Let’s Talk About Goblin Slayer’s Rape Scene

When I turned on Goblin Slayer’s first episode, I knew what was coming. I had heard from a few friends in a Discord chat I participate in that there was rape in this episode. I turned it on anyways, thinking “Sure it’ll be bad, but I’ve watched shows that have danced with the act before and don’t really go too far with it. How bad could it be?”. And boy oh boy was I not prepared for what I saw.

Up until this moment when I immediate hit the circle button on my PS4 controller to shut off the imagery that I had just witnessed, it was already pretty damn grim. Being completely up front, I don’t handle horrific imagery well, I just don’t have the stomach for it. I can handle over-the-top “sexy” violence like Hellsing and Drifters has, but the realistic and downright brutal stuff? That’s a completely different story. So to watch goblins mercilessly stab the other party members repeatedly, I was already very uncomfortable before the big finale that set me off. I’ve watched shows like this that have been very grim and dealt with death, take Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash for example. It doesn’t pull punches and it’s very uncomfortable when you see party members severely injured and in one case, killed. Goblin Slayer on the other hand, doesn’t even give you the chance to settle into the show, it’s straight grim and downright disgustingly brutal violence.

This is where I took issue with the show. Had I watched this show for a few episodes and then it did this scene, perhaps it could’ve lasted longer, though I think in my case, I don’t think any amount of attachment to the show could’ve prevented me from shutting it off right then and there. But in this specific case, not having even half the episode before all this dark and brutal imagery was put before my eyes, it was just too much. It felt less like the show being “unapologetic”, as some people have called it and more like “being edgy for the sake of being edgy”. These moments can be written properly, giving the show time to develop, to give you a sense of attachment to the characters you see before you. Instead, there’s zero attachment, you’re just watching people be mercilessly murdered and raped. There’s no emotional value to it, it’s just disgust. And yes, I get that’s likely the intent the show is going with, but that doesn’t excuse the service you view this show on for something I will get to in a moment. But for now, let’s talk about the scene itself, the rape.

Let’s be honest here, if you are an anime fan who has spent a considerable amount of time watching hentai, if you take this scene and cut it aside from the murder beforehand, this is just par for the course. There are countless hentai movies out there that are far worse and more explicit than what is scene in Goblin Slayer. But let’s also remember the differences between the two here, between Goblin Slayer and your average hentai that would feature this kind of content. Just pick one, if you’ve watched more than 10 hentai movies, you’ve seen at least one rape scene.

In the hentai movie you picked where a “rape” scene occurs, consider the following:

  1. What was the tone of the show throughout before the scene occurs? 
  2. Is there a series of violent acts committed beforehand, like the several murders we see before the Goblin Slayer scene?
  3. Did this scene turn into one of the cliched “she ends up loving it” sex scenes?

Generally speaking, the tone isn’t usually as dark, grim and brutal in these hentai films as it was in Goblin Slayer. There usually aren’t innocent people being not only murdered, but mercilessly so, as we see with the guy and mage girl being stabbed, hacked and slashed and more by several goblins. And yeah, a lot of these scenes do end up going the route of “she starts loving it by the end”. Is it disgusting? Of course it is, but there’s one key to what makes this easier to stomach, in my opinion.

When you click play on a hentai movie, what are you expecting to see? Of course, you’re anticipating bouncing breasts, lots of cum, a lot of unnecessary dirty talk that no couple ever utters when having sex. That’s all par for the course. But massive amounts of brutal violence as well? Is that a constant in hentai films? No, it’s not. So in the case of Goblin Slayer, there’s a ton of differences between itself and hentai. When I clicked play on that first episode and let’s say in this case I knew nothing of the brutal violence and rape that was coming my way. What information did I have in front of me when I saw that show on my PS4 Crunchyroll app? I saw a cover image of two pretty girls being the focal point, along with a few armored guys in the back. Pretty standard fantasy anime cover image, looks like any typical one you’d find, right? How would anyone get the sense that this show was about to contain what is the most disturbing and brutal content I’ve personally watched in the now 4 years I’ve used Crunchyroll?

