You May Be Seeing More Written Posts Here Again

If you’ve been here a while, you were probably surprised by my Goblin Slayer article that popped up yesterday. “Whaaaaaat?! A post other than his anime weeklies?!”, you might have said. An excellent question you marvelous genius, you. Well, apart from me being absolutely livid after watching that episode and the reactions online thereafter, my ability to post more content on the blog is about to change. For how long? Well…I’m not sure.

The gist of things is that my work shift has changed to a shift that takes me later into the evenings and it can be quite dead on some nights. And given that my department has a nice cushy little office for us to do all our paperwork, I have a computer capable of helping me get through the really dead nights that will surely come. And while I’d love to fill it with YouTube videos, podcasts and other lovely things, it’s too loud in the building for audio and putting headphones on isn’t an option.

So what better thing to do in order to keep my sanity, than to have a reason to finally get off my lazy weeb ass and post some more stuff on here?! So that’s the goal now, with the extra time here, I should be able to post an extra article or two here every week, maybe even one a day if there’s enough to talk about. I don’t know if I’ll limit it to any certain amount of subjects, it’ll probably just be things I want to vent about, whether positive or negative.

What I really don’t know is how long this will last and that’s the key part. This could go for months and months, this could only last a couple weeks, who knows. I have no idea how long this shift I’m on will last, as it’s a test shift and there’s also the possibility (which I’m worried about) of them trying to train me in another department so if it’s deathly quiet, there’s somewhere else I can be useful. Good thing I have zero skills when it comes to running large pieces of machinery!

So yeah, hopefully I’ll have more stuff for you guys as things move forward. Couple that with me still trying to find an apartment of my own and that will hopefully give me the ability to make more video content and especially livestreams on my channel, which I’ve been wanting to do consistently forever.


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