The WWE Roster 2019 – Who Stays, Who Goes?

As we reach the end of 2018, it’s time to take a look at the entire roster and see where everyone stands. Should they get a bigger role, should they be knocked down a peg, should they be called up, or should they be let go?

I’m going to take every single person in the company that is an on-air talent (not counting referees) and give a brief feeling I have on them and say what I think would be best for the WWE product when it comes to that person. In some cases, I’ll want someone to get pushed a bit more, in other cases I’ll want them to have a lesser role. Maybe it’s someone in NXT who needs to be called up to main roster, maybe it’s someone on the main roster who needs to be let go, either to get more experience elsewhere, or to be gone completely. I will try to specify as best I can with each of them.

Note: In some cases, I’ll have tag teams grouped together, rather than as individuals. Some tag teams have zero singles experience.

And obviously Shane and Stephanie aren’t going to be listed because, well…come on.

So…here we go!


Alexa Bliss – Has done wonders for the women’s division pre-Ronda Rousey. Now with Ronda on RAW, Alexa is in real trouble of not being a credible contender for the title. With rumours however that Ronda might be moved to Smackdown via Fox’s request, perhaps she’ll be able to return to form. But assuming that’s not the case, I think a brand change is needed for Alexa. Being on the same show as Ronda is hurting her tremendously.
– Move to Smackdown

Alicia Fox – She’s been in the company since 2006 and on the main roster since 2008. Hasn’t held the championship since 2010 when it was still the Divas Championship and honestly, hasn’t been a contender much since. She is long past her expiration date, especially now considering the overwhelming crop of new female talent that is far better than her in the ring. Contracted for 12 years? She’s had more than a good run.
– Future Endeavoured

Apollo Crews – Continues to be an absolute letdown for me. Should’ve been far greater than he’s been in the company, part of it has to do with the terrible booking he received since being brought up to the main roster, part of it however also has to do with the fact that he hasn’t found his voice at all. Even as a part of Titus Worldwide, it just hasn’t clicked. I think that perhaps it’s time for Uhaa Nation to return to being a forever indie talent, cause he’s just not working out in this environment.
– Future Endeavoured 

Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) – They could’ve worked out, but they were dead on arrival when they debuted on the main roster and looked way too much like discount Road Warriors. They had talent, but they’ve been burned so bad there’s no saving them.
– Future Endeavoured

Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar) – These guys should have been killers since day one and instead their debut was destroyed with them (for some reason we’ll never know) dropping Paul Ellering as their manager and then fading into obscurity until their recent resurgence with 205 Live General Manager, Drake Maverick. From what I understand, Paul Ellering had no input on his absence from the tag team, which is ultimately what’s killed these guys dead. As much as I like Maverick on 205 Live, he’s not working here at all. Originally I thought maybe sending these guys back down to NXT would work, but given the list of tag teams in the wings already down there, maybe these guys just weren’t destined to work out in the company at all.
– Future Endeavoured

Baron Corbin – I really thought he’d be a lot better on the main roster, I really did. But my god they turned him into a giant puss. I’d say more about him, but honestly there’s so many better looking and better talented big men waiting for their chance in NXT, it’s time to cut bait on the failure of a RAW General Manager. It’s painful now.
– Future Endeavoured

Bayley – Wow did we all get her wrong, eh? “There’s no way they could fuck up Bayley!”, we should’ve known better. She’s still got the talent and the look that got her so over in NXT, but the writing was never there for her. What made her a star in NXT? She was the ultimate underdog, she fought and fought and fought but could never finish on the big stage. Her run before finally beating Sasha Banks for the NXT Women’s Championship was essentially a year in the making. They need to recapture that magic with her. Have her get “injured” and be out for a couple months and then restart the path with her. Then maybe we’ll see Bayley have her WrestleMania moment.
– Take her off TV for a few months and restart her story.

‘B’ Team (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel) – We’ve gone through enough gimmicks with these two to know that it’s just not working out. Honestly? The best thing for them, is to be jobbers for upcoming talent. They’re generational talent, you can find use for them in the company somewhere. Hell, with Bo Dallas’ old “motivator” gimmick, maybe he could work as a manager? All you gotta do is Bo-lieve.
– Jobbers

Bobby Lashley – I’m not even going to sugarcoat this. He shouldn’t have been brought back into the company. He was never a good talent in the company, he’s just a bodybuilder type that Vince has a hard-on for. Black hole of charisma, terrible in the ring, even with Lio Rush mouthing off, it just isn’t working and never will. Buh-bye!
– Future Endeavoured

Bobby Roode – Bobby’s been a weird one. I don’t have any issue with them debuting him as a face, it made sense as the fans were going to welcome him with that entrance music. But given that he’s much better off as a pompous dickhead, I think a heel turn is in order. That guy should be a veteran workhorse for the Intercontinetal or United States Championship.
– Heel Turn

