The Desire For A 4K TV Is Not Strong With This One…

We’re just a few weeks out from Black Friday and there’s always a ton of different things that go on sale and people will flood stores in droves to try and purchase. But for most of us, the most notable stuff is in the electronics department and what’s the biggest catch of them all? That’s right, blenders and microwaves! …Oh! And then there’s televisions too.

For me however, it’s a tough sell. Literally. I’ve got a 55″ 1080p TV and I’m still pretty happy with it. But everyone seems to be wanting to make the jump to 4K and Black Friday appears to be the day a lot of people will finally make that switch. Me? I’m not so sure I’m interested in making the same jump.

I mean, my folks have a 4K TV now. Does it look better than what my 1080p TV has to offer? Yes, but I gotta tell you, I don’t feel it’s such a drastic change in image quality that it completely shoots 1080p out of the water. It’s the 60 frames per second that’s the real sell, which I admit is taking quite the long time for my eyes to adjust to. On that front as well, it’s hard to convince myself to buy a 4K TV that can do 60 frames per second when I don’t own anything that would make use of said 60 fps. My PS4 is the default model and I don’t plan on suddenly buying a PS4 Pro anytime soon, I can’t justify that cost without a nice big pay raise or y’know, the dream lottery winnings which will TOTALLY happen to me someday…

But most of all, the technology just isn’t where I want it to be yet so that you can get a decent-sized 4K TV for a good price. Sure I can get a 43″ 4K TV for $550, but it’s a shitty store-brand and not a brand I would trust. Not only that, but like I said, my current TV is 55″, I’m not paying $500+ to downgrade size for a slight bump in visual quality. In order to match the size of my current television, it’d cost me over $600 for the cheap brand and for a brand that I trust, the cheapest one goes for over $1000. There are ones on sale for less than that, but still, that’s a lot of money for the average person out there.

So for me, it makes zero sense to make the transition, despite how many times we’re told as consumers to make the jump, that 4K is the next big thing. Honestly, unless I literally have to make the switch, as in say the next PlayStation console requires 4K (which would be stupid), I have no reason whatsoever to make the switch until the price matches where I stand as it comes to getting the bang for my buck. Now Amazon is starting to make strides in producing cheaper 4K TVs, but we’re still a few years out I think before I have any sort of itch to go that route.

So on Black Friday, unless a 55″ 4K TV goes for $250, which you know it won’t, I’m not interested. And I don’t think anyone who doesn’t have the income to easily purchase a 4K TV should either, wait till the price goes further down, it’s not that big a deal.

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