The Q1-Q3 Anime Posts Will Stop

This is just a quickie. I’ve decided to not put up a “Best of Q1-Q3” kind of post like I usually do the day following the weekly posts for Weeks 3, 6 and 9.

This for two reasons:

1. The majority of Top 5 categories rarely change

It’s admittedly kind of pointless to post an article every three weeks when the majority of said content hasn’t changed. I’ve found especially this year that after the first 3 weeks, it’s very rare anything other than the Best Show category changes around in terms of the standings. Usually by Week #3, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what the Best OP is, or who’s going to be nominated for Best Girl, Sexiest Girl, Best Story, things like that. So it’s hard to justify wasting your time reading an article that doesn’t really offer much in terms of new content.

2. No one seems to read them

Which I think is large in part due to the fact the standings rarely change. Because it’s a post with almost no new content and it’s not even interesting content, it’s just a myriad of Top 5 lists, there’s just no substance to them and I don’t like posting content where I feel like there isn’t anything interesting going on. Like I’ve done with other consistent posts, once it becomes uninteresting or it’s becomes work, I don’t like writing them, so why waste my time and yours, right?

So yeah, those posts won’t be around for this season at least. I think my objective should be put more towards working on making the end of season video that I plan to make a normal thing now, not a long ass anime awards article. Sorry if any of you liked browsing these lists, but I felt this was the right decision.

One thought on “The Q1-Q3 Anime Posts Will Stop”

  1. If a consistent posts becomes uninteresting then it is time to invoke your creativity and make it interesting; if start getting too hard then raise up to the challenge……


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