Braun Strowman – We’re starting to see now just how limited Braun really is. The company ultimately failed to capitalize on Braun surging popularity, as naturally the company was too busy trying to push Roman Reigns down our throat for the umpteenth time. Now? Braun just isn’t firing on all cylinders anymore, especially with the recent booking of him getting beaten down like he’s an underdog character. He’s the Monster Among Men, there’s nothing “underdog” about him. Get your shit together on this guy, WWE! He should be killing motherfuckers!
– Heel Turn

Bray Wyatt – I honestly don’t know what to do with Bray. He’s talented enough that they shouldn’t release him, but what the hell are they supposed to do with him now?! They can’t just bring the Wyatt Family back together again, no one cares. He needs to come back and re-invent himself, otherwise he’s forever going to be a midcard talent that gets little reaction apart from the cell phone flashlights in the crowd.
– Re-package

Brock Lesnar – At this point, Lesnar honestly should’ve been gone from the company so he could pursue one more run in the UFC. But because WWE put all their eggs in the Roman Reigns basket and the basket turned out to have cancer, well that just screwed everything up, didn’t it? Ultimately, until the company can get a few more people pushed to Main Event levels of popularity, they kind of need Lesnar now, just for the name recognition. 
– Stand Pat; Until new talent can take his place.

Chad Gable – Absolutely wasted potential, they broke up American Alpha way too soon and for what? A terrible “My Black Son” gimmick with Kurt Angle? Why didn’t they just move them both to RAW and have Kurt mentor another Team Angle? Gable still has everything he needs to be a star, but he’s kind of in no man’s land right now. It doesn’t help that Jason Jordan is on hiatus due to a neck injury and may not be back at all. They need to either find him another partner he can work with, or they need to start giving the guy a singles push. For now, he’s currently listed online at 202 lbs, plop him into 205 Live to get some work with the best promotion in terms of match quality right now.
– Move to 205 Live

Curt Hawkins – We have enough guys who can play a jobber role and are better in the ring than Curt. Never should’ve been back, let’s just cut bait and be done with it.
– Future Endeavoured

Dana Brooke – She’s been around long enough, showed that she doesn’t have much talent unless she works with someone who can wrestle with anybody. If she had decent in-ring skills, a girl of her body type could’ve done wonders in the company, but she just isn’t cut out for this level.
– Future Endeavoured

Dean Ambrose – Untouchable. Finally giving him a chance to work heel, I just hope they let him be a little more unchained like he was in NXT.
– Stand Pat

Dolph Ziggler – The eternal “release him so he can work in New Japan!” guy, Dolph honestly appears at this point to be a guy who’s happy making the money he’s making and doesn’t need to prove himself any further. It sucks cause most wrestling fans see so much more in him and some still do. But he’s seemingly going to be a forever company guy and be one of the guys who makes the up and comers look good. Well, he’s certainly a good fit in that role.
Stand Pat

Drew McIntyre – I honestly don’t get the hate for this guy. He has the look, he has the in-ring ability and his voice carries a badass weight to it. Quit getting so held up in the Scottish accent, he has done the time in the indies, he’s earned the chance to be pushed to the Upper Midcard, if not the Main Event level.
Stand Pat

Elias – I cannot believe he’s worked out as well as he has. He found his voice on the main roster and has become a fan favourite. He may not be the best in the ring, but so long as they don’t give him the Main Event treatment, he’ll be fine as a guy fighting for the IC/US Title. Could be a great tag team guy as well, given the right partner.
 Stand Pat

Ember Moon – Only a matter of time before she gets her push. Very gifted in the ring, has a cool-looking gimmick and music to boot. Couple that with quite possible the best finisher in WWE, let alone just the women and she should be a fixture atop the women’s division for the next 5 years, if not more.
 Stand Pat

Fashion Police (Fandango & Tyler Breeze) – Need a jobber tag team that the fans will still pop for? You’ve got them right here. It’s a shame that Tyler didn’t end up being what we thought he might’ve been, a Mr. Perfect level midcarder with a great pay-per-view gimmick, but alas not all things work out they way we think they will. They’ll be here as long as they want to be at this point.
Stand Pat

Finn Balor – I want to say so badly that this is WWE’s fault, that it’s booking. It honestly isn’t, it was the bad timing of Finn’s injury after winning the Universal Championship. He got the push and then got hurt, so they’re holding back on him now. Maybe in 2019 he gets the push he deserves? Man oh man can you imagine a WrestleMania entrance from the demon? Side note…he need a heel run where he can’t control the demon. Also the demon needs to wrestle a lot more different than sexy abs man Finn does without the bodypaint. Maybe a move to Smackdown as well?
Stand Pat

Goldust – Guy’s gonna retire soon, I imagine. He’s going to be a Hall of Famer and one of the most respected men in the company when he likely transitions into an agent or coach at the Performance Center. Guy’s a legend, let’s let him ride out into the sunset.
– Stand Pat; Likely will retire in 2019.

