Week # 1 – Fall Anime 2018

Week # 1 has arrived with the 2018 summer anime season. What’s in store this week?!

Just like every week, I’ll be watching my selected shows for the season and giving my brief feelings on the episode, along with things I liked and things I didn’t like. So let’s get a’watchin’!

NOTE: There’s a new format coming with the weeklies this season. For a little more information and reasoning behind this change, you can check out my post from Friday here.


Between the Sky and Sea (Ep.1)


  • The concept itself sounds like the dumbest thing ever. No more fish on Earth so now they have space fish tanks. And when they allow women the right to space fish too, the first six are all moe teenagers. This show is either going to be amazing or absolute garbage.
  • The other odd thing I’m noticing is that even though they have more rockets than ever it would seem and they have fucking fish tanks in space, technology doesn’t look any different.
  • I’m hoping this show doesn’t suck now, only because I’m already falling for Makoto.
  • It’s a little dumb seeing the inherent sexism against women in this venture. I mean we know it’s not in the past, so this kind of crap isn’t really believable.
  • The show’s humour and light-heartedness is infectious but man oh man are the over complicating things with the ships, rocket pods, God app and all this other stuff.
  • As annoying as Haru can be, she can also be extremely hilarious too.

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 2/5 | Design – 3/5 | Comedy – 4/5 | TBD








DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year- (Ep.1)


  • This is really the first heavily blatant yaoi anime I’ve ever watched. And admittedly it’s a little uncomfortable. Not because it’s yaoi, but because it’s very much the same level of discomfort I got from Citrus. It’s the initial psuedo-rape that really set me off and continues to do so as the show basically goes from 1 to 10,000 in an instant.
  • It’s also the idea that we have no knowledge of what Takato’s sexual interests are, as he fully admits that Junta stole his first kiss (HOW IS THAT HIS FIRST THOUGH?!!!), thus there’s no history of his sexuality. So for him to go from nothing to letting a guy presumably fuck him is insanely fast!
  • Aside from that though, the show has a certain charm to it. The two work well together and it’s sort of an interest dynamic between the two battling it out to be on top, which if Junta wins means he’ll get to be on top in another way, but y’know…
  • However, because of the discomfort, I’m doing the same thing I did after episode 1 of Citrus, I’m putting it on notice. And it’s almost a mirror image, as I actually liked the main character of that show, much how I like Takato as one of two leads.
  • It’s also REALLY bothering me how they have the neck drawn with lines along it. That requires docked points.

Interest – 3/5 | Writing – 3/5 | Design – 2/5 | Comedy – 3/5 | Ecchi – HOLY SHIT!!!(5)/5





Frankenstein Family (Ep.1)


  • NOTE: This show appears to have already aired and Crunchyroll is just putting it up. As of right now they have 10/12 episodes up. Because this just randomly appeared, I thought it’d be a show to add to the weeklies anyway. So I’ll watch one episode per week.
  • There’s a massive slice of life vibe to this show, though it also comes with the dysfunctional family trope AND also has no parents to be found. So there’s also that struggle that at times during the episode I wasn’t enjoying too much.
  • Snow looks like a more adult Hope from Final Fantasy XIII. That’s VERY ironic.
  • Ashise is an over-exaggeration of how my girlfriend loves the little things. She totally agrees.

Interest – 4/5 | Writing – 2/5 | Design – 4/5 | Comedy – 2/5 | TBD





Goblin Slayer (Ep.1)


  • I’ve heard stories before watching this episode of how things really start here. I’m worried that it ain’t going to be pretty…
  • Well that didn’t take long. So they aren’t skipping out on the violence. This is already really uncomfortable for me.
  • NOPE! Rape angle, I’m out! I’ve watched Grimgar and it’s grim, this is downright brutal for the sake of being edgy. Fuck right off!
  • NOTE: Because of this show and the reactions I’m reading online, this is something I’m going to have to address, either in a video or a blog post. Haven’t decided yet. But stay tuned!


Himote House (Ep.1)


  • The animation is painful…
  • And I gave up after 3 minutes. My eyes hurt, the show is literally random as fuck and reminds me way too much of Tesagure, which is notoriously one of the few shows I ever rated a 1.


Jingai-san no Yome (Ep.1)


  • The hair and eyes of the main character hurt my eyes.
  • The OP for this anime is EXTREMELY catchy…
  • Wait…that was the episode?! I didn’t look to see that it was a 3-minute short. There was nothing there?!!!
  • I’m tempted to drop this show just on the basis that it literally gives you nothing as a first impression. But I’m so weirded out by what the show is (and the OP was really good), so I feel like I have to see one more episode, just for the sake of curiosity.

Interest – 4/5 | Writing – 1/5 | Design – 2/5 | TBD | TBD


Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighbourhood (Ep.1)


  • Oh good, a supernatural loli yuri anime!
  • The longer this anime goes, the more I wonder where everyone’s parents are. They’re acting like these girls who look like they’re 12 are grown adults.
  • I’m waiting for the comedy to come. Beyond the moe, there honestly isn’t that much here.
  • This show is going to be passable by a lot of moe lovers here, but I don’t see much potential in this at all. Going to give it one more episode to see what it does now that they’ve established things, but I’m not expecting much. The girls are too young and it’s very creepy (not even counting Akari herself) how hard they’re playing the yuri angle with these girls.