This isn’t a case of “If you can’t handle it, don’t watch it.” to me. This was a case of “If people can’t handle this, we should’ve been warned not to watch it.”. I have zero problems with this show existing and I have zero problems with this level of brutal content existing, clearly there’s people who loved what they saw from this first episode, judging by the reactions I’ve seen on Reddit and Twitter. I can have my opinion that content like this is for people who want to be edgy and badass and I can think it’s cringy as fuck, but it doesn’t mean I think it shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

What I do think is that because of a scene like this rape in Goblin Slayer, Crunchyroll needs to really take a look into providing more information to viewers about the content they’re about to watch. This episode 100% should’ve had a warning that read “This show contains extremely violent content, would you like to proceed?”, so people would have stopped for a moment and said “Wow, this doesn’t happen often, it must be really, REALLY violent!”. This way, those who fall into the “not for the faint of heart” category, like myself, we now know that this show is likely pushing boundaries beyond what we’re accustomed to in our typical anime.

For example, when I’ve browsed E-Hentai’s content, I’ve come across a screen after clicking on, let’s say a doujinshi. It reads something like “This material contains extreme themes that are unsuitable to some viewers. Would you like to proceed?”. I don’t see that message often and every time I do, I know to not proceed further, as the one time I did, I was 100% deeply disturbed. Now when it comes to warning messages like this, I’m not saying it needs to be put on anything violent, or anything featuring sexual content. Considering that someone had to translate this episode, they certainly had to watch this episode several times to get it done. Perhaps it would be wise that they bring up that this episode is extremely graphic to whoever they report to and that can be brought up within the company before the episode is put up online. Obviously others within the company will watch this episode before it’s uploaded, how did they not think that this was something that they might’ve wanted to give people a heads up about beforehand?

In Drifters, we see a similar level of imagery, but we don’t see the act in progress, we see the aftermath. It is just as uncomfortable as any reference to the act of rape would be, but the show has had us settle into the darker and violent atmosphere the show has for a number of episodes up until this point. The show also features quite a lot of comedy to offset the violence and downright disgusting imagery we sometimes see in the show. So for people to be as shocked as they were with Goblin Slayer, how could you not expect that kind of reaction, especially from those who don’t know a thing about the show they just clicked play on. If I hadn’t read in that Discord chat that this showed contained rape, I would’ve had no idea what I was walking into.

Goblin Slayer gave you no time to prepare, to attach yourself to anything you’d see so far, or information that gave you any sort of a heads up that this show would be extremely violent. There’s nothing wrong with deciding you’re not going to pull any punches, but it would’ve been nice to at the very least maybe save the rape for a second episode. By then, you’ve already taken away a good chunk of the “not for the faint of heart” crowd from the brutal violence we saw with the two other adventurers that were slaughtered. The audience you’ve retained, they’ll likely be able to handle what’s coming. But to go that far within 10 minutes of the first episode? That was absolutely unnecessary.

I don’t blame the creators of the show for this. I fully blame Crunchyroll for not warning their consumer base ahead of time. This goes beyond parental controls, this is content that grown adults still wouldn’t have the stomach for, whether it was in Episode 1 or Episode 192. To me, this shows that Crunchyroll needs a rating system, or a warning system for episodes that feature extreme content. We can collectively discuss what that is, but there’s no doubt in my mind that this episode of Goblin Slayer certainly constitutes that. So let’s have that discussion.

But before I bid you adieu, let me address all the edgelords and your comments that I came across on Twitter after watching this episode. I’ll address the ones that ticked me off and show them here:

I’m not butthurt and I imagine most people like me aren’t either. We’re disgusted, because we watched an extremely brutal scene that while yes, it’s effective in what it does, show true evil and the realities of what a fantasy world like that could bring, a dark, grim and downright disgusting world, we had no idea it would be this harsh, this brutal. Not everyone does a ton of research into every anime, in fact I do almost zero when I start my first week of each season. I just look at the cover image and the brief description and go from there. Don’t tell me Goblin Slayer’s cover image gives you any idea of the level of violence committed in the show. We don’t all read manga or spend hours upon hours studying all of anime, stop acting like you’re above us.

