Breathing Space – October 20th, 2017

So this is a little something I’m gonna start doing in the future on here, though I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with it. I’m unsure whether I want this to be in writing, or to do as audio/video content, it’s something I’ll figure out at some point. For now obviously this’ll just be in writing for you lovely folks to read.

This is my “Breathing Space”, a piece I’ll throw out there at times where I just want to talk about random things, subjects that I don’t feel need their own article or times when I’ve got so many little things to talk about, I just want to throw them altogether onto one big page. This will be a place where I talk pretty freely, I’m not trying to “play a character” or “make a point” necessarily, I’m just talking into the void essentially.

So, here we go!

150 Hours In A Month? Time For A Break…

As I said in my Destiny 2 preparation article just before it’s console release (you can view it here), I was preparing for the remainder of the year to be 100% devoted to a single game, that being of course the aforementioned Destiny 2. Well It’s about six weeks or so in and I think it’s about time I took a break from the game.

If you’ve kept up at all with the game and its community, it’s pure fucking chaos out there. Everyone is moaning and groaning and making over-the-top demands that need to be implemented into the game immediately. I could spend 10,000 words going over all the things that people want fixed, all the issues that the game has, but I honestly don’t care enough to do so, as my number of fucks towards the game right now have been reduced to zero. I don’t necessarily hate the game, nor care about it, but I’ve gotten to a point where I think I’m just tired out from the series itself.

If I was to estimate, I put somewhere around the 1200-1300 hour mark into the original Destiny. I’ve already played 150 hours in just over a month. Do the math, folks. In six weeks, I’ve put in 10% of the hours I put into Destiny already into Destiny 2. I also have to note to myself that I’ve already played over 1000 hours of this kind of game, as Destiny 2 isn’t too much different from its predecessor. I’m not convinced that I’m tired of Destiny 2 because it’s a bad game, despite the obvious issues it does indeed have. I have it in the back of my mind that it could just be I’ve worn myself out from that style of game.

For example, I struggle playing open world games nowadays. Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Just Cause, games like those, I struggle to keep myself interested in playing them and especially finishing them. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a great example, as I love this freaking game and I still can’t get myself to play all the way through it and I attribute it to being a style of game I played way too much in the past. It’s why I’m positive that my love for JRPGs dwindled in between Persona 4 and Persona 5, because as many PlayStation 2 gamers will remember, that console had so many good JRPGs (and a lot of bad ones too) that you just couldn’t play/finish them all. During my Xbox 360 tenure, I couldn’t get into a single JRPG to the point of finishing them, not Lost Odyssey, not Star Ocean: The Last Hope, not Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, not a one. So I think Destiny 2 is falling victim to the same thing, except the lone reason I’m growing tired of the same formula, it’s not a myriad of games, it’s just its original.

At this point, I’ve decided to take a break from the game I love, at least with the PvE content and playing the odd night on the PvP format, as I can just shoot the shit with my clanmates. But I think after playing the same kind of game for about 1500 hours, as you would with anything you love, you kind of grow tired with it.

Rediscovering A Potential Lost Love

In this time that I’m breaking away from Destiny 2, I’ve got the opportunity in front of me to try something else to keep my attention. I have three major options, the recently put up for free on PlayStation Plus, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5/2.5 Remix. I played a tiny bit of Metal Gear, liked it, but after reading an article about the new XII/Tactics related content in Final Fantasy XIV, which includes a raid with bosses/espers from Final Fantasy XII, I suddenly got intrigued and switched games to Final Fantasy.

I remember playing FFXII on the PlayStation 2 when I was younger. I played about 80 hours of it and yet I didn’t actually finish the game. I recall that I divvied away from the main story and started going ham on all the sidequests and hunts instead and not just for a little amount of time. Nope! I probably spent 20 to 30 hours away from the story. Now it’s not the first time I’ve done that in a Final Fantasy game (see Blitzball in Final Fantasy X), but in this case, it got to the point that the only hunt I had left was the infamous multi-hour final hunt and even as a strapping young teenager, I was like “FUCK THAT!” and went back to the story. The problem: I completely forgot the story. Who was the real villain? Why was I fighting? I mean sure, I understood that I was the good guys trying to defeat evil, but I completely forgot the who, the where and the why. And thus I put it down and didn’t play it again.

So now here I am trying it out again. I’ve gotta say, while I’m nowhere close to being knee-deep in the game again, as I’m currently just starting the Nalbina Prison section of the game when you’re first introduced to Ba’Gamnan and the first Judge, who I cannot remember what his name is, as they haven’t mentioned it yet. I wanna say Gabranth, but I’m probably wrong. Anyways, I like the game so far and I remember why I initially liked it, the game’s charming as fuck. Yes, I am 100% referring to “British Han Solo” in Balthier and “Sexy Chewbacca” in Fran. As an added bonus, there’s a 2x and 4x speed mechanic to speed the game up, which holy fuck I wish all games did this so grinding sections didn’t take so bloody long! We all would’ve killed for that growing up playing Pokemon Red/Blue!

But yeah, as of about 10 hours of gameplay, I’m okay with the game so far and I’m happy I’m rekindling my love for the series with this semi-bastard child of the series, because it’s the lone 3D game in the series I haven’t finished. And I’m DEFINITELY rekindling my love for Fran. I forgot how awesome (and gorgeous) she is.

Apparently I’m The Only One Enjoying This Anime Season

I have a number of friends who also watch anime and have their own tastes and favourites. However it’s appeared in my circles of friends that I might just be the only one who’s legitimately enjoying the variety of shows we’ve gotten thus far in the fall season. Now at the time I’m writing this, I’ve only watched two weeks of shows, I haven’t started any third episodes yet. But after the trial period essentially, I’ve got over 10 shows still going and I’ve got a conundrum in picking a Top 5 between these shows, as there are more than five that have really stood out. BlendS, Garo: Vanishing Point, Dies Irae, Konohana, Kino no Tabi, Food Wars is back in full swing, there’s a shoujo show in Code: Realize that hasn’t sucked yet, hell I’m even loving the over-the-top and downright sexually offensive Imouto show.

But amongst my peers, it’s either a lot of meh, or a lot of “I hate this” when it comes to the list of shows we’re watching this season. Which is truly shocking to me, because never before have I enjoyed to a high extent, such a variety of shows. Fuck, I’m watching shoujo AND horror anime, two kinds of anime that I generally can’t get into. The only thing left is for a shounen show to grab me, but unfortunately Black Clover was a pile of shit. It’s just really weird to me this season, usually with my friends there’s a couple runaway shows they’re keeping up with (usually serious shows I don’t like), but this season it’s nothing at all.

Ah well, I’ll enjoy sexy cooking and sister complexes on my own then.

So Speech Is On The Level Of Extreme Weather Now?!

This is a quick one and I really mean quick. So..ahem!

I do not care what Richard Spencer stands for and how “dangerous” his views are, it was not necessary to call a state of emergency in the state of Florida just because he was going to speak at a University of Florida campus. Grow up, folks.

Figured I’d end it with a bang! So thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this changeup I’ve thrown here and please, let me know what you think about it and what I could do to make it better, I’m all ears.

And don’t forget, I’ve got an e-mail handy now for any questions you might have, so hit me up at!

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