Changes Coming For The Fall Anime Weeklies

Hey folks, we’ve got a new season upon us, so you know what that means…Yep! Time for me to watch a bunch of shows that I’ll drop immediately and applaud a bunch of shows I thought would be terrible!

So in this first week, this is usually a flurry of shows, a number of them I will drop because they don’t fit my style of anime, others I will keep for perhaps another week or two, if I see that there’s potential. As we progress, we shall see what shows continue to impress and keep me engaged, thus lasting the entire season and then we will also see what shows falter and cannot sustain my interest until the very end.

This season will bring some new changes to the format also. Instead of the usual single score, I am now going to use several scores and bring an overall percentage to the episode. Each show will have five grades every episode, three that will be consistent with every show and two that will be specific to what that show brings to the table.

These are the three grades that will be consistent with all shows:

Interest – This grade will represent my overall engagement with the show. This could range from many different things, such as me reacting to things that happen on the show (shock, near tears, laughter, etc.), but most importantly, it’s whether or not I watch the show in its entirety without turning away. Some episodes I’m fixating on the screen, others I pop over to my laptop and multi-task because it’s a dead part in the show. It is absolutely impossible that any show will get a perfect score the entire season, as every show has a not-perfect episode.

Writing – Pretty straightforward, this grade will define how well the show’s story progresses in the episode, or just the story in general for that single episode. Did it make sense? Did it run fluently? Are the characters within the story playing their roles properly? There’s a lot of factors in this grade and will be very hard to score a perfect grade with me. Want a solid grade? Don’t insult my intelligence, that’ll get shows far with me.

Design – Again, pretty straightforward, this grade will represent how well the show looks to me each passing episode. Whether it’s the backgrounds, the character design, the action sequences, or any other major design pieces to watch for, the better the quality, the higher the grade. However, this will not be a 1-to-1 comparison between shows, this grade will not be rated based on what show has the best overall animation quality, but rather how well the animation works with the show it’s designed for. If it’s a comedy show and the animation that week isn’t as wacky as it could’ve been, it gets a lower grade. The same goes for if action sequences look sloppy, backgrounds look half-assed, facial expressions aren’t done properly, that sort of thing.

Each show will also have two grades specific to the kind of show we’re seeing on-screen. For example, last season’s Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs would get the grades of Ecchi and Comedy added onto it, while a show like Overlord would have Action and Comedy as their two. Other categories like Drama, Horror, or even a category like “Tranquility” that a show like Yuru Camp brought could be considered.

These grades will be done out of 5, just like my episode scores used to be before. Then we’ll add those five numbers together and get a percentage out of a best score of 25 to get our grade for the episode. The letter grades will go by the following percentages:

A+ 90%–100%
A 85%–89%
A- 80%–84%
B+ 77%–79%
B 73%–76%
B- 70%–72%
C+ 67%–69%
C 63%–66%
C- 60%–62%
D+ 57%–59%
D 53%–56%
D- 50%–52%
F 0%–49%

So for example, this is what an episode of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs could’ve gotten:

Interest – 4/5 | Writing – 3/5 | Design – 5/5 | Ecchi – 5/5 | Comedy – 4/5


When it comes to the lower grades, this is where things get dangerous. As long as a show stays in the Cs and up, there’s a pretty good chance I’m holding onto it for the following week. If a show however falls to a D grade, putting the show “on notice” is very likely, depending on the show. For example, a show hitting a D grade in Week 2 is in much more danger than a show hitting it in Week 10. And a show with a history of Cs that hits a D grade is in far more danger than a show consistently putting out As and Bs. Every show is capable of having a bad episode, it’s going to be history that decides whether I put the show on notice or not.

It’s when the show hits and F grade that things get interesting. Since this is the first season I’m doing this, we’ll see what happens when shows inevitably turn out an episode this bad. Will it mean an automatic drop? Potentially, but I don’t know yet if a show that I still like is capable of having an episode this bad. If a show I’ve liked for say 8 episodes thus far just has a real stinker, who knows what happens. But to get a F grade, it’s probably a pretty shit episode, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

After the grades, instead of having a Thoughts section, then the good and the bad following it, the two will be mixed together. Obviously if the show was overwhelmingly good, I’ll just be praising the entirety of it, opposite goes if the episode is really bad. I’ll go through anything of note I watched in that episode, whether it’s a particular element of the story, if I’m liking/disliking a certain character more this week, if there was a moment in the show that really stood out to me, all these things that if I feel need to be pointed out, I will do so.

The goal of this new format is to allow me to be a little more succinct with these posts. I find when reading them back, I’m not giving enough information pertaining to whether the episode truly was good, or bad. Ideally, having the five grades now can at least tell you specifically what I liked about that episode and then the notes I leave afterwards tell you in more detail those very things I liked. I’m always coming up with different ideas to make these posts still fresh and new to me, just as much as they’ll be fresh and new to you guys. I get bored easily, so a format change helps me with that. So thanks for sticking around and hopefully this season ends up being an enjoyable one (because I’m nervous it won’t be…) for all of us.

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