Week # 10 – Summer Anime 2018

NOTE: You’ll notice a few shows missing this week in Cells At Work, Chio’s School Road and Yuuna-san and the Haunted Hot Springs. This is due to a mixture of me being sick, being busy the entire weekend and for whatever reason Crunchyroll not working for me right now on Monday night as I’m typing this.

So what I’m going to do is on next week’s post, I will add in the three episodes missing along with the Week 11 stuff as well. Cheers folks!

Week # 10 has arrived with the 2018 summer anime season. What’s in store this week?!

Just like every week, I’ll be watching my selected shows for the season and giving my brief feelings on the episode, along with things I liked and things I didn’t like. So let’s get a’watchin’!


Angels of Death (Ep.10) *On Notice*


I put this show in danger of being dropped so close to the end. Why? Because it continues to deviate what made the show so interesting. Zack is a shell of what he was at the start, Rachel still isn’t explained to us and the story has just gotten to weird and hard to follow.

So…did the show managed to survive this week and allow it to be finished this season? The answer? No.

I cannot believe that at this point we still have zero information on what the world is, what these characters are, what Rachel is. I have suffered through episode after episode of droning on and on about god, faith, suffering, death, despair and all this other “Look, we’re creative!” kind of bullshit writing that is nothing more than holding back information so they can look clever after episodes full of symbolism and hidden clues than lead to a big reveal.

The better shows are the ones that make you create theories, ones that have concrete reasons to their creations. Nothing I have said through these 10 episodes ever had evidence behind it, it was all just throwing shit at the wall and hoping something stuck. Ten fucking episodes and I have nothing to show for it, I still have no clue what the fuck is going on, who anyone is, and why any of this even matters.

I really liked this show, I truly did. Zack was an interesting character, Rachel’s origins had intrigue, hell, characters like Danny and Eddie were interesting as well, but were killed off so early they had no chance to develop. We’re now at episode 10 of 16 apparently and I still have no information. That is an absolute slap in the face to the audience, you cannot have an anime that is just endless parades of symbolism and religious messaging and expect people to think it’s worth hanging onto. I gave it chance after chance to finally get over the edge and it just kept faking me out. Now I’ve been sent over the edge and I’m not faking this.

Goodbye, quite possibly my biggest disappointment this year.


  • Nothing


  • Symbolism and messaging being the only thing the show has
  • There’s no information to be had, you’re just expected to follow along with a show that seemingly doesn’t know what it is or where it’s going
  • I’m sick and tired of people telling me that Rachel is as bad as she is, but never flat out saying what she actually is, nor revealing it to us

Episode Score: 1.5/5 ***DROPPED***

Harukana Receive (Ep.10)


While yes, I’m a little unhappy that the show isn’t being as goofy now as it’s been all season, this episode was still pretty good at establishing the growth of everyone. Specifically though, Emily has clearly transformed, being far more aggressive and not just hoping Claire does all the offense. The only thing I worry about now is the result. In all honesty, the Thomas sisters should win the second set next week and take the finals, but I get the feeling we’re getting a third and final set. The sisters should still win in the end, but I think they’re going to pad the episode out with that third set and I assume the final episode is a break as they just celebrate the end of the tournament with a big party and we set up a possible second season with Ayasa and Narumi playing a more integral role.

Whether the show gets a second season or not though, that’s the tougher question.


  • Good character evolution with Claire and Kanata
  • Great pace with the match


  • I still feel like they’re pushing Haruka’s skills up way too fast, she shouldn’t be hanging this easily with a pair that’s played for years more than her

Episode Score: 3.5/5

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord (Ep.10)


So it appears that our end goal is indeed a betrayal, but not in the way we expected. So Diablo managed to summon Krebskulm from within Rem…by literally fingering her. I’m not fucking joking. He. Stuck. His. Fingers. Inside. Her.

But yeah, turns out this Krebskulm is either a variation, or has been sealed for so long she forgot what a Demon Lord does. So she’s instead a loli demon who loves to eat. This is where the betrayal will come from Alicia, though she hasn’t done it yet, she intends to make the Demon Lord, y’know…be the Demon Lord. For what reasons, uh…some flashbacks of people being evil? My only guess is she intends to have the Demon Lord wipe the entire mortal races off the planet in order to start anew, as the current batch are too despicable to live? That’s really all I got. But hey, what else is there to talk about when REM WAS LITERALLY GETTING FINGERBANGED IN ORDER TO SUMMON A DEMON!!!


  • Insanity, just insanity
  • Also Krebskulm made me nearly fall out of my seat laughing so hard


  • I’m admittedly not sure I’m gonna like how this show ends with Alicia being the main “villain”

Episode Score: 4/5







Island (Ep.10)


This show has gotten so dark in the past couple episodes, like what the fuck?! Rinne dies, then we flip to the future(?) and a ton of children are killed and tossed in a basement, a friend of Sara’s is shot and killed, her father’s assassinated, then she dies, Karen gets soot blight and dies as well, which by the way, the fucking disease still hasn’t been properly revealed to us, as it’s a bullshit disease.

Then shit gets more confusing. We’re left to believe that this Setsuna is also the Setsuna who we’ve seen all these episodes where Rinne died before we ended up here. But this one loves steampunk Rinne, but that Rinne tells him to go back in time and save hoodie Rinne because…AGH, MY HEAD!!!

So she sends him back 20,000 years it seems and that’s where it stops. Bloody hell, this show.


  • Honestly? Not too much positive happened here


  • Extremely confused AGAIN
  • Way too dark all of a sudden
  • Yeah…Setsuna would probably be going to jail for fucking Rinne at the end there

Episode Score: 2/5




Overlord III (Ep.9) 


I relaxed a bit since last week’s episode, so I’m no longer having the show sit ‘on notice’. But it remains that the episode really, REALLY pissed me off, even though after talking to a few people who also watched the episode, I kind of understand what the writers were trying to do now. Anyways!

We’re sort of back to normal with Ains continuing Demiurge’s plan of world domination. Nothing really special to speak of, just the usual fodder of Ains looking like a powerful god and everyone else trying to figure out how to get past him. The goal for the Emperor is to have every country together fight Ains, yet at this point we still don’t have anyone who can even kill one of Ains’ minions, let alone himself. So this episode was a whole lot of nothing, just planning.


  • I mean…likable people weren’t slaughtered this episode


  • Nothing special, just planning for the final few episodes

Episode Score: 2.5/5 

3 thoughts on “Week # 10 – Summer Anime 2018”

  1. Really kind of glad I let Angels of Death go now and didn’t let Raistlin and Irina talk me into keeping it going. Doesn’t sound like I ended up missing much other than a bit of frustration. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the shows this week.


    1. It was truly frustrating. I can still see the potential that the show has, but bloody hell, you can’t let a show get away with showing you nothing after a series hits double digits.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was sorry to drop it at episode 4 but even then it felt like the potential the show had wasn’t going anywhere and a lot of what had interested me in the show in episode 1 was already kind of missing so I let it go but continued to closely follow reviews because I thought if it picked up I’d just binge and catch up. Shame it hasn’t worked out.


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