Heath Slater – Lovable jobber, need I say more? Can’t fire him, he’s got kids.
Stand Pat

Jinder Mahal – As much as I’d love to say it’s time to let him go, I think he still has a role as an asshole heel that debuting or returning babyfaces can have a feud with to get some good will on them. He got a face you just wanna punch. Can’t teach that.
 Stand Pat

Kevin Owens – Can’t wait for him (and Sami) to come back from injury. Hopefully he can stay healthy and have potentially another Main Event run, otherwise give him a long run at the top of the upper midcard. Guy is arguably the best talker in the company right now. And that ain’t my Canadian bias showing, folks.
 Stand Pat; Returning from injury.

Kurt Angle – I think it’s time for him to fade away from a consistent on-air role, unless it’s doing something with Gable and a new student to mentor as a Team Angle 2.0. Bring him back for a surprise Rumble entry, a WrestleMania match, whatever it may be, but I think his time as a weekly on-air talent is done.
– Legends Deal

Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik, Kallisto & Lince Dorado) – Pretty simple, put Kallisto and Dorado back on 205 Live where they belong and get rid of Metalik if they’re not going to do anything with him. Guy belongs at the top in Mexico.
– Kallisto & Dorado to 205 Live, Metalik Future Endeavoured; Needs to be somewhere he can be on top.

Mickie James – Mickie’s 39, so you have to imagine she’s in the tail end of her career. She can still go, but how long until the flood of new girls overtakes her? Could be a great mentor for these girls when she retires, don’t think it’ll be in 2019, but it’s possible. I’d let her stick around as long as she likes, so long as she can keep up.
Stand Pat

Mojo Rawley – How is this guy still in the company? He’s still terrible in the ring, looks ridiculous and his over-the-top hyped personality isn’t working with the fans. Begone!
 Future Endeavoured

Natalya – She’s got a job for life at this point, mixing her involvement with Total Divas, I don’t see that without some major controversy surrounding her that WWE would ever fire her at this point. She’s a Hart Dynasty member to boot, so she’s got clout.
Stand Pat

Nia Jax – The only reason I’m not letting her go right now is because you HAVE to finish a feud between her and Becky Lynch after that shoot punch. But once that feud is done, she’s gone. She’s not good in the ring at all and there are girls out there who can be “monster” women on the roster. See Viper aka Piper Niven in the Mae Young Classic for example.
Future Endeavoured; Post-Becky Lynch Feud

Paul Heyman – I hope he never leaves. The single best talker in the wrestling business today.
 Stand Pat

The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) – After seeing what they’ve been doing with the Lucha House Party, it’s pretty obvious that the creative team have no idea what they’re doing with one of the best tag teams on the planet right now. Honestly? Let ’em go and have them give us that epic match between them and the Young Bucks that we so desperately need.
Future Endeavoured (they deserve better)

Riott Squad (Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan) – Hard to call right now. I think between the two, Sarah is really struggling to catch on, while Liv at the very least has some credibility to her now since being courteous after being knocked out by Brie Bella’s “totally safe” kicks to the head. But if you put the gun to my head, there’s girls who could easily fill their spots. They got called up too soon.
Future Endeavoured

Ronda Rousey – Ronda is a weird case. She’s been amazing so far in her run, but that’s only when she faces talent that are at a high-level. We’ve seen some real rough matches with the lesser girls on the roster and they don’t look good at all. So it’s hard to say if Ronda’s really catching on, or if she’s being carried. Either way, she’s a star in the division regardless, there’s no moving her. We’ll see if she ends up moving to Smackdown.
 Stand Pat

Ruby Riott – This girl has more than earned a shot at moving up. She’s put on great singles matches when she has them and has done the best anyone could with two relatively green teammates in Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. She’s got a personality that works, she’s a solid hand in the ring, she’s earned her spot. Is she top-tier? That’s yet to be seen.
 Push for a Women’s Championship run

Sami Zayn – Same as Kevin Owens, waiting for him to come back from injury and we’ll hopefully see him resume his spot in the upper midcard either being an obnoxious douchebag or a friendly…obnoxious douchebag.
– Stand Pat

Samir & Sunil Singh – So long as Jinder’s in the company, keep ’em around. These guys also should be wrestling in 205 Live, get some in-ring action too.
Stand Pat

Sasha Banks – For starters, let’s hope she goes another full year without breaking her neck. Beyond that, she needs a legitimate heel run. Not this bullshit back and forth we’ve seen with Bayley, I’m talking a full speed ahead 100% Legit Boss heel run. Sasha capable of being the biggest bitch on the roster, let the girl go out and do her thing!
 Heel Turn

