Week # 4 Is Delayed

Just a brief post, the weekly anime article won’t be up tomorrow, may not be up till Friday depending on how long it takes me to watch all my shows. I’ve gotten only two done up to the point I’m typing this and here’s the crazy list of reasons why:

  1. I’ve been sick since Thursday and my body can’t seem to decide what kind of sick. Had an aches and pains kind of sickness from Wednesday-Friday, turned into a full-blown head cold plus fever over the weekend
  2. Saturday afternoon I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, to the point that it was so painful for me just to lean forward to type on my laptop. Mix that with the fever cold I got and I was basically fucking immobile all weekend
  3. Yesterday (Monday) I somehow got suckered into working 12.5 hours with said pains and sickness, so I worked from 6:45am to 7:15pm, basically got home at 8:30pm because of a bad snowstorm here and I went straight to bed because holy fuck my body was done!
  4. Just got home after working from 6:45am-5:00pm this time around and I know there’s no way I’m spending my entire night watching about 4 hours worth of anime just to get this weekly post out tomorrow, so I’m gonna watching a few shows tonight and then try to finish the rest tomorrow, or on Thursday if I can’t finish the whole list tomorrow either

Thanks for your patience! You know what it’ll be when the post comes out anyways right? Just in case, here’s probably what it’ll sound like:


Yeah, that sounds about right for me, doesn’t it? XD

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