAAALLY RANDOM, how can I give this award to any other show than the anime that has a girl who looks like she hasn’t hit puberty yet demanding that other girls around her age strip for her so she can draw lewd pictures of them? It’s impossible!

…Also there’s another girl who also looks like she’s not a teenager and she plays the piano naked in her house!!!

Best Screencap


— Death awaits to those who dare take Re=L’s strawberry tarts — Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor



— My validation for all these years. It’s not just me… — Eromanga-sensei



— Marie channeling how I play JRPGs — Granblue Fantasy



— The anime girl version of me in a nutshell — Granblue Fantasy



— Failing to realize that a “close call” isn’t something an immortal being can say happens to them — Renai Boukun


Winner: Renai Boukun

Any one of these screencaps could’ve won, actually I’m surprised I went this route, I was sure I was going to pick Sagiri justifying her need to see cute girl’s panties, because it was such a ridiculous line, but I decided on this specific picture because that was the moment where I was dying laughing at the first episode of Renai Boukun and thus started my absolute love for that show (at least for the first few episodes before they tried to be somewhat serious). It really established the humour and lunacy the show would continue to have and I’ll never stop loving absolute anime lunacy!

Sexiest Screencap


— How a girl says hello to another girl in anime “language” — Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor



— Muramasa making up for not being best girl, by being sexiest girl — Eromanga-sensei



— If you didn’t know any better, you’d think Lyria was naked and sexy time was starting — Granblue Fantasy



— Hinako can only hide her super secret sexy body for so long… — Hinako Note



— Belphegor showing off the best butt thus far in the spring season — Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai


Winner: Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai

It’s funny how I dropped this show so long ago and yet this picture is easily the best one I’ve seen and it’s so tame compared to the rest of Sin, though this picture is fantastic and it doesn’t have that shitty censorship blocking it! The other shows this season, while they had ecchi, the quality in the shows I watched just weren’t that great and in the end, the best butt in anime this season that I’ve seen, it’s an easy win. So congrats, Belphegor, for essentially doing nothing. Makes sense, that is her character.

Best Couple/Duo

Glenn/Sistine – Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Elf/Masamune – Eromanga-sensei

Karva/Marie – Granblue Fantasy

Heine/Leonhard – Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

Akane/Seiji – Renai Boukun

Winner: Eromanga-sensei

As much as I love Marie and Karva, in the end I had to give this award to Elf and Masamune’s pure and naturally developed relationship. I really don’t care what people think about shipping him with Sagiri, that relationship is clearly forced, it’s hard-written into the story because of course the show has to be about pseudo-incest. But Elf and Masamune, their relationship felt natural, almost accidental in a way. And for once, we actually saw a girl properly address her love to the main character, rather than hiding behind every conceivable thing possible, or through a tsundere kind of character. Both look like the truly enjoy each other’s company and their personalities clash so perfectly. They argue like a married couple, the talk to each other like a married couple, it’s impossible for me to think any other couple in anime this year beats them.

Sexiest Male Character

Gran – Granblue Fantasy

zaShunina – KADO: The Right Answer

Heine (Young) – Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

Leonhard – Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

Licht – Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

Winner: zaShunina (KADO: The Right Answer)

He’s a bit weird, a bit too forthcoming and well…he’s crazy! But goddamn if there was any male in anime this season that generated a reaction from me, that alien in that tight bodysuit, he’s the one! I mean I’ll be honest, he would’ve had competition, but Leonhard wears a girl’s nightgown and it completely throws me off.

Sexiest Female Character

Celica – Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Marie – Granblue Fantasy

Whoever This Girl Is – Granblue Fantasy

And Whoever This Girl Is Too – Granblue Fantasy

Belphegor – Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai

Winner: Marie (Granblue Fantasy)

Marie almost lost. I actually wrote some of this article ahead of time and in Episode 12, the blonde girl (who I later discovered is named Zeta) had her beat. Then Episode 13 aka the Swimsuit Episode came into existence and Marie got the #1 spot right back. It’s that great mix of sexiness combined with a colorful palette on top of an extremely eccentric and quirky character. And come on, that body in white/orange stripes, how could I not pick that?

