Week # 9 — Summer Anime 2018

Week # 9 has arrived with the 2018 summer anime season. What’s in store this week?!

Just like every week, I’ll be watching my selected shows for the season and giving my brief feelings on the episode, along with things I liked and things I didn’t like. So let’s get a’watchin’!


Angels of Death (Ep.9)


This show has completely fallen. Nothing makes any real sense, the characters are not adding any extra interest or intrigue anymore, this what appears to be final floor is not yielding any results, only more questions and lastly, with Zack unable to do much of anything, the one real bright spot is no longer bright. He’s not laughing, he’s not maniacal, he’s not as violent, he’s a bitch right now. Rachel is a flurry of mixed emotions, I have no idea where she’s at now. This priest guy is boring and bland, not offering anything, so all there really is, is Danny and he’s barely getting any screen time, so what the fuck?!

So this show is in danger of being only the second show to do this: have me drop it after hitting the 10-episode mark in a season. The only other one was Big Order and right now, this show has one more shot to have me want to finish it, because I’m not enjoying it one bit now.


  • Nothing


  • Extreme confusion
  • Zack is no longer the interesting character from episodes past
  • The “final boss” in the priest continues to be boring as hell
  • Rachel is now so all over the place, it’s become irritating

Episode Score: 2/5 ***ON NOTICE***




Cells at Work! (Ep.9)


An okay episode, a nice look back at the origins of Helper T Cell and the main Killer T Cell. It was an amusing military rookie story, something you’d see in any other military anime, TV show, film, game, whatever. There wasn’t anything too special about it, it was just a nice sit down and watch sort of episode. Didn’t demand too much of my attention, didn’t sway me in either direction, just something I could shut my brain off and enjoy. And I’ll never complain about those.


  • Nice brain shut off episode, didn’t demand much from m


  • Nothing special to the episode

Episode Score: 3/5

Chio’s School Road (Ep.9)


A fun little episode, though I really REALLY wish they’d stop using the perverted homeless pedophile. I get shivers every time. The first sketch oddly enough was spot on though, I think Chio really is at her best as she is, she has that “average-looking” hotness to her. As for the second sketch, of course the much older Andou is into Chio. Wouldn’t you be into Bloody Butterfly too? Though I don’t know if extravagant BL moves are gonna do it for her. It was funny to watch though!


  • Both sketches had their moments


  • I really don’t like them using the creepy homeless guy

Episode Score: 3.5/5




Harukana Receive (Ep.9)


Not a bad episode, but as we’re winding down to the final few episodes, I get the feeling we’re going to start moving away from what I really liked about the show, which was stuff away from volleyball. Now with the match between Haruka/Kanata and Emily/Claire, I fully expect this to be a multiple episode affair, probably going two episodes and the final episode will be the aftermath. My assumptions? Emily and Claire will still win in the end, but by a much closer margin, perhaps even to sudden death. I think if Haruka and Kanata can take down essentially the second best pair behind Ayase and Narumi, it’s too soon and wouldn’t be all that believable. Emily and Claire have taught them a lot, sure, but don’t think they don’t have tricks they haven’t shown yet either. So ideally, they should win in the end, but we shall see.


  • I enjoyed the Aragaki sisters, as little as they got in


  • Not nearly as much fun stuff outside of volleyball
  • I worry the massive focus on volleyball with the finals is going to bring down the show

Episode Score: 3/5




How Not to Summon a Demon Lord (Ep.9)


I guess we’re setting up the final three episodes here. Nothing special really, aside from Edelgard coming back and the resurrection of Krebskull coming (presumably) next week. That paladin looks like a whole lot of nothing, Alicia’s clearly going to stab the trio in the back at some point and Rem tugged the shit out of Shera’s breasts.

Yep. That was the whole episode.


  • Edelgard’s back
  • Setup for the final three episodes


  • Very ‘meh’ episode
  • Saddler seemed like a whole lot of nothing after that build-up

Episode Score: 3/5




Island (Ep.9)



So is this the future or the past?

How is this Setsuna there right now and how does he have memories of “drowned Rinne”?

Why is the “world” now experiencing what looks like an Ice Age?

Where is Setuna getting these “I have to save something” memories from?

This episode just complicated things to a massive degree. No clarity on what era this takes place in, no clarity on Setsuna himself, nothing but the addition of a massive list of questions. I like guessing and I like needing to ask questions, but generally speaking I’d like at least one answer as well and we got nothing. Very frustrated watching this episode.


  • I mean…Sara with big boobs?


  • Extremely complicated episode with zero answers

Episode Score: 2.5/5




Overlord III (Ep.8)


Dude…that was not cool. This entire series I’ve been fine with Ains and the way he’s done things. These past two episodes have been an absolute departure. When the Lizardmen came last season, he spared them. Carne Village? He may be using them, but he’s spared them. These four, especially the blonde girl, none of them even got a chance to find value to him, they were all slaughtered. The most damning part is that he truly sensed how close this party was together, he saw the camaraderie between the four, reminiscent of his glory days while playing the game. And yet, knowing these four, along with all the others were sent essentially to their deaths by someone else, he cast them off so easily, like they were nothing.

For two seasons and six episodes, I understood that Ains was a villain of sorts. But now he is a monster. And unless this show can give me a reason to stomach this again, I’m going to do something I never thought I’d have to. Put it on notice. Because I’m that pissed off and disgusted by this two-episode complete reversal.


  • Nothing. I’m that upset


  • A systematic complete reversal of what we have seen from Ains
  • An extremely uncomfortable, and at the end, downright disgusting display
  • As I’m typing this, I’m legitimately shaking in anger. This show meant a lot to me and in two episodes, it completely turned its back on what I enjoyed so much about the show

Episode Score: MINUS FIVE STARS!!!/5 ***ON NOTICE***

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Ep.8)


I got my wish. Oboro got some ecchi in and is now part of the harem, as after Kogarashi defeated Genshiro, she wants to continue to make the clan stronger, so she figures having a child with Kogarashi is the best method.

Now look, I might be spoiling one of the awards for the end of the season, but I think I have to say it now: We have our top 3 girls for the Eye Candy award now and I don’t think they’re moving. Rem (Isekai Maou), Claire (Harukana) and now Oboro. Holy shit does she remind me of Laura from Infinite Stratos, but older and more badass. The second she popped up on screen, I was totally in love and now that she’s both metaphorically and fucking literally “opened up”, I’m all in on her. She’s fantastic, I adore the soft spoken, serious, badass tomboy looking girls and come on…SHE’S GOT SILVER HAIR AND A FUCKING EYEPATCH!!!

Ahem…but the episode itself was good. I continually love the “I was possessed by this thing that makes me win” trope that Kogarashi goes through, very reminiscent of Isekai wa Smartphone’s way of solving enemies. Sagiri as per usual had her holy shit ecchi moment and honestly it sucks that she’s gonna miss out on the Eye Candy list because this season has just been so strong, even someone of her caliber isn’t making the Top 3. Just the idea too that when Oboro looks like she’s on top, Nonko just shows up and stops it immediately with her drunken strength. It’s not a show meant to make sense, it’s a show that thrives on making zero sense and being extremely hilarious in the process.

This may also be a spoiler, but unless the final few episodes really shit a brick, this 100% will be my Best Show. Nothing this season has been more enjoyable than this show.


  • Great ecchi sequences with Sagiri and Oboro
  • Oboro being part of the harem makes me so happy, I was sure she’d be a one-off


  • Nothing to complain about this week

Episode Score: 5/5




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