5 Things: JRPGs I’d Love To See Remastered

This is 5 Things, a series of articles where I take a topic and take the five biggest options from that very topic. This could range from “Songs That Weird Me Out” to “Video Games I’ll Never Tired Of Playing Over Again”, that kind of stuff.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, just haven’t gotten the time to write it until recently (and also I forgot this saved article was even here, it got buried in my other drafts), so here we are. Obviously with Final Fantasy VII getting the full remake treatment and the same now being said for Secret of Mana, I’d love to point out other JRPGs that I’d love to see get the same treatment.

So without further to do, here’s five JRPGs (in no particular order) that I’d love to see get a modern remake:

First one that jumped out in my mind. I’m just going to say it right now for all the Chrono fans out there…I don’t want Trigger to have an HD remake. It’s perfect as is, let’s leave that game as one of the few we don’t overhaul.

As for Cross, it’s one of my personal favourite JRPGs of all-time and one that is under-appreciated and underrated, so what better game to give the HD remake treatment so new players can get their hands on this classic. It’s a game that I will forever love, but man oh man does it look rough as shit nowadays, though let’s be honest, EVERY game on the original PlayStation looks horrific nowadays, just ask the Nintendo 64 nostalgic.

Look, I’ll be honest…I just really want to see Kid looking gorgeous in 3D. She deserves it.

An SNES Classic (no, not the mini-console), Super Mario RPG was the game that opened the door to already established franchises going the RPG route. A game that to this day I cannot believe has been re-released on handhelds and a game that to this day I still can’t believe was so damn good, proving that back in the day, Squaresoft actually knew how to make really good JRPGs.

Now in the case of Super Mario RPG, I’m not necessarily saying it needs a complete overhaul. I don’t think the game would work with a change of viewpoint, instead I’d just prefer the graphics to be smoother, sleeker, like a fresh coat of paint. If we could have Super Mario RPG looking like what Mario games look like now on the WiiU and the Switch, I’d be down for that!

I need more Peach slapping the shit out of stuff in my life.

For the sole reason that I have never played this game and I have heard so goddamn much about how good this game is, the best in the series according to so many fans of the illustrious series. I’ve played the third game and finished the fourth and fifth, but I think they’re fine as is. I would love to see this legendary game not only get re-released, but get brought into the modern age with a nice little graphics overhaul and some voice acting along with it.

It’s a shame though, because it seems like the Suikoden series has completely died off, as the last game in the series was Tierkreis for the DS in 2009 and the last main game in the series was back in 2006. Hell, Japan hasn’t gotten a new game in the series since 2012. I need some Suikoden back in my life, man!

Besides, what other games out there give you 108 party members?!

Another legendary PlayStation JRPG and another one that I never finished and could use an excuse to actually complete it. Dragoon was a game that I remember being told so many times during the PS2 era about how I missed a gem in that series, especially after playing so many other PS original JRPGs before it. So I found a copy for a decent price finally and popped it in. Except I maybe played 5-10 hours of it and something came out brand new and completely diverted my attention away, cannot remember for the life of me what the game was.

The aesthetic of the game alone would look fantastic with modern-day graphics, holy shit the architecture alone would look incredible on the PlayStation 4. And I mean come on, don’t tell me you wouldn’t love to see that armor in crazy-detailed textures!

They look as sharp as Cloud’s hair…

I know it sounds like the Pokémon series will be finally getting made for the Switch, which is long overdue for console Pokémon games to make a return. But come on, you tell me that Switch sales would go out of this fucking world if they not only re-released the original 150(+1) Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow game on Switch, but completely overhauled it so that it looked like a completely brand new game.

For the younger audience, the original Pokémon game is a thing of legend. Sure, it got re-released on GameBoy Advance, but that was still 13 years ago! Both old and new fans would love nothing more than to kick the shit out of Douche’s—oh wait, I mean Gary’s pathetic lineup of Pokémon in high-definition. Just being able to see all the original towns and roads in remastered HD glory would be unbelievable and something any Pokémon fan would be foaming at the mouth to see and play.

And at last you’ll be able to see if Mew was actually hiding underneath that fucking pickup truck all along!

So that’s it for this edition of 5 Things, I hope you enjoyed it. As always, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and of course bring up JRPGs you want to see get the HD remake treatment as well.

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