Seth Rollins – Untouchable. Should’ve been Universal Champion by now, but the Lesnar/Reigns bullshit prevented that. Guy has mega-babyface potential with the athleticism he has. The fans already love him, just pull the damn trigger already!
 Stand Pat


Titus O’Neil – Great ambassador for the company, can be a lot like what Togi Makabe is in New Japan, he’s becoming more known for what he’s doing outside of the ring than in the ring, but still has a match every so often. Except, y’know…Makabe’s still pretty good.
Stand Pat

Zack Ryder – Serviceable jobber, can say he had a run in his career, regardless of whether or not he was good enough in the ring to have it. He’s one of few who got over on his own, never needed the machine to push him. Let him earn his paycheck till he’s had enough.
Stand Pat


Aiden English – Still untapped talent, in my opinion. Guy has the ability to get himself over similar to how Damien Sandow got over. I think next year is going to be the last chance for him to show that talent though, otherwise it might be time to give him the boot. Let the guy flourish this 2019 and see what happens.
Stand Pat

AJ Styles – Untouchable. Put Smackdown on his back and carried it when it needed a leader. Is he the best hand in the company? No, but he’s certainly one of the most reliable they have. Hoping to see them actually do a Club reunion with Anderson & Gallows and maybe even Finn Balor? Either way, the guy is here until he wants to retire, I think at this point.
 Stand Pat

Anderson & Gallows – Speaking of which, these guys as we’ve seen on Ride Along have the talent to be fan favourites in the Tag Team division and that’s saying something when you’ve got the New Day and the Usos. These guys need a run with the belts in 2019 to get them back on track.
– Tag Team Title Run by Summer Slam

Andrade “Cien” Almas – What happened to that push we were supposed to see, eh? Maybe keep your eyes out for Almas during the Royal Rumble? Either way, he’s impressed since coming up to the main roster after finding his legs in NXT (and losing the suspenders) and becoming the Latino star that WWE is desperate for in the coming years. Fully expect him to hold the WWE Championship this year, unless a few major names move to Smackdown and divert attention away.
 Singles Push; Potential Rumble Win

Asuka – Speaking of what happened to her push, the Empress of Tomorrow should be due for a much better year in 2019 and her upcoming TLC match to cap off the year should show that she’s a name worthy of being at the top of the division along with Becky and Charlotte. Still remains my favourite woman in the company and probably will stay that way until she’s gone.
 Push towards a title run

Becky Lynch – DON’T. CHANGE. A FUCKING. THING! Let Stone Cold Becky Lynch do what she’s doing and leave her the fuck alone. She has broken through all the bad booking of the women’s division and not only has become the most popular woman, but the most popular wrestler in WWE right now.
Stand Pat

Big Show – Was not aware he was around still. He’s kind of becoming an ambassador for the company as he winds down to the end of his career, he’ll be a Hall of Famer and stay with the company as long as he wants. I feel like it’d be best for him to retire in 2019, but we’ll see what he thinks he can do still.
Stand Pat; Might retire in 2019.

Carmella – She had her chance, got a run with the belt she shouldn’t have had and with Enzo & Cass gone, there’s really no place with her. There’s far better girls down in NXT that can take her place, time to cut bait on the Staten Island Princess.
– Future Endeavoured

Cesaro – One of the best hands they have that I’m at the point of giving up hoping for him to get a good singles push. He’s a lot like Dolph Ziggler, the fans are begging for him to get a good run, but we all know it’s just not going to happen. But there’s no reason to let him go, so as long as he wants to be there, keep him, without question.
 Stand Pat

Charlotte Flair – Untouchable. The daughter of Ric Flair would be untouchable regardless of whether she was one of the best women in the company, but lucky for us, she is. I however don’t understand the rumours that WWE wants her to go face, when it’s very clear the fans want Becky and Charlotte is better as a heel anyways. It doesn’t matter what side of the fence she’s on anyways, the respect is always there from the fans.
– Heel Turn

Daniel Bryan – Looks like we’re getting the ol’ American Dragon for a while as he tries to find his footing again. Clearly the overwhelming love from the fans has worn off since his return, so a heel turn was in order. Isn’t it funny how he loses a little steam and the company turns him, but Roman never moved an inch? Expect an interesting run at least until WrestleMania, then we’ll see what happens.
– Stand Pat

Epico & Primo Colon – I didn’t know they were still here until Survivor Series. Why are they still here? If the WWE isn’t going to bring back Carlito, then get them outta here!
Future Endeavoured

