I Loved Amanchu’s Bonus Episode 13

I’m so happy we’re starting to see OVAs and bonus episodes being uploaded to Crunchyroll as well now. I half-watched Nanbaka’s bonus episode, but didn’t like the “delinquent school” format and shut it down, but Amanchu’s bonus episode? That’s a completely different story.

For anyone unfamiliar with the anime, Amanchu is about a girl (Futaba) moving to a new place where she’s already a bit of an introverted loner to begin with, she only had a couple of friends at her old school and now she feels like she’s all alone. When running into a new girl at school in Hikari, she embarks on a journey of discovery, both visually and mentally. It revolves around scuba diving and becomes a major part of the revitalization of Futaba’s life, taking her out of the shadows and into the light. Well…the deep dark light of the ocean.

This bonus episode features the two friends she had before moving away visiting Futaba in her new home during the summer break. Naturally, it’s what you’d expect from a first meeting in what’s almost an entire year: happiness, overjoy, all that lovely jazz. But once Hikari is brought into the fold, things start to change for one of her two friends. She starts to get jealous because when she sees Futaba with a different look and personality to her, she’s upset in a way because she wasn’t the one to do it and immediately despises Hikari for being the one who essentially got Futaba out of her shell. This causes a bit of a stir for a good chunk of the episode, but as the show does over and over again, a nice dive in the ocean solves everything.

What does it though isn’t necessarily this friend just getting over it, Hikari legitimately saves her life once, perhaps twice depending on how you look at it. When she sees how Hikari just instinctively helps those around her, she understands that she’s not trying to change Futaba to be better than how she was before leaving her friends, nor is she trying to cut her old friends out. Hikari just thrives on making people happy and upon that realization, this friend loosens up and chills out a little bit. After all, you can’t be mad at Hikari for very long, ESPECIALLY when Cha’s (their cat advisor) around.

If you enjoyed Amanchu in it’s first 12 episodes, this bonus episode is a real hit for you. It does everything you want it to do, brings back the nostalgia, makes you smile, makes you laugh and you watch on as more young women better themselves through scuba diving, which is totally a real thing that totally happens all the time…totally.

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