Week # 11 – Fall Anime 2018

Week # 11 has arrived with the 2018 summer anime season. What’s in store this week?!

Just like every week, I’ll be watching my selected shows for the season and giving my brief feelings on the episode, along with things I liked and things I didn’t like. So let’s get a’watchin’!


Radiant (Ep.11)


  • Zoned out, that’s a first for this show!
  • They’re finally going out and doing quests, which means we’re finally seeing some arcs forming. Grimm being the first to really have a mystique about them.
  • I’m shocked during all this, pissed off Melie didn’t come out, especially when Mister Boobrie was smacking the shit out of her.

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 4/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 4/5 | Action – 4/5


Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (Ep.11)


  • The progress with Sakuta and Mai’s relationship is super adorable. They’re such a good couple.Kaede’s finally making progress! That line though, “whoever marries Big Brother will get Kaede too.”, that’s hilarious. Cause y’know there’s weebs who would go gay just for a shot at Kaede.
  • [14:10] Are those markings on Kaede new, or the old ones resurfacing?
  • [21:10] I don’t remember if I have all year, but if that’s the case, this is the first time I’ve near-cried all year. Why did something so trivial work here? Because they played the scenario for 11 episodes and made every character important, lovable and gave enough rope for us to attach ourselves to and become a part of it.
  • However, our journey with her isn’t over. An old classmate appears and Kaede doesn’t remember her. That’s when Sakuta tells us that along with all the horrible markings Kaede got, it’s very likely her version of Puberty Syndrome erased her memories of those years, because they were so hard on her.

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 5/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 4/5 | Drama – 5/5 | +1 for making me nearly cry


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Ep.11)


  • Naturally two girls have to fight over a slime who transforms into a genderless (though feminine) human. And of course one of them is bad at cooking.
  • I’m loving Gabiru way too much.
  • Gobta can now go Super Saiyan so he doesn’t have to eat Shion’s cooking.
  • So it appears that at least for now, the goal is to kill the Orc Lord. I imagine with us only being at the halfway point, this won’t be the rest of the series, rather a stepping stone to the Demon Lord that affected Shizu.

Interest – 5/5 | Writing – 4/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 5/5 | Action – 3/5


UzaMaid! (Ep.11)


  • That’s not fair, showing Misha and her mother together. They’re so cute that it once again makes me hate the dead parent trope.
  • I actually enjoyed Yui this episode. They relaxed a little bit on her annoying shenanigans.
  • So was Misha legit going to throw her two friends aside because they accidentally went in her mother’s room? Sensing that, Tsubame took the hit for them? Real talk, why didn’t Misha get some therapy after her mom passed? It’s not like they couldn’t afford it.

Interest – 4/5 | Writing – 2/5 | Design – 5/5 | Comedy – 2/5 | Moe – 3/5 | 


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