Erick Rowan – Injured, but honestly, I think the time’s come for him. The Wyatt Family can’t be brought back together again, it’s just not going to work anymore. You can’t split guys up and keep bringing them back, the fans are bored of it. And between the three of them, Rowan is the least talented. There’s plenty of other big men in the company, they don’t need him anymore.
Future Endeavoured

The Iconics (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce) – Apart from being an Australian version of LayCool, these two really haven’t done well at all since being moved up to the main roster. They aren’t that great in the ring and they’re honestly just annoying on the mic. And I’m not talking heel heat kind of annoying, just plain annoying. Might be early, but I’d cut bait on these two.
– Stand Pat

Jeff Hardy – I keep wondering if he’s going to get that big singles run that he screwed himself out of the last time he was in the company. His return has been ‘meh’ at best, which is about what I thought it would be. It was a big WrestleMania moment seeing the two of them back, but honestly, time’s passed them by and in Jeff’s case, maybe it’s time to start looking at winding down soon. Maybe not in 2019, but soon.
– Stand Pat

Lana – Keep her with Rusev, but holy shit keep her out of the ring. She had her chance and she failed miserably.
Remove from in-ring action

Luke Harper – Also injured, but unlike Rowan, Harper has the talent to be a singles competitor and a good one at that. Should’ve kept things going when he was competing for the Intercontinental Title, but instead they thought putting him back with Rowan and adding giant hammers was the better option. Ugh.
Move back to singles action

Mandy Rose – She’s got the look, but don’t know if she’ll ever be good enough to be a credible champion. Then again, they gave Carmella the belt. I think she can be a useful heel for debuting women and ones also in need of a refresh towards a title run again.
Stand Pat

The Miz – Keeps showing himself to be one of the most dependable heels in the company, Miz is due for a title run. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Miz should be holding the title sometime next year. Whether it’s a Rumble win or Money in the Bank or whatever else, he 100% should win the belt by year’s end.
 WWE Title Run by end of year

Naomi – She’s in a real weird position, isn’t she? She’s not quite up there with the big names, but she’s not bad either. She stuck right in the middle and I’m not sure what to do with her. If there’s Women’s Tag Titles coming, then maybe that’ll be a good place for her, otherwise I’m honestly not sure. No reason to fire her, but she’s kind of in limbo at this point.
Stand Pat; Potential Tag Title Run?

The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) – Is 2019 the year they finally break up the New Day? It shouldn’t be, BECAUSE YOU DON’T NEED TO BREAK TEAMS UP FOR THEM TO HAVE SINGLES RUNS!!! Being the most powerful of the group, Big E should be moving into trying to get a singles title of his own and maybe keep Kingston and Woods as a tag team. Or hell, all three of them can go their own way, Big E for the WWE Title, Kofi for the IC Title and maybe Woods tries his luck in 205 Live?
Give Big E (maybe all three) a singles push

Paige – I liked Paige when she started out. I cannot stand Paige now. She has zero credibility as an authority figure, it clearly hasn’t worked, so it’s time to cut bait on her unless they can figure out something else she can do. But as much as it pains me to say it, once injuries caught up with her, she’s just not a useful body in the company anymore.
Future Endeavoured

R-Truth – He’s the most over jobber in the company, people still pop for him even though they know he ain’t winning that match. Keep the old man till he’s finally had enough, maybe be another 10 years the rate he’s going.
Stand Pat

Randy Orton – Keep him as is, he’s always been better as the vindictive, dickhead heel he was best known for in his Legend Killer days. Will he have a run with the belt in 2019? Honestly not sure, but it’s certainly possible.
– Stand Pat

Rey Mysterio – As happy as I am to see him back and in fantastic shape, I don’t know if I do too much with him. He’s an older guy and I think if we’re going to have a Latino champion, Almas is better suited for it now as the younger guy. Maybe give Rey-Rey an IC push, but I don’t think anything beyond that makes sense now.
 Stand Pat

Rusev – Man oh man, speaking of guys I have no idea what to do with now. Rusev’s great, there’s no doubting that, but his credibility to the fans is so scarred, I don’t know if you can save it to the point you could ever believe him making a WWE Title run. The guy’s kind of destined to be a midcarder the rest of his career, which sucks cause the talent is there. But creative kind of fucked him on this one.
– Stand Pat

Samoa Joe – I think it was a mistake to have him lose so many title opportunities to AJ Styles, much like Nakamura (I’ll get to him in a minute…), so he’s scarred a bit too. Needs a good six-month run of just dominating midcarders and upper midcarders so he’s a credible threat by the summer.
– Six-month domination of lesser talents

SANITY (Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, Killian Dain, Nikki Cross) – These four are kind of in wrestling limbo right now. They haven’t done anything wrong, more like they haven’t really had a chance to do anything yet, apart from Nikki debuting to answer Becky’s open challenge. So the answer’s pretty simple with these four…
 Do Something!

