5 Things: Reverse Traps That I’d Take As Either Gender

I’ll be 100% transparent. My goal was to make a 5 Things for traps, not reverse traps. But there was a slight problem: I’ve only seen two shows where I can remember there being a trap in it and I’m currently watching one of them with Hideri in BlendS, the other being Hime from Himegoto. So that plan fizzled quickly…

So I just went with the next best thing, reverse traps. For those unfamiliar with the terms, a trap is a boy who looks and dresses like a girl, while a reverse trap is a girl who looks and dresses like a boy (though looks are arguable in most anime, it’s usually pretty damn obvious…) and those are like my bread and butter with anime. I’ve always had a thing for reverse traps because of the surprise factor, but to make things more interesting, I’m not going to just point out five good reverse trap characters in anime. Instead, I’m going to spice things up a bit.

These (in no particular order) are five reverse traps that I’m attracted to either their full-female form or their male-disguised form.

Note: Honorable mentions go to Gundam Seed’s Cagalli and Idolmaster’s Makoto. It was really hard leaving them off this list, but I had to pick only five.

Hailing from Nisekoi, this trigger-happy mafia assassin has quite possibly my favourite gender reveal scenes out of any reverse trap characters in all of anime. After a crazy cartoon level fight between her and main character Raku, the only way he’s able to escape her murderous grasp is to knock them both out of a window and into the school pool below. That after all that happens previously is enough to knock her unconscious and he takes her into the men’s changeroom to hide from everyone else. As you do when you see someone soaking wet, you strip them down, only to find that not only is Seishirou a girl, BUT SHE’S PACKING, YO!!!

As a boy though, she’s still got that pretty boy charm, not to mention that when Chitoge starts making her wear a bow, even when dressed as a boy, it really adds to things. She’s got that slender, athletic looking body that even if there weren’t massive breasts underneath those clothes, I’d still be interested in running a hand along that chest. She’s not the prettiest “boy” out of the five on this list, which is mostly due to the anime actually trying to make her look more like a boy when she first enters on-screen, but Seishirou’s still more than just a pretty face.

Not the most passable boy in anime, but this Mayo Chiki! beauty is still a reverse trap nonetheless. With hair like that, it’s kind of hard to really pass as a boy, but hey if we’re playing by canonical rules here, I guess I can’t complain with this very VERY feminine looking boy here in Subaru. I mean right off the bat, small, slender body, again she has the hair that really makes it hard to believe she could ever been male, but most importantly…she has a really REALLY nice butt.

And we all know how goddamn important that is with anime characters…

A recent addition to this list, though it’s not like she’s new to anime, just new to me with the current season of Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World. Kino’s probably the closest thing to being fully convincing as a boy, because even now with the knowledge I’ve been given that Kino is 100% a girl, I still have my doubts whenever I watch the show.

It helps a lot that in the show, you never really get to see Kino in any state of undress. The most we’ve gotten in this season is really a white buttoned shirt and pants, it’s not like we’re getting the obvious hints in shower scenes, midriff shots when taking his/her shirt off, nothing really gives it away. But there’s still a real charm to Kino, regardless of gender. She’s cute as a girl, and still retains that cuteness if she were actually a boy.

The original reverse trap for me, Naoto from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 got the ball going with my love for “surprise” girls. I wish the internet hadn’t existed around the time the game came out however, as I was spoiled on Naoto’s true gender due to the tons and tons of large-breasted artwork that was already coming from Japan, since the game was not released at the same time in North America. Because Naoto actually 100% fooled me at first glance until I got a real good listen on her voice and then it was pretty obvious afterwards.

As a boy, she’s very much in the same boat as Kino, just bigger and probably older (though I don’t know how old Kino is supposed to be) than her. She’s got that same short hairstyle, hell even a very similar attire, trenchcoat and pants. Body-wise, again Naoto is a little bigger in size in comparison to Kino, but again follows that same level of cute and handsome at the same time. Seriously, you’d almost think one was designed to resemble the other.

The ultimate reverse trap for me and carrying all the bias I possibly can, my #1 waifu. Charlotte from Infinite Stratos wasn’t exactly the most secret of reverse traps, in fact it was pretty fucking obvious right from the very start. But as time has gone on, the more and more I think about my love for the Charlotte Dunois character, the more I think I might actually prefer her in the times before her true gender was revealed via shower walk-in from Ichika.

I actually prefer Charlotte in the male version of the IS battle attire than the female version, the same goes for her academy uniform. I find with skirts and such, Charlotte gets a little too girly and it offsets that tomboyish look she has, hence why I think her swimsuit in Season 1 is quite possibly one of the worst outfits I’ve ever seen in anime. But yeah, she still looks amazing in her “boy” form, not to mention that much like Subaru, boy or girl, they give her quite the nice butt.

I’d share mixed berry crepes with Charlotte, or Charles.

And with that, there’s five reverse traps I’d take either gender on. I hope you enjoyed this edition of 5 Things, lemme know how you feel about this edition in the comments below and don’t forget to talk about your own favourite reverse traps, or even traps in general.

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