Week # 9 – Fall Anime 2018

Week # 9 has arrived with the 2018 summer anime season. What’s in store this week?!

Just like every week, I’ll be watching my selected shows for the season and giving my brief feelings on the episode, along with things I liked and things I didn’t like. So let’s get a’watchin’!


My Sister, My Writer (Ep.7)


  • It’s very obvious that with the problems the show is having, the quality is dropping even further. 
  • I think at this point too, I’m already drawn towards dropping the show, as the episodes have been getting worse and the stink around the show is prevalent.
  • As this episode comes to a close, nothing changed. Though I’m not sure there’s anything this show could’ve done to save itself. The content just isn’t there, the initial interest I had is gone now that they’ve shown they had nothing in their hand. Shame.

Interest – 1/5 | Writing – 1/5 | Design – 1/5 | Comedy – 1/5 | Ecchi – 2/5


Radiant (Ep.9)


  • It was nice to see how Dragunov isn’t a total villain and is actually pretty likable, especially compared to other Inquisitors.
  • See…now the next time they all face off again, I won’t know who to cheer for.
  • I know I didn’t write much, but I really enjoyed this episode.

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 5/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 3/5 | Action – 3/5


Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (Ep.9)


  • Completely zoned out of typing for this review.
  • I really identified with this episode. The whole “my sibling gets more praise than me” angle really hit hard with me.
  • The show keeps finding unique problems that I don’t expect. Mai disappearing, time not passing, two Futabas, now body switching. 
  • I wonder what’s in that cabinet…

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 4/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 2/5 | Drama – 4/5


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Ep.9)


  • I got completely lost in the episode that I forgot to write anything here as it was happening.
  • We’re starting to see the extent of Rimuru’s power, yet I feel like we’re nowhere near serious Rimuru yet. I don’t think he’s even remotely tapped into Veldora’s power yet.
  • The scene where Rimuru was checking out his body double may be the funniest moment all season.
  • Based on the cover image, I imagine the ogres are the other key piece of the party with Rimuru. Basically the entire picture is Rimuru, Shizu, goblins and ogres.

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 4/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 5/5 | Action – 4/5


UzaMaid! (Ep.9)


  • Well, we know Kumagoro values his life more than Misha’s, leaving her when that maid could strike.
  • ISN’T TSUBAME A GODDAMN JSDF SOLDIER?!!! I was sure she’d just find him instantly.
  • Ah, so it was Yui’s sister that took him.
  • Then the second half is Yui-central as well. Booooooo.

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 2/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 2/5 | Moe – 4/5 | 



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