Gonna Be A Little Less Wordy And A Lot More Yelly

This one’s pretty straight-forward. I’m at work currently typing this out cause I’m bored as hell and I don’t want to do this when I get home.

The amount of articles I write are going to go down, in the sense of that apart from the weekly anime episodic reviews I do, I may not actually write any other articles at all on here. This isn’t because I’m not wanting to post more content, rather I want to change up how I create content again.

Ever since I kicked off Episode 1 of my Destiny community’s podcast (Episode 2 will be livestreaming on YouTube tomorrow night), I’ve started leaning back to YouTube as a way to create content. Obviously that also went hand-in-hand with the season end reviews and awards that I also did on YouTube, via their Google Hangouts On Air tool. I’m finding this route to be a lot easier for me, it allows me to just sit down and vent, whereas typing (especially when it’s a much longer article) puts a strain on my wrists, which apparently don’t like going for more than 500 words, the lazy bastards. But by recording audio via YouTube, the worst I gotta worry about is needing a drink of water and at the same time I can have it recorded and uploaded a lot faster than it would take me to type out a more intensive article. This one’s easy as shit, but other things I’ve written took me hours to complete, especially my more thought-provoking ones.

Along with the ease of recording, I’ve just found less and less drive to write random articles when I’m getting my message across almost as well and a hell of a lot quickly via social media, like my Gab.ai account is thriving on right now. Not to mention, coupling that with watching 10+ anime shows a week and still being super into video games, pro wrestling and having a social life again, my time is lessening for sitting down and spending 2-3 hours writing an article about anime boobs, as much as I enjoy writing them of course.

So this isn’t “I’m not making content” anymore, just expect to see a lot more in video form now. I’ve got a few ideas, just need the time to actually record and in some cases, do a little editing.

So stay tuned and I hope you guys enjoy the new content I start throwing out!

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