Also, me personally, if I wanted to watch something more “realistic”, I wouldn’t be watching anime. I love anime because it’s beyond anything realistic.


I’ve completed as of the summer season, 214 pieces of content, whether it being TV series, films, etc.

If I’m getting worked up about this, it’s not tame, it’s not par for the course. Rape is not “pretty fucking tame” in non-hentai anime series, stop talking like it is. Not everyone watches every gore-infested show that comes out. And again, look at the cover image, that looks pretty fucking tame to me. The show isn’t.

Uh…the people who are “crying” about it being too hardcore aren’t going to watch it any further. But thanks for the heads up.

On another note, to all the people saying “If you can’t handle it, don’t watch it!” to people that are expressing their disgust with what they saw, can you at least take a moment to realize that it’s a little fucking late to say that? Of course we’re not going to watch it any further because we can’t handle it, that’s kind of what you do in that scenario. I’m not going to suddenly turn this show on again, thinking it couldn’t possibly do it again, that would be fucking insane of me.

When I told people that if they didn’t like what Dead or Alive: Xtreme 3 was doing, don’t buy it. They were trying to get the game banned from North America and succeeded. From what I’ve seen online with Twitter and Reddit, no one’s calling for this show to be taken off the air, they’re merely displaying their disgust of what they saw. You seem to like its brutal nature, so wouldn’t it jazz you up more than people can’t handle it, thus proving how brutal it is?

Anyways, I’m done venting. Let me know what you think on the issue. Cheers!

17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Goblin Slayer’s Rape Scene”

  1. (Little spoilers for the first episode) I watched this episode not knowing anything about the level of violence or rape. I loved it. Not because of it’s “edginess”, but because of the fact that it made me feel disgusted, uncomfortable, and hatred towards the goblins. I think that’s what they were going for. Its the disgusting and cruel nature of the goblins. I also think I prefer this presentation of rape over hentai’s romanticized version of it (although I’d rather have none of that, but I digress) because rape is disgusting no matter what. Even if you don’t know who is being attacked. Just like murder. And the whole point of view was from the main characters. You just met them and now they’re dead. I agree there should be a warning and a rating system. I also think that the cover art should reflect it’s content. I obviously know it’s not for everyone and that’s cool. I just felt like I should give my side of the argument.


    1. My argument on this episode was, is, and always will be that it went too far, too early. For unsuspecting viewers, there was no warning and the available material without detailed research showed something more akin to your standard isekai anime, not an extremely dark and violent show.

      Regardless of how the show intended to make you disgusted and shocked, it failed to do so in a meaningful manner, because there was no time to have any attachment to the characters, or hell, to even settle into the show’s world. To have a scene that brutal and graphic within 10 minutes of Episode 1 is no better than what hentai portrays, which I agree is also extremely disgusting. There wasn’t significant meaning behind it, despite what people have tried to explain to me. It was just there to be shocking and stomach churning and the people who endlessly made fun of people who looked at it as such, are despicable.


    2. I got pretty disturbed that i literally just did nothing but watch other youtube videos to try and make me forget this image.


  2. The timing of the rape/murders is actually what kept me interested in the show. I picked it up because a friend had liked it and I was ready for a slightly dark fantasy romp and I wasn’t expecting this. I loved the shock. It made me uncomfortable and disgusted, and I think for me that was its selling point. I like shows that make me feel that way on occasion.