Sexiest Female Character (in secret)

Sistine – Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Muramasa – Eromanga-sensei

Hinako – Hinako Note

Akua – Renai Boukun

Maki – Sakura Quest

Winner: Muramasa (Eromanga-sensei)

Originally, this was Akua’s award, as you know me, I love the tomboys! But when we were introduced to Muramasa, I saw nothing in her whatsoever, had zero interest in her. Then the swimsuit episode came and I got everything from her. I should’ve known, of course the girl wearing a yukata all the time, she would have the largest breasts on the show, I was an idiot to not catch that. But yeah, Muramasa in that blue bikini alone really puts the context of this award fully in play. So Akua, it’s your fault for not wearing a bikini! This could’ve been yours!

Prettiest Female Character

Katalina – Granblue Fantasy

Saraka – KADO: The Right Answer

Ririko – Sakura Quest

Shiori – Sakura Quest

Yoshino – Sakura Quest

Winner: Saraka (KADO: The Right Answer)

I had no idea how strong Saraka was going to become as this show moved on. I was 99.9% positive that Katalina was going to win this award, because she is absolutely gorgeous. But then Saraka comes along with her angry blushy face, looking like a million bucks! It’s odd for me, because generally speaking when an anime girl is in business attire all the time, it’s hard for me to get really into them. Before we see Saraka in normal clothes, before she becomes *SPOILERS* (you know what I’m talking about if you watched the show), she was already an absolute beauty. So anything after that was just icing on the cake.

Best Voice

Re=L – Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Vyrn – Granblue Fantasy

Siero – Granblue Fantasy

Hinako – Hinako Note

Elf – Eromanga-sensei

Winner: Siero (Granblue Fantasy)

This category got made specifically because of Siero. I’m sure there’s many people that listen to characters like Vyrn, Elf and Siero and hate them because some people don’t like the overly high-pitched cheesy voice. But I love it and the Queen of that type of voice this season was Siero, holy freaking hell it was Siero. I could not help but smile while listening to her voice. Congrats Emiri Katou, you nailed it!

Best OP

Eromanga-sensei – ClariS once again with “Hitorigoto” does a fantastic job with doing an OP for a romantic comedy harem anime. The song is a perfect blend of catchy and cute music, the tune is infectious and since first hearing the song it has not left my head.

Granblue Fantasy – BUMP OF CHICKEN have always been a solid artist when it comes to anime OP’s and this new tune in “GO” has done the same thing. They do such a fantastic job with being a softer, yet effectively intense melody, especially with the singer’s voice really emphasizing the chorus.

Hinako Note – If you’ve seen my usual winners for these awards (see Anne Happy and New Game!), you know I absolutely adore these kinds of songs that are overly bouncy and moe as all hell. The voice cast of the show do a great job with “A E I O U O Ao!”, getting you set for what will be a ridiculous over-the-top show.

KADO: The Right Answer – Mao Ichimichi, the voice of Saraka does the vocal track for “Tabiji”, the OP of this anime and it’s such a beautiful, serene track. In fact, it’s the one song that makes my spine tingle, with the melody that plays after the initial chanting. The beat is very strong as well, it’s not the best overall song out of them all, but it makes the most impact. 

Renai Boukun – Wake Up, Girls much like Hinako Note, use a very bouncy, silly style of music to really get you set for the insanity that is Renai Boukun. “Koi? de Ai? de Boukun desu!” almost comes off like a classic 90’s comedy anime tune, it’s very simple and cheesy, it’s hard not to love.

Winner: Eromanga-sensei

Combining both the music and the animation together, Sagiri dancing in her mask is more than enough to win this award for her team. ClariS may just be my favourite artists that create music for anime, their songs are so catchy and impossible not to like. It’s almost an unfair advantage going in, when I knew they were doing the OP for this show, I was already hyped for how good the song would sound. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Best Art Direction

Granblue Fantasy – I initially didn’t like the visual style of this show, but after a couple episodes, it grew on me. The diverse visuals with each place the crew travels to, the battle animations, the vistas, the airships, there is so much the show does that looks fantastic in the style it runs with.

