Week # 10 – Spring Anime 2018

Week # 10 has arrived with the 2018 spring anime season. What’s in store this week?!

Just like every week, I’ll be watching my selected shows for the season and giving my brief feelings on the episode, along with things I liked and things I didn’t like. So let’s get a’watchin’!


Amanchu! Advance (Ep.10)


A fun little episode as the girls enjoy capping off the year and starting anew. It’s weird though, as it feels like this would’ve been Episode 12, yet there’s two episodes to go. We got all the cliches of a final episode, everyone showed up, they talked about their next steps, all that jazz, but instead we’re not quite done yet. It was real interesting to get a look at Hikari’s grandmother’s past (she’s super fucking gorgeous, by the way!) as well as getting to know Kodama a little more as well. Nothing too special here though, just a good episode all-around.


  • Nice looks into Kodama and Hikari’s grandmother’s past


  • Nothing to complain about this week

Episode Score: 4/5




Butlers X Battlers (Ep.9)


100% pure filler. Sure, he finds the secret to the code, but the letter gives us basically nothing. Sure, Holmes and Watson awaken to their powers, but we’re left with no resolution to their fight. There’s so much going on, yet no answers to be had. It’s kind of frustrating, given my interest levels in the show thus far and especially when there’s only three episodes to go. There isn’t much time left to conclude this and I fear it’s not going to be a good resolution because of that.

But who knows, maybe I’ll be wrong.


  • Holmes and Watson finish off our cast of pretty superpowered boys


  • Pure filler, no real interest or excitement

Episode Score: 3/5

Comic Girls (Ep.10)



Ahem…so other than that atrocity, holy freaking hell am I ever warming up to Ruki. At this point, I think she’s running away with the Golden waifu award. Loved her so damn much in this episode. She hates Christmas, I hate Christmas (for different reasons), she loves pervy anime, I love pervy anime, look…do I need any extra proof?! No!

But yeah, the episode as a whole was pretty fun, as per usual. Ruki’s arc was fun, Tsubasa’s was ridiculous and the little bit at the end with them burning their rejected storyboards was silly. Fuura of course capped it all off. I love this show.


  • Ruki making her Golden Waifu case
  • Fuura continues to come in at the right moment


  • Feminine Tsubasa…AGAIN!!!

Episode Score: 4/5







Hinamatsuri (Ep.10) 


The episode tried it’s best, rounding around Hitomi and then Anzu, but as I’ve said before with this show, I don’t get where people are saying the comedy is on point, because I didn’t laugh at all. It’s like the show is just trying to stick to the same joke and repeat it, the same format of going in one direction and then whipping into another. This only really works if you do it sparingly, but because it does it so often, there’s no value in the surprise turn anymore. The Hitomi shock face has long gotten old, Anzu being stupid has long gotten old, every grown up in the show being absolutely retarded has long gotten old. There just isn’t anything fresh and new and because of that, the comedy is completely stale.

I’d put the show on notice, but with two episodes left and the lack of shows on the weekly, I might as well finish it at this point.


  • Nothing, honestly


  • Same tired old shtick

Episode Score: 2/5

Mahou Shoujo Ore (Ep.10)


It almost makes perfect sense that the villain is actually Konami. I mean, the screwed over Hideo Kojima, ruined Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, made endless pachinko machines out of beloved properties and–oh! OH! Right, wrong Konami.

It’s dumb as fuck that Konami is the villain, but the good kind of dumb. It makes no sense and that works 100% with the show at hand. Now the episode itself, very dry, not a lot to really go into, wasn’t overly entertained by this episode. But we’re two episodes away, it’s not necessarily offending me, so I’ll probably end up finishing it.

I mean, I guess Saki breaking a giant popcorn holder over herself was entertaining…


  • Silly villain reveal


  • Boring most of the episode

Episode Score: 2.5/5

Space Battleship Tiramisu (Ep.10)


Was good for one minute when stupid sexy dark-skinned Subaru showed up. Then they cock blocked me, did some stupid space police thing and that was the episode. Boooooooooo!


  • Stupid sexy dark-skinned Subaru!
  • Okay okay, the space police was kind of funny…


  • Bait and switch

Episode Score: 3.5/5

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