Sheamus – I could’ve sworn that he was supposed to have a neck injury much like what caused Edge to retire? Needless to say, I’m surprised he’s still going. He’s certainly found a place with Cesaro as a part of The Bar, so perhaps it’s best we leave things alone here. After all, we could still hear of Sheamus’ impending retirement any day now if that injury is legit.
Stand Pat; May retire in 2019 due to injury?

Shelton Benjamin – I checked Wikipedia, he’s not injured or anything? What’s he been doing? It was cool to see him come back, but I think that quickly ran its course. Time to cut bait again on the Gold Standard.
Future Endeavoured

Shinsuke Nakamura – I am a massive Shinsuke Nakamura fan. I loved him in New Japan, I loved him in NXT, was so happy to finally see him live at NXT Takeover: Toronto. But he hasn’t worked on the main roster. At all. He’s clearly not giving his best, it’s clearly a paycheck run for him and they scarred him by losing to AJ so many times. Let him go back home so he can finish out his career there.
Future Endeavoured; Return to New Japan

Sin Cara – Another name I wasn’t aware was still around. I think he’s had a long enough run under two different people, while botching his way into being quite possibly Maffew’s favourite guy to use on Botchamania. There’s enough luchadores in the company that he’s not needed anymore.
Future Endeavoured

Sonya Deville – She got royally fucked when Ronda Rousey came into the fold. She been exposed for being what she truly is, a ‘meh’ at best talent. She has really nothing on the mic either, so it’s really hard to keep her around. Mandy has a look about her that keeps her safe, Sonya on the other hand, she’s ultimately forgettable.
Future Endeavoured

Tye Dillinger – As Simon Gotch put it best, he’s one of the most serviceable guys in the ring. This is as good as it gets when it comes to jobbers, people react to him and he’s great at getting people over. For example, Bobby Roode ain’t the best in the ring and at NXT Takeover: Toronto, Dillinger pulled arguably the best match of Roode’s WWE career.
– Stand Pat

Zelina Vega – From what I’ve seen of her in the ring, it’s probably best she stays more in a valet role with Almas. If she can maybe work on her in-ring more while doing so, maybe she could be serviceable in the ring, but I’m not so sure.
Stand Pat

205 LIVE

The Entire 205 Live Roster – The reason I’m doing this is because in all honestly, there’s no one on that show right now that absolutely needs to go. They all have their place and there aren’t so many names on the show that it’s over-saturated. Everyone’s recovered, Hideo Itami found a home there, Buddy Murphy became an incredible talent, Mustafa Ali shocked everyone, hell, even Mike Kanellis is finding himself a spot there. If there’s anywhere in WWE that’s got its shit together, it’s 205 Live.


NOTE: I will not have all NXT UK talent on this list, because they’ve just started out, there’s no reason to go digging for people to get rid of.

Aleister Black – One of the guys we all believe is a future mega-star in WWE. Which means that he’ll debut, do nothing and we’ll be saying “What happened?!” about a year or so later. The guy truly does have everything, the athleticism, the look, hell after watching his fiery promo with Gargano recently, the guy’s got a voice. He should be a star. Let’s hope they don’t fuck him up in 2019 when he inevitably will be called up.
 Call Up by Summer Slam

Aliyah – As much as it pains me, seeing Jasmin Areebi on the Canadian indies before she got signed, she’s just not doing much. They signed her too young, I think, so she never truly had time to learn her craft. She’s struggled to gain any traction down in Florida and the last time I saw her at an NXT house show in Canada, she really stunk to be honest. Maybe it’s time to cut her loose.
 Future Endeavoured

Bianca Belair – This girl’s got star potential if she can just change up her look a little bit and get a real good year in NXT this upcoming year. She’s caught onto the performance real quick and also has that unique look with the hair braid that she whips people with. The only thing…they gotta get rid of the giant pair of lips on her ass. It looks really bad.
 Push into 2019

Candice LeRae – In all honesty, unless she works alongside Johnny Gargano, I don’t see Candice on the main roster working out very well, given her size and how in my opinion she’s average at best in the ring. Her time in the Mae Young Classic and now NXT hasn’t shown me anything too special. Keep her attached to Johnny and it’ll work. On her own? I’m not so sure.
– Stand Pat

Cezar Bonini – Obviously this guy hasn’t really done anything yet, been more or less fed to other guys in NXT. He’s got size and so far hasn’t look terrible, so perhaps we’ll see this guy get himself a character in 2019.
 True Debut by end of 2019

Dakota Kai – She’s in this weird spot where she could be going for the title, but there’s such an over-arching story going on with Baszler and Sane, so she’s kind of just hanging out on the sidelines a bit, waiting for her turn. She’s certainly got the look and the ability to become a top-tier babyface, we’ll just have to wait and see when she gets a shot.
Stand Pat

