Week # 8 – Fall Anime 2018

Week # 8 has arrived with the 2018 summer anime season. What’s in store this week?!

Just like every week, I’ll be watching my selected shows for the season and giving my brief feelings on the episode, along with things I liked and things I didn’t like. So let’s get a’watchin’!


Merc StoriA: The Apathetic Boy and the Girl in a Bottle (Ep.7)


  • I should’ve put the show on notice last week, but I’ll say it now, if this arc is just as boring by the end as the last one was, I’m dropping the show. It can’t be this boring two times in a row and get away with it now.
  • I think what really has done this show no favours is that it had such a good start with really interesting and fun characters and then brushed them aside as they moved to a new arc. Meneraiah through the fairy arc, the mayor that turned out to be a boy in I believe the second episode, they were fun to watch and then they all left. Since the fairy arc, each episode fails to deliver the same feeling and especially hasn’t produced a single character I’ve remotely gravitated towards.
  • I’ll be honest here. The main cast does almost nothing and that’s why the great side characters really pushed the show. Yuu is boring, Merc gets old really quick. Toto is cute, but a mascot character doesn’t drive a show. The main cast isn’t much to begin with, so when the side characters are even worse, the show is held to the lowest quality possible. 
  • A show like 18if had a similar setup. The main character wasn’t interesting at all, it was the short arcs and characters within them that pushed things forward. This show managed to do that for the first few episodes, but now it has not only failed, but failed tremendously. I honestly don’t have any drive to watch the show, it’s more like I’m forcing myself to do it. So you know what that means…

Interest – 1/5 | Writing – 1/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 1/5 | Cuteness – 3/5


My Sister, My Writer (Ep.7)


  • Apparently there’s no episode this week. Uh-oh.

Interest – N/A | Writing – N/A | Design – N/A | Comedy – N/A | Ecchi – N/A


Radiant (Ep.8)


  • God damn it, those dumbass sorcerers are back. The Bravery Quartet.
  • And their underwear is magical? Of course it is.
  • So we learn the reason Seth power isn’t working properly is because he thinks his gloves are where his Fantasia gathers, when in reality, he’s one of few who uses his bare hands, thus labeled a heretic. So Alma protected him by giving him gloves to wear.
  • Poor Doc. I’d feel sorry for him, but he’s kinda a bit of a prick…

Interest – 4/5 | Writing – 4/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 3/5 | Action – 3/5


Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (Ep.8)


  • We’re gonna need a Futaba bath counter at this rate…
  • Why is it always raining heavily when you need to chase after someone?
  • It’s amusing watching both Futabas say there’s only room for one of them, when it’s so obvious that they are each half of one Futaba. One leaving would eliminate part of what makes her special.
  • [21:52] I thought she was calling Kunimi, not herself. Damn that came out of nowhere.
  • So with Futaba done now, I imagine we’re now back to Shoko? I’m already guessing the last few episodes will deal with Kaede, as her problem isn’t gone either.
  • [Post-Credits] Who the fuck is the blonde girl?!

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 4/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 3/5 | Drama – 3/5


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Ep.8)


  • Well, Rimuru’s got his human form now.
  • I will admit, it’s a little bit of a throw off how emotional the three adventurers are about Shizu. For all we know, they’ve known each other about a week at most. 
  • We basically had an entire episode that ended the life and then mourned a character we’ve known for what? 3-4 episodes? Don’t get me wrong, I like Shizu, but this is the type of episode you throw for a character who has been around a loooooooooooooot longer.
  • So…new villain? Can’t say I have any reason to have feelings about him. 

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 2/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 1/5 | Action – N/A


UzaMaid! (Ep.8)


  • We got robbed from having swimsuit Tsubame and Midori…
  • I knew Tsubame somehow had Misha’s underwear. No one’s getting close enough to stealing those under her watch.
  • Now Tsubame’s missing underwear, I was sure it was Midorin. But the hamsters being the culprits was definitely funnier.

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 4/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 4/5 | Moe – 4/5 | 


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