Anime Update!

Just a quick update on this week’s anime post, amongst other things:

Week #12 and Week #13 are going to be mixed together into one article next week once I finish all the Ep.13s out there. This is half because I haven’t had the time to finish Tuesday’s Ep.12s (Smartphone, New Game), but also because I’m only going to have at most 2 or 3 shows to watch next week, which I think I’ll manage to fit in somewhere. So next week will be both Ep.12 and Ep.13 for shows who extend that long.

Secondly, this season’s awards will be a little different this time than the usual written post. I’m going to put together some sort of podcast-like video and post it on YouTube. That video will have the usual awards, but will also include reviews of the shows I finished and looks as to why I dropped all the shows I did. Think of this video as an entire retrospective of the summer season. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now and checks off another box on my list, as I really want to get back to being somewhat active on YouTube again, I’m starting to tire of doing just written content, I want to get back to screaming into a microphone again!

And third, there will be no fall preview article. I’m going to try something different and just go into the season blind aside from shows I either know of already, or shows that are having second seasons and up. The reasons are pretty much tied down to the fact I don’t feel my previews really offer anything to begin with, the articles themselves were really just me watching the 30 second to a minute-long PVs of various shows where I get 75% of the time no real information aside from how good the animation looks. Way too many shows looked great in the previews and ended up being total garbage, so I want to stop doing this so that every show I watch that is completely unknown to me, they have a clean slate and thus possibly a more fair chance at making a good first impression.

So yeah, that’s where I hope things will be at least in terms of my anime content for the foreseeable future. I’m getting an inch to create more content again, I think I burned myself out on the blog here from trying to do too much, thus the lack of content aside from the anime weeklies. Hopefully with getting back into YouTube I’ll light the spark again and get back to doing what I love: being a loudmouth asshole on the internet.


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