Week #9 – Summer Anime 2017

A quick note before this article starts. If there anything I want you all to read from this week, it’s the Centaur no Nayami episode review, for certain reasons that anyone who watched the show this week will surely understand.

Week #9 has arrived with this Summer anime season. What’s in store this week?!

Just like every week, I’ll be watching my selected shows for the season and giving my brief feelings on the episode, along with things I liked and things I didn’t like. So let’s get a’watchin’!


18if (Ep.9)


…That sure was something. Extremely uncomfortable to watch, an over-the-top anime’d look into the darker side of the entertainment business, especially the Japanese idol business. Look it up, folks, there’s some really fucked up shit that goes on there, especially when it comes to “pure” idols. The entertainment business is always ugly, especially with young woman, loaded with unwanted advances, sexual assault, all that fun stuff, y’know? This episode took that reality and ran with it and boy oh boy did it do its job with how it was shown. My only question is what happened before the dream sequence started? Was the stabbing real? Was she in a coma the entire time and healing up? We don’t know, seems like a major detail to miss.


  • Very real look into idols and the entertainment business for young female stars
  • Does a fantastic job at providing a very uncomfortable and sometimes disturbing atmosphere


  • Doesn’t explain the stabbing incident at the beginning of the episode

Episode Score: 4/5







Aho Girl (Ep.9)


I’m starting to wonder if it’s finally at the point where the hyperactive nature of the show’s comedy is starting to wear off on me. The episode wasn’t bad, but I certainly wasn’t left with the same level of laughter afterwards. Sure, the Iinchou part was funny, the Sayaka getting “drunk” part was funny, but I didn’t come off this episode with as big a grin as I normally do. Maybe it really is starting to wear think and isn’t as funny as it was the first half.


  • Iinchou once again with the best part of the episode
  • Sayaka’s “drunkenness” was pretty funny too


  • I’m not having the same level of comedy as I used to in earlier episodes

Episode Score: 3.5/5

Centaur no Nayami (Ep.9) 


What. The fucking. Fuck?! Look, I get the message this show is trying to put forth, but holy fucking hell, this was not the way to do it. The first half was completely fine, but then the second half was devoted to what ended up being the past of a character we saw in the first. The frog stuff with Jean was cool, some very thoughtful stuff, but then the business man he shook hands with turned out to be a Holocaust survivor and we got a 10-minute showing of what a monster racial Auschwitz would look like. Horrifying shit, stuff I did not want to see in a show that was as cheerful and light-hearted as this one. I really, REALLY want to drop this show on that principle. But…

Here’s the thing and this is an episode that’s caused me to go somewhere I don’t ever want to go on this page, but I have to: politics. To those familiar with the Charlottesville event, we all know from various news reports that the Neo-Nazi, KKK, white supremacist, alt-right, Conservative, Republican, whatever you want to name them, they all showed up in numbers to protest the removal of a Confederate statue of Robert G. Lee. My thoughts on Charlottesville are something entirely and I won’t bring it up here, but I do have a simple thought on the statue that was to be removed. No matter what the statue represents, no matter when it was actually erected, no matter how you feel about it, it does not matter. It is history and it must remain visible as history, no matter how negative that history is to our society. If you want to deny that history, too bad, it is history nonetheless and must remain visible to serve as a reminder of our dark past and how we all must learn from it.

I want to drop this show for using the Holocaust as a way to provide a message to its viewers about race and violence, this show was not the way to do it. But here’s the thing, I’d be an absolute hypocrite for dropping the show solely because of it using history I don’t like seeing. Regardless of how I feel about the Holocaust, I cannot deny it (which is disgusting that anyone in this world denies it ever happening), nor can I deny being shown memories, photographs, video and various interpretations and representations of one of the most horrific events in our human history. We must put up with showings like this, remember the darkness that we as human beings created in our history and we must learn to never repeat the same mistakes again.

So yeah, as much as I’d love to drop the show right now, I won’t. The show itself is not bad, the real human history it shows is. I cannot drop an anime for that reason when my political and societal views don’t match. But I will tell you that I did not like this second half of the episode one fucking bit.


  • Interesting character in Jean Rousseau


  • Didn’t like the whole “frogs must be French” thing, you know it’s just because of frog legs being a delicacy in France
  • The entire episode is destroyed due to a horrifying choice to use the Holocaust as a way to get a message about racism and violence to its viewers

Episode Score: 1/5 on principle, but as an emotional episode and one that challenged me as a viewer, it’s a 5/5.



Isekai Shokudou (Ep.9) 



So I won’t even get into it, you know the drill by now, two half-episodes featuring new characters, new dishes and nothing special at all to talk about. So right after it had a really good episode, I’m sending the show back on notice, permanently. I will be forever hard on this show, so for the final 3 episodes, if 10 or 11 fall into the same trap, the show will not make it to it’s 12th and final episode.


  • Kuro, for the few seconds she’s there


  • The usual stuff that bores me, uninteresting characters, nothing funny or interesting to take from

Episode Score: 2/5 ***ON NOTICE***

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni (Ep.9)


Solely for the reason that Touya in one second ended the biggest threat of the series thus far, I freaking adore this show. It’s actually getting more interesting with the advent that Eashen is very reminiscent of feudal Japan as well. But most importantly, this was a lovely episode where OP main character does the most damage we’ve seen yet and it cost him nothing. Once again I cannot stress how funny I think this show is, because it’s literally a shitty harem where the male lead is capable of anything and everything, except dealing with a bunch of girls who want his love?


  • The moment he beats the villain of the episode, pure fucking gold!
  • The newly learned fact that Leen is a giant pervert makes for even more hijinks


  • I’m kind of sad Tsubaki isn’t sticking around

Episode Score: 4.5/5




Jikan no Shihaisha (Ep.9)


Wow, they really spent a whole episode not actually explaining anything. Last week, I mentioned how the episode in question hadn’t done anything of note, it just set up the next big thing. This episode has done the exact same thing, it’s just carried on the soon-to-be explanation for what I would hope is next week. The entire episode was Victo trying to change a past that isn’t real and the other three discovering a wall surrounding the town, as if we all didn’t figure that out. It was a waste of an episode with forced emotions that really didn’t translate, easily the worst episode they’ve done thus far.


  • Nothing really of note that was good, other than Blaze being a retard as usual


  • Victo has gone from an interesting, fun character to a blithering idiot these past two episodes
  • The entire episode doesn’t explain a thing about the mystery of the town
  • Forced emotional sequences that didn’t generate a thing from me

Episode Score: 2/5

New Game!! (Ep.9)


This was a pretty solid episode, I really liked then first half with Hajime and Yun, getting a look into their past and really opening up, I think I really like Hajime so much more now all of a sudden. After that, we see now Tsubame is now being a bit of a bitch too with Nene, though I give her a little more room for understanding than I do when it comes to Momiji’s pointless hatred towards Aoba. Speaking of those two, they really tried to get you to like them in the same manner of the rest of the cast this week, with them both being in rather ecchi situations, but I still can’t attach to either of them, there’s just nothing drawing me in.


  • Hajime really stood out this week
  • Some character development with Hajime, Yun and Nene


  • Momiji and Tsubame are still difficult to latch onto in the same way I have with the rest of the cast

Episode Score: 4/5

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