Twitter’s Boring…

I’ve been on Twitter for years now, getting very close to hitting 10,000 tweets, all that jazz. It’s felt like a home for me for quite some time, a place where I could vent, share stories, post anime bullshit. Y’know, the important things.

But here I am with Twitter becoming a place full of politically correct drivel, censorship up the ass, not to mention a looming “Twitter Purge” apparently been imminent. That aside, it’s become a place this year where I’ve made zero ground, my follower count has stayed between 100-110 essentially all year, I rarely get any responses from anyone, whether following me or not, the social media site altogether is becoming more of a place where I’m just talking to a brick wall.

In comes Gab, a similar website that’s making ground, taking folks who are sick of Twitter. They’re currently sitting above 200,000+ users and will certainly be growing if the Twitter purge is actually a thing. The site’s still a little rough around the edges, but given me current disdain for Twitter, what’s happening for me on Gab is really opening my eyes a bit.

First, I’m already a third the way from equally the same number of followers on Gab as I have on Twitter. In a week. A week. Yes, I imagine this is due to there not being as much traffic on Gab, so it’s easier not to get lost in the shuffle, but come on, how should I not be happy and excited when I’m making progress that I can visually see with my own damn eyes?!

Second, people actually fucking speak to you! In the last month on Twitter, two unique users have replied to anything I’ve posted, not likes or retweets, actual responses. On Gab in this first week, it’s a lot more than fucking two! I’m actually having conversations with people, making new friends and not listening to people defending the most ludicrous statements like why all white people just need to die, because y’know that’s not racist or anything.

And third, I feel free. I feel like I can talk about anything and not get potentially banned because I said I don’t think we need blatant LGBT representation in works of media. I feel like I can be myself and while I still do that on Twitter, I don’t feel like being myself is a bad thing in the eyes of Gab, while on Twitter, I think that based on my thoughts and ideas, Twitter looks at me like I’m literally Hitler.

So if you’re sick of Twitter as well, or maybe you’re just looking for a different touch of scenery, I implore you to check out Gab.

And naturally, follow me as well! –

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