Hinako Note – When your show is all about cute girls doing cute things, you gotta employ a visual style that fits perfectly with that and the show very much does. There really isn’t a moment in the show where you aren’t bludgeoned over the head with the cuteness that the animators employ on the show.

KADO: The Right Answer – The background visuals with the giant cube alone make for an incredible art direction, the beauty of a modern Japan mixed with the unbelievable sci-fi fantasy visuals that zaShunina brings with him, it’s such a great mixture of gorgeous sights.

Renai Boukun – The cheeky, over-the-top visual style this show employs does nothing but add to just how funny the show is. Not every show needs to be gorgeous, it has to suit the tone it’s setting and the visuals for Renai Boukun absolutely fit with the insanity that this “romantic” comedy runs with.

Sakura Quest – While I did drop the show, there’s no doubting the striking visuals that the show has. When the show is set in a gorgeous village outside of the city, you’re getting a massive amount of gorgeous vistas, backgrounds, buildings, all that jazz. The animators did a great job creating a calm, beautiful village.

Winner: Renai Boukun

This award could’ve gone either way, with KADO being the more beautiful show. But in the end, I have to give the award to the show that accentuates itself the most with its animation style. Renai Boukun thrives because of the insane visuals it adds along with its writing and voice acting. Without the over-the-top visuals it employs, the show would be nowhere near as good, nowhere near as funny as it is.

Best Character Design

Eromanga-sensei – Chalk full of cuteness, Eromanga-sensei has a wide range of characters (that are young girls) that have an incredibly over-the-top accentuation of their respective personalities. Their designs add to this extremely effectively, for example with how everyone is adoring Sagiri because the show does such a fantastic job at making the cute little sister be just that.

Granblue Fantasy – A massive range of character designs, this show clearly runs away with the number of unique characters in terms of style, clothing, body type, everything to differentiate them and give the independence. And mixed with the fantastic art style the show has, it’s a match made in heaven.

Hinako Note – Being the king of facial expressions and reactions this season, the main cast, in particular Mayuki and Hinako really are allowed to let their personalities shine through the great attention to comedic timing and detail that the animators bring to their many escapades and situations.

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine – It’s a tough hill to climb being an all-boys show in order to get into this category, but Oushitsu through a great team manages to make five separate male characters be extremely unique in their style, posture, expressions, all that jazz. It’s quite amazing to me that they pulled this off not just once, but an entire season.

Renai Boukun – Much like the reasons they won the previous award, Renai Boukun has a fantastic attention to comedic detail with their facial expressions and character designs, by making each character seem quite quirky and in the case of Akane, Guri and especially Shikimi with her “heart eyes”, they end up standing out tremendously because of this.

Winner: Granblue Fantasy

In this case, I gave the award to the sheer scale of diverse characters that the show offers and I was giving the award to them before Episode 12 when we got barraged with amazing character after amazing character. There isn’t a single character that I can think of that didn’t grab my attention visually. While the expressions and reactions aren’t as incredible as other nominees, they make up for it in the beauty and coolness that each respective character employs, to varying degrees. There’s so many standout characters in this show.

Best Story

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor – The crazy idea of a lazy magical school instructor shouldn’t have offered any sort of intriguing story, but the show manages to scrape together a relatively interesting narrative (up until the end) with almost nothing, giving you reasons to be interested in certain characters.

Eromanga-sensei – A show about the potential relationship between step-siblings shouldn’t have offered any sort of story, yet in the second half of the show, it actually has an intriguing romantic narrative where you will actually have a horse in the race, whereas so many harem anime just haphazardly throw in several girls who might want the main character’s adoration. This show makes you believe every girl in the race legitimately loves him.

Granblue Fantasy – While the show spends almost every episode having a different mini-story going on, almost every episode was very interesting and well-written with a goal in mind and still keeping the main story move forward. There are flaws and there were moot points, but when the show was at its best, the story was a major part of why.

KADO: The Right Answer – The lone serious show with a story I managed to watch, KADO does something that few anime could ever hope to do, use its narrative to force me to ask questions in my own head. The intrigue I’ve had through the many questions about what we would do if an alien landed on Earth, it’s massive. The story along with these questions are so well-constructed, I was in a constant state of impatience waiting for the next episode.