Interest – 2/5 | Writing – 2/5 | Design – 3/5 | Comedy – 2/5 | Moe – 4/5








Radiant (Ep.1)


  • This show sounds cliche as fuck, so it needs to really do something cool in this first episode.
  • Well…the OP music is really good…
  • It’s actually pretty light-hearted and not insulting in the way it’s selling Seth as a character. He’s not your typical shounen character that I usually get immediately turned off by

Interest – 2/5 | Writing – 4/5 | Design – 4/5 | Comedy – 4/5 | Action – 3/5





Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (Ep.1)


  • I’m identifying with Sakuta. He’s like the bitter part of me through high school, watching everyone act like their shit doesn’t stink, when in reality it smells worse than the sewage below.
  • It’s really strange how they’re having this other story of Mai being unable to be seen on certain days is VERY odd. I wonder if this will actually be explained?
  • This show as I watch further has great potential. The low-key nature of the show’s characters really make the show stand out.
  • So it would appear there’s definitely something paranormal going on with this show. Mai being invisible to people at times, both Sakuta and Kaede getting injuries from things they didn’t see. It’s very curious.
  • NOTE: For now, I’m using the ‘Mystery’ tag as one of the grades. This may not last, depending on how the show goes.

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 4/5 | Design – 4/5 | Comedy – 4/5 | Mystery – 5/5





Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san (Ep.1)


  • This animation is very off-putting, but is less shit and more late-night Toonami
  • It’s weird as fuck…I can’t tell if I like it, or I don’t know what I’m watching.
  • Loved the School-Live! reference
  • The BL half of the episode seems like a nightmare…

Interest – 2/5 | Writing – 4/5 | Design – 3/5 | Comedy – 4/5 | TBD





Space Battleship TIRAMISU Zwei (Ep.1)


  • Against my better judgment, I decided to take a peek at this show’s second season, despite it getting really bad towards the end. And honestly? This wasn’t that bad.
  • Subaru’s himself again, completely fucked in the head when not in his cockpit. Isuzu is about the same, unfortunately, still an annoying brat kind of guy.
  • Interested to see what their father is like, now that we’re starting to see him.

Interest – 2.5/5 | Writing – 3/5 | Design – 4/5 | Comedy – 3/5 | TBD


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Ep.1)


  • Y’know, other shows where the guy dies and ends up in the world, it’s unusual for the person to die a hero…well and also become a slime.
  • The 8-bit music in this show is making me so nostalgic and happy!
  • The absolute silliness of this show is as infectious as the show is confusing at this point.
  • Oh my fucking god, the dragon’s a tsundere!
  • I’m admittedly a little disappointed that this slime hasn’t met anyone human at this point.

Interest – 4/5 | Writing – 3/5 | Design – 4/5 | Comedy – 4/5 | TBD








Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight (Ep.1)


  • I like the vibes I get from the show. It’s funny, cute, serious, grim and everything in between.
  • OMG, the fairies!!!
  • I feel like they ran through a lot of the story way too fast…but if it means we get more time between Episodes 2 and 12, I’m all for it.
  • Um…how did he go seven years trying to make an elixir and not realizing it?

Interest – 3/5 | Writing – 3/5 | Design – 4/5 | Action – 3/5 | TBD





UzaMaid! (Ep.1)


  • You know this show has my attention when I don’t type a thing until after it’s over.
  • Of course there’s a dead parent involved in this story.
  • Good lord the over-the-top pervertedness of Tsubame is amazing!
  • She and Misha are gelling so goddamn well. Gonna be real hard to keep these two from losing the Best Duo/Couple Award this year at this rate.

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 5/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 5/5 | TBD | *-1 point for dead parents*





Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary (Ep.1)


  • Right off the bat, I’m getting vibes of past action anime that I drop the first episode because it starts a major conflict without explaining anything to the audience.
  • I’m not understanding the flashbacks. They appear like they’re supposed to mean something, but I have zero information to go on.
  • All right, I’m done. I lost absolute focus when the girl just gets attacked by a “snake demon” that suddenly exists and she falls into a hole where she seems to gain some sort of power that summons something to fight the demon and…oh my god I’m so lost and uninterested.


Zombieland Saga (Ep.1)


  • Jesus H. Fucking Christ the intro! If this show ends up being terrible, I’m going to be so disappointed!
  • So all the girls are zombies? Got it.
  • And they’re going to be idols somehow? Okay.

Interest – 4/5 | Writing – 3/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 4/5 | TBD





3 thoughts on “Week # 1 – Fall Anime 2018”

  1. I almost have to laugh see everyone have the same thoughts about Space Battleship… More like a why am I watching this but I can’t stop watching it…

    Also the other 3 minutes short… WTF ha. So people are married to these creatures? I don’t know if I want to watch episode 2 but I’m not sure what kind of world has this crap going on.


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