Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is And Don’t Buy Star Wars Battlefront 2

I will make this simple and clear. No jokes, no bullshit.


You’ve probably heard that a Reddit comment made by EA’s community team has not only broken the record for most downvoted comment ever, it’s shattered it in ways that may never be broken. This is due to EA finally breaking the last straw with gamers and fans and causing a real uprising within the gaming community.

It’s real simple, folks. This is the time and the place, so if you are a gamer and know about what’s going on with EA and Star Wars Battlefront 2…


I do not care if you’re a fan of the series, do not buy it. I do not care if you’re a Star Wars collector, do no buy it. I do not care if you actually want to play the game, do not buy it. If you really, REALLY want to play the game, do us all a favour and wait a couple months when the price shoots down to like $20 bucks, because if we really make a difference here and cause a massive spike in week one sales, that price will drop fast and by a lot.

I really mean this, do not buy the game. Don’t give me the “Oh! I just won’t buy the microtransactions!” crap either, I’m not saying you won’t cave and buy a couple loot boxes, but the more people that own a copy of the game, the more people that will potentially buy loot boxes and throw more money in EA’s pocket, thus supporting this bullshit. The only way we can truly send a message to EA and other publishers/developers out there, is buy not buying the game at all. There will always be a 1% that buys a shitload of microtransactions, so we can’t hurt them there, the only option we have is in actual game sales.

This is the time to fight back, there hasn’t never been a bigger story, a bigger company and a bigger game to do this on. If we really want to establish consumer dominance on the market, we need to take a stand on the biggest example of gaming publisher bullshit we have seen to date, at least in terms of it being advertised online. It’s becoming front page news on Reddit, on various gaming sites and hopefully on mainstream media, this is it, this is our moment. To truly take a stab at these companies for pulling all this shady bullshit in our games, we have to act now and we have to act in massive numbers.

I will not be buying Star Wars Battlefront 2 and I hope that every single person who reads this post does the same. I’m taking it a step further, I will aim not to buy a single EA-published game in all of 2018. The only way we as consumers can get our voices heard is through our wallets. EA and other major companies do not care about you, me, anyone. They only care about money, that’s it, do not believe a fucking word they say when they give the ol’ “We care about our fanbase.” bullshit, they do not mean it and you know they do not mean it.

I’m serious folks, if that game still sells 100,000 copies in the US in its first week, then we as gamers deserve all the bullshit companies are trying to get away with. If we can stand up against the biggest example to date, then we don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

One thought on “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is And Don’t Buy Star Wars Battlefront 2”

  1. I haven’t bought any EA games since ME3 man. You’re right, we need to keep the bad publicity up and running. Hopefully this microtransaction bullshit will reach the mainstream’s concern


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