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine – Another show that I never would’ve expected much of a narrative from and yet it shocked me with an incredibly well thought out narrative about four princes slowly maturing in hopes to become the next king one day. The show revolves around its comedy, but the serious tone on the side really accentuates the story that pushes forward as Heine continues to train the four princes on how to become essentially an adult.

Winner: KADO: The Right Answer

This was a no-brainer, while the other shows had decent stories, KADO blows them all away with its incredibly unique narrative and a constant barrage of introspective questions I’ve been asking myself through watching this show. Much like how ERASED got me constantly guessing, KADO has me constantly asking questions, but not in confusion, but in interest of furthering my knowledge and piquing my curiosity to a far distant future.

Best Comedy

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor – I knew the show would have its moments, I was not aware just how many it would have. Glenn is the shining star of this show through his over-the-top lazy, yet intelligent character. He’s much like Ikta from Alderamin, except he’s hilarious. The show’s crude humour and constant random hijinks really give the show a quirky side that it desperately needed, as it would’ve been a cringeworthy half-serious magical school anime otherwise.

Eromanga-sensei – It’s hard not to have good comedy in a harem anime, at least in my opinion. Eromanga makes the most of the moments it has in its comedic sections, while other nominees are more of a barrages of humour, this show bides its time and gets you comfortable before smacking you in the face with some hilarious jokes and situations, mostly due to Sagiri’s innate pervertedness.

Hinako Note – If you’ve seen this show at all, you know exactly why this show is on the list. There really isn’t a moment where the show isn’t trying to make you either laugh or smile. The animation style is specifically designed to elicit a reaction from the viewers and the cast of characters are so overly quirky, it’s impossible not to find something funny about them. Once they get going, the ride doesn’t stop until the credits roll.

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine – This show does such an incredible job at taking nothing and making it supremely funny, the facial reactions are on point, the constant insulting between everyone gets so good at times, there’s a never-ending supply of jokes and silly situations that the show employs to keep you smiling through the entire 20 minutes.

Renai Boukun – Pure insanity is the key with this show, as the show never stops trying to make you burst out laughing with all its craziness, whether it’s the characters, the story, the cliches, the parodying, there’s a constant barrage of humour thrusted at you to the point it’s impossible not to laugh at some point during each episode, no matter how shrewd you are.

Winner: Renai Boukun

Every nominee here deserves the award, if there’s any award this year that anyone could’ve won, this is it. I chose Renai Boukun however, because of its first episode. I truly mean it when I say I was in pain from laughing at the first episode of this show, it’s randomness and insanity was beyond anything I had expected for the show. It caught me so off-guard and I paid for it with my chest after laughing so hard. The show continues to uphold it’s hysterical comedic style the best out of any other show, I think though, so that adds to why I put this anime above the rest.

Best Ecchi

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor – While it calmed down a lot in the second half, Akashic certainly owns a high ranking for the most overly sexualized school uniforms in anime history. The show doesn’t hide the fact that yes, it’s a silly school anime that has a ton of pretty girls, you know they’ll be half-naked at some point and in a swimsuit at some point. And it’s glorious.

Eromanga-sensei – I mean come on, “ero” is in the freaking title! I know a lot of people will be thrown off, given the ages of the characters in this show, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this show does not hide its ecchi at all. While there isn’t clear nudity anywhere remotely close to these girls, there’s a lot of suggestion and it’s unmistakably there.

Hinako Note – I’m still surprised just how much ecchi this show has. I thought it was going to be a strong moe show, I had no idea that it was going to be extremely sexual to the point it’s almost uncomfortable at times, because you’re not prepared for it in the same way you are with other shows, in particular harems. But with Hinako and especially Chiaki, ecchi is EXTREMELY strong with them.

Renai Boukun – Putting aside Guri-chan’s love for shipping random guys together in sexy, sexy boy love, the show is still a pseudo-harem romantic comedy, it’s impossible not to have ecchi in it. The game is strong as well, more in a cliche 90’s anime manner, with the over-the-top bouncing boobs with Akane and the extreme masochistic nature of Shikimi.

