Keijo Could Be A Real Thing Soon

So here’s a cool little story I came across while floating around on Crunchyroll’s news page.

” Keijo Portugal is a small group working to turn the wild sport of the show — which involves girls trying to knock their opponents off a raft using only their chests and buttocks — into a real activity. The rules have been modified to be “safer and more realistic” (notice the fighters have padding on the impact zones), but otherwise looks to be as in keeping with the original as humanly possible.”

Now obviously the odds of this ever becoming an actual thing in terms of media coverage and television are essentially zero and I don’t even think it’s really because of the sport itself being “sexist” as many people called the anime out for being. In reality, the level of skill the anime portrays, even 10% of that level would not be possible without being extremely dangerous and not worth sanctioning as a legitimate sport. Your hips are not designed to take impact like that over and over again, not to mention the torque you’d be putting on your body trying to spin your hips like that.

It’s a fun idea that these girls in Portugal are doing, I think that’s awesome that not only did the show reach them and they enjoyed it, but they thought it was worth attempting to put something together.

It’s certainly more constructive than the legions of ardent feminists who wanted the show’s proverbial head on a pike.

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