Deonna Purazzo – I wasn’t even aware she was appearing on NXT television yet, so if that’s the case, it’s very early and I can’t really say much about her, other than what I saw in the MYC, which was very good. She’s got real potential, I just haven’t seen enough of her yet.
Stand Pat

EC3 – I didn’t get the hype on this guy, he hasn’t translated well with me. Maybe it’s the booking he’s gotten, maybe it’s just he’s not as great as advertised, who knows. But there’s enough of a following with him that he should get a shot. I’m thinking he’s one of the guys you bring up to the main roster and maybe he gets over unexpectedly, a la Elias.
Post-WrestleMania Call Up

Fabian Aichner – I’m so glad to see this guy getting some extra work in EVOLVE now and giving him the belt, the guy’s got such talent for his size. Haven’t heard him talk much, so that’ll be the deciding factor in the future, but for now there’s some great potential in Aichner, I think.
Stand Pat

Forgotten Sons (Jaxson Ryker, Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake) – I haven’t seen these guys at all together yet, so I have no real opinion on them. They’re one of those cases in NXT that I no essentially nothing about, beyond Wesley Blake being with Buddy Murphy and Alexa Bliss.
No Opinion

Heavy Machinery (Otiz Dozovic & Tucker Knight) – These guys should be gunning for the tag titles all year in 2019. Whether it’s against Undisputed Era (however long they’re still there), War Raiders, Street Profits, or any other team, Heavy Machinery should be in the mix. They’re ready for the spotlight.
 Tag Title hunt all 2019

Io Shirai – She wasn’t that impressive in the MYC, which was very disappointing, so I’m hoping she really finds some good opponents and great matches in NXT. If she works out like Kairi Sane has, there won’t be much disappointment. I know she’s arguably the best female wrestler in the world, she should be able to make this work without breaking a sweat.
 Stand Pat

Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir – Keeping them together, since they’re synonymous with Shayna and Ronda. I don’t think these two have wrestled on TV yet, aside from their attack on Kairi at the recent Takeover, so I don’t have an opinion on them. Obviously we’ll probably see them grouped with Shayna and eventually Ronda for a Four Horsewomen vs Four Horsewomen match at one of the big four PPVs, but I’d prefer they get a good run with Shayna as a trio on NXT before that ever happens. They need big matches before what will essentially be the biggest women’s match in the history of the WWE.
 Stand Pat

Johnny Gargano – Who out of all of us wrestling fans thought he would turn into one of the top babyfaces in the entire company? I was excited to see him and Ciampa (more on him later) show up in NXT, but didn’t expect much. He’s absolutely killed it there, to the point I’d rather he stay there and front the damn place. He’s too good for 205 Live and you know Vince and company wouldn’t do a damn thing with him on the main roster. So keep him where he is and let him (and Ciampa) be the leaders of that brand.
Keep on NXT; Frontman

Kairi Sane – This girl, along with Shayna Baszler who I’ll get to, she’s done her time in NXT. She’s more than earned a shot at the main roster and with her incredible wrestling ability and a very cool gimmick as the Pirate Princess, she’s sure to win some young fans, so long as they don’t book her the same they did Bayley.
 Post-WrestleMania Call Up

Kassius Ohno – I think it’s safe to say at this point that ol’ Chris Hero isn’t going anywhere higher than this now. It’s not to say he’s bad, he’s always been damn good, but his age and size aren’t going to cut it and it’s probably better he stays down there as enhancement talent and potentially become a coach down there at the Performance Center. Totally agree with that idea/rumor.
Keep in NXT; Potential move into coach role

Keith Lee – Early stages for this guy, should be one of the next in line for the NXT title once this current group makes their way to the main roster. I’d love to say he’s got potential to be the next black WWE champion, but how many guys have we given that label to and came up empty? Either way, expect a monster year for him in NXT.
 NXT Title push in second half of 2019

Kona Reeves – I haven’t seen much of this guy, but his debut was very ‘meh’ at best, which is never a good sign for guys in NXT. But I don’t have enough of an opinion on this guy to do much with him. This is developmental after all, I gotta let him develop first.
Stand Pat

Lacey Evans – Similar to Kona, though I’ve gotten to see a little more of Lacey. She’s definitely still a ways away from any sort of main event action, so keep her developing all year in 2019. Maybe have her in a #1 contender’s match where it’s more than two girls fighting for it, but I cannot see her in a title match in 2019 unless she really turns it up.
– Stand Pat

Lars Sullivan – We know he’s going to the main roster, should be RAW, given he’ll work better there as a character. Don’t know how well he’ll do, that’s up to the guys he’s working with.
– Stand Pat; debuting soon