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai – The show is essentially hentai, I mean come on, do I need to explain it any further? Breasts are grabbed constantly and clothes are repeatedly ripped off! I’ll spoil this one though and say that Sin has the best ecchi HOWEVER IT IS DISQUALIFIED FOR HAVING THE SHITTIEST CENSOR GRAPHICS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!

Winner: Hinako Note

I cannot believe that this show won the award, it may have been the show I was least likely to give it when I had my list of shows to watch this season. I assumed it would be cute girls doing cute things, but holy shit with Hinako being far more “proportioned” than I thought and the endless barrage of Chiaki in some of the most sexually explicit poses I may ever seen in an anime that I wouldn’t consider a “one step from hentai” show, it’s hard to ignore the fact that this show is overflowing with ecchi.

Best Male Character

Glenn – Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor – The lone reason I kept any interest in this show after Episode 1 is strictly due to Glenn. His laziness, how downright hatred for the very subjects he teaches and just his overbearing self, it was so goddamn funny to watch and because of that overwhelming negativity surrounding him, he becomes one of the most likable characters this season.

Heine – Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine – For someone so short in stature (I imagine him puffing his cheeks right now), Heine is certainly not short in supply of comedic and entertainment value. He’s a dead serious character with a heart of gold and some of the best comedic timing I saw all season. How can I not love that?

Kai – Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine – The first of two princes to be nominated, Kai is the most random amalgamation of anime tropes and I love it. He’s got the cold glare, speaks softly and sparingly, looks like he could punch a whole in the Earth, yet is madly in love with anything soft. He is impossible not to love.

Leonhard – Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine – The second prince nominated, Leonhard plays his role as the lovable dunce cap so, so well. His overwhelming naivety helps him shine, as a lot of clueless anime characters tend to do, at least with me. 

Seiji – Renai Boukun – In a show where absolute insanity is the name of the game, Seiji still manages to stand out as the lone straight man on the show. While everyone else is off their rocker, he works diligently to keep things on the ground before they get lost in the clouds. And because of this, he manages to bring the best out of all the crazy characters on the show.

Winner: Kai (Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine)

There was no doubt this season for me, Kai was just running away with this award from the moment his first solo episode came into play. The guy is such a random trope mixture, yet it works so perfectly, he easily became the character I rooted for the most and I actually do legitimately think he would be the best choice to be king out of the four.

Best Female Character

Re=L – Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor – In a show where a lot of its female cast is relatively boring, Re=L has all the opportunity to stand out and oh boy does she ever! She reminds me a lot of Akatsuki from Log Horizon, in that she’s super serious and unintentionally funny. Also, come on…she’s super cute!

Elf – Eromanga-sensei – When you have to deal with the never-ending supply of pseudo-incest, how the hell can you compete as another female character vying for the main character’s attention? You have a unique design and you become one of the most honest, almost lifelike characters I’ve seen in anime in quite some time. Yes, she plays the piano naked at home, but you tell me after watching her confess to Masamune that she’s not a strong female character. She actually has the guts to say something to him and not just dance around it and try to make the MC realize her feelings!

Siero – Granblue Fantasy – For the same reasons she won the Best Voice award, Siero’s undeniably adorable look and voice makes her an unique presence on the show. There’s never a moment when I see her that I don’t smile uncontrollably, she really adds a cute flare to the show that’s already a pretty good show.

Kanata – KADO: The Right Answer – Sweet baby Jesus this girl! An unprecedented level of hyperactive behaviour in what acts like a super serious show, Kanata sticks out like a sore thumb that’s swollen to unhealthy proportions. It’s impossible not to notice her when she’s on-screen and whenever she’s on-screen, you’re never not smiling.

Guri – Renai Boukun – Take away her Demon form in the late game of the show and you have an extremely eccentric, hilarious character in Guri-chan. Her cluelessness to love and adamant desire to ship EVERYONE makes the show an entertaining experience and she truly is the leader of the insanity, which makes the show so great.