    That said streaming services definitely should have had some kind of content warning from the start. They have a message at the beginning of Goblin Slayer now, but I would much prefer some kind of rating system like films have? Ex. “This show contains graphic violence, sexual violence, nudity” etc. That way you can judge whether or not the “violent content” is content you’d be put off by (perhaps for some people that’s sexual violence or suicide) or content you wouldn’t mind seeing.


    1. Thanks for letting me know they put a warning up. On viewing it, I don’t think it’s quite what I’m looking for. I think something like a warning message that comes up before the video starts playing and asks you to confirm whether or not you’re okay with continuing, that’s the correct way.

      If you click play and it asks you one more time if you want to click play, that’ll make you think. A “viewer discretion is advised” message is part of every show with any amount of violence.

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  3. The scene is rather gruesome and if you know nothing about the series then boy oh boy are you in for a ride in that first episode. Personally it wasn’t what I expected, I wouldn’t say it’s tame in general but people had me thinking it would be some off the walls type of scene like I could think of things that would be worse than that. Maybe it’s because I deal with gruesome scenes in fiction and just not care if I’m not invested into the character or just brush it off in general because I just can’t find frictional events remotely disturbing (and I’m like do whatever when it comes to it).

    You’re spot on about it needing a warning. Tbh the decision yo throw it in the first episode seems stupid all around. It made it seem like it was mainly for shock value (which it probably was for) and it would turn quite a few people away. You’d think a scene like this would be saved for later. I don’t necessarily agree with saving til after people realize that it ain’t for the faint of heart. this might show my writing style but if I were the dude that wrote this show I would’ve let people get attached to cast, mention that goblins kidnap women from villages, they’re barbaric, vile, you know slowly and subtlety build them up to be evil. Then I’d send them on this misson to the cave, it would show that shit’s gotten real plus I like the idea of works that kind of pull a 180 and go from nice and pleasant to dark and gritty.


    1. It’s hard to have any reaction aside from disgust when you don’t have time to have any attachment to what you’re watching. And why would I ever just watch something to be disgusted. There’s a reason I don’t watch LiveLeak videos.

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  4. Great post! I agree with everything you said here. I knew nothing about this show going in and would have liked a warning.

    Crunchyroll needs to add a warning to this show and others that have rape and other heavy subjects in it. There’s no excuse not to have one by now.

    I look forward to your next review of this show. 🙂


    1. Unfortunately, I’m not good at stomaching that level of content, so I never finished the full episode and have decided not to continue the show. If there had been a warning like I said Crunchyroll should have, I wouldn’t have watched the show in the first place.

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  5. I’m going to say I loved the episode, but I went in having read the light novel and knew exactly where that scene was going and what will happen later in the story (so the light at the end of the tunnel). For me, this is less disturbing than the content most hentai shows will throw at me, because of the fantasy setting and the fact that the adventurers faced a peril while adventuring in a goblin cave. I have no fear of ever walking into that situation so the violence is removed for me (I get other viewers won’t see it that way). Whereas, hentai settings sometimes have very real world parallels and that can leave me feeling a little queasy so I tend to avoid watching anime labelled as hentai.

    But I actually fully and 100% agree with you that the lack of warning on services streaming this is a major concern. I do not believe that people should not be allowed to create stories like this or that people shouldn’t be allowed to watch them but I absolutely believe that consumers should be able to make an informed choice before the viewing of something and not mid-way through. If the warning and labels are clear and you watch anyway, then you kind of get what you asked for.
    After the episode I actually looked around on Crunchyroll to see if there was any kind of tag or advisory anywhere connected to this show. As far as I could see there wasn’t, and that concerns me quite a bit.


    1. And that’s the thing, right? I don’t take issue with the show itself and obviously hentai crosses those lines worse than Goblin Slayer ever did. The difference is that for most people, when you turn on a hentai movie, you’re at least taking into account the possibility that a rape may occur, assuming you didn’t check the tags on the video already. If you’re going in blind to a hentai, you know there’s a chance a rape may occur. But if you were going in blind to Goblin Slayer, you would’ve assumed there was a 0% chance of that happening.

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