Winner: Elf (Eromanga-sensei)

I can’t give this award to anyone else, as much as I love Re=L, Kanata, Siero and Guri. Elf is a character who over the course of this season had me gradually falling in love with her in the same way that she slowly fell in love with Masamune. Underneath that lazy, silly personality she shows the majority of the time, there is an absolutely beautiful woman underneath that once she gets older, she will be an unmistakably beautiful personality. So spoiler alert, if she pops up on ‘Waifu, FWB or One-Night Stand?’, she’s going in the Waifu tier. There’s no doubt about it.

Best Show

Eromanga-sensei – A show that had a rough start, by the second half of the season, I really started to get on the side of this show. The humour got better, the story got better, the characters got better and we added a little more in Muramasa to round out the harem. Also come on, I’m biased to Oreimo cameos as well. But the show itself was a fantastic romantic comedy, one that I looked forward to the most as we headed to the end of the season.

Granblue Fantasy – In all honesty, I think this was the most consistent show of them all. Each episode, while some were certainly far better than others, none of them really had anything terrible that made me really dislike the episode a lot. The cool vibes I got from a show that revolves around an airship crew travelling from place to place and getting into some crazy situation each time, it was a nice watch that didn’t demand too much of my attention.

Hinako Note – Speaking of shows that didn’t demand to much of my attention, the simplicity of this show really helped it out. Sometimes you don’t need a great concept to make a good show, all you need is a fun premise and a fun vibe to the show. Much like Granblue, Hinako Note was very consistent, though there unlike the aforementioned Granblue, this show didn’t have that runaway episode that really blew me away. But this show kept the 3s and 3.5s absolutely solid with its great humour and unbelievably “Awww!” inducing moe.

KADO: The Right Answer – KADO is a show that did something different than most anime. It made me question things, it made me think about things, it made me write articles completely unrelated to anime. The show took a really interesting concept and didn’t fuck around with it, the show actually commits to it and does a fantastic job at bringing unique and thought-provoking questions out from it. I would normally expect an anime to half-ass around such a concept, this show commits to it!

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine – This show was the one show that my girlfriend got really into watching, so it ended up being our show to watch together, which isn’t a rare thing, she loves watching random anime bullshit with me, but it’s rare for her to demand I wait for her to watch a specific show. I don’t blame her, this show was fantastic, for an all-male show, I was enamored by how cleverly written and funny this show actually was. I fully expected it to be meh at best and it was actually one of the most entertaining shows of the season with a great cast of characters.

Winner: KADO: The Right Answer

I finished with seven shows, the lowest number I’ve ever finished with (mostly due to Amazon and Anime Strike…), so I worried that I was not going to find a diamond this season. I never expected that the diamond would be a show that seemed like a show that would’ve just been an anime with an interesting concept, but never fleshes it out. Instead, KADO grabs me from the very start, getting me intrigued like I expected it to do, but it didn’t stop, it never stopped. As more technology came into the world via zaShunina, I began to ask more and more questions about how that would work in our current society, how humanity would react to such a scenario. All these amazing questions started coming out, hell it started a new freaking series of articles I’ve started (What If?), no other anime has done this!

So out of all the shows, it’s no surprise that this is the one I picked. There were some really good shows I stuck with, but when an anime goes beyond just a television program to me, it’s hard to ignore it. KADO made me think, made me ask questions and deliberate the answers to them. When an anime makes you think about the future of humanity and society as a whole, goddamn it must be a really good show!

Addendum: When I wrote this, it was before watching Episode 12 of the show. I had it completely in mind that there was no way the show would lose itself in the last episode, so I stuck with it. After Episode 12, the show still wins on its merit of being such a thought-provoking, interesting anime, however it’s lack of a good ending and in my opinion, an extremely bad ending, the show has lost a ton of luster.

So for shits and giggles, if you want a runner-up that arguably stands next to Kado now, I would go with Eromanga-sensei in that spot. It’s a supremely funny show with enough ridiculousness and ecchi that if you’re into that sort of thing like I am, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

And there we are, there’s my best of this season awards! Hope you enjoyed them, don’t forget to leave your own winners in the comments below! See you in the summer!

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