Marcel Barthel – This is a guy I’d expect to see take a big step forward post-Mania. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him heat up a bit and then challenge for the North American Championship and win it. After all, what’s better heat than a German holding an American title?
– North American Title run post-WrestleMania

Matt Riddle – The sky is the limit for this guy. If he can stay healthy and stay out of trouble, you know they’re building him up to be the next Brock Lesnar in WWE, as in a MMA guy that will break every bone in your body before he beats you. Couple that with his infectious personality and he will get over, whether as a man of the people, or a douchebag frat boy. One way or the other, he’ll be a star if they let him do his thing. Expect him and Keith Lee to be fighting each other for the NXT Championship next year.
– NXT Title push/run in 2019

Mia Yim – I’m unsure whether she’ll be a title runner in NXT, or if she’ll be a quick seasoner down in Florida and jumped up to the main roster to bolster their numbers a little more. She can certainly do either. I just hope they give her a better finisher than the Eat Defeat. It’s not a strong-looking finisher at all.
Stand Pat

The Mighty (Nick Miller & Shane Thorne) – I am shocked that these guys haven’t worked out in NXT as well as we all thought. They were arguably the best up and coming tag team in the world. Makes you wonder what’s gone wrong. To be honest though, these are guys I’m still confident can pull it off. Part of me even wonders if maybe, just maybe, these guys are the tag team that gets a call up to the main roster and that sink or swim situation brings the best out of them, like it’s done to guys like Elias. I think that it’s time for them, they’ve been in NXT way too long, it’s time for them to sink or swim.
– Post-Mania call up

Mustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) – These guys “should” be on the main roster right now. But NXT UK just started, so I think you’ll see these guys over there for a while longer, maybe even the entire year to really establish that brand. But these guys have been fantastic for a while now and the tag team division is getting pretty stale, we need an influx of new exciting teams and I think these two (along with another group I’ll get to momentarily) are primed to join the main roster and really revitalize a tag team division that was just starting to click and then went right back into sleep mode.
– Establish NXT UK; potential main roster call up later in 2019

Oney Lorcan – As much as people thought higher of Biff Busick, I think he’s in the perfect spot as a run-of-the-mill guy in NXT to work good matches with guys who need that good match to get them going. It’s probably as good as it gets for him, unless he wants to have a run in 205 Live.
Stand Pat

Pete Dunne – This guy should be on the main roster right now, but he’ll be the face of the NXT UK brand probably for the entire year, so it gets really established. Hell, I wonder if he’ll lose the belt in 2019 at all, it really does feel like he’ll never lose it, doesn’t it? But yeah, this guy has all the talent in the world and it looks like WWE is taking their time with him. Gonna be a bonafide star in a few years, just wait for it.
– Stand Pat

Raul Mendoza – It’s just a matter of time until they’re done seasoning this guy and they throw him onto 205 Live in hopes he becomes another Mustafa Ali. Really liked this guy in the Cruiserweight Classic, hope he can become something special too.
Continue development and then call up to 205 Live

Ricochet – I swear to god, if this guy doesn’t go to the main roster by the end of 2019, I’ll be shocked and honestly, kinda ticked off. He is a bonafide star, even though he’s ‘meh’ on the mic. You give this guy a hype man and you’ve got a top guy in your upper midcard with the IC/US belts. He will make anyone look good and put on highlight reel matches for years to come.
 Call up by end of 2019

Riddick Moss – I have no idea why they split him and Tino Sabbatelli up. Neither of them are good on their own. So I’ll make it simple, put them back together, or get rid of them. Far as I know, they’ve both been in developmental a long time. Can’t keep ’em there forever.
Re-pair with Tino Sabbatelli or Future Endeavoured

Shayna Baszler – I am so happy she’s not only found her comfort zone, but has shattered all my expectations of her since the first Mae Young Classic. I loved her from the very start, but she needed work and holy shit what a difference a year makes, eh? This girl is like a final boss kind of talent when it comes to the women’s division, she’s just a badass. I fully expect her to either be called up on her own post-Mania, or she’ll stick around with Duke and Shafir until they’re ready for the big 4v4.
 Stand Pat; potential call up post-Mania

Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) – This is a case of a tag team that really got over, but only one guy is really doing the work. I’m still shocked Angelo’s still in the company, he’s come and gone so many times before this pairing with Ford. But now it’s working, so unfortunately for him, he’s gotta hope it lasts, cause it’s really the only thing keeping him around. As for Montez Ford, that guy has a bright future if he stays on the path he’s on. Expect them to be in the NXT Tag Title hunt all year next year.
– NXT Tag Title hunt all 2019

Taynara Conti – She’s gonna be a tough one. On one hand, she’s got the skill set with her Brazilian jiu-jitsu training and as we saw in the recent Mae Young Classic, she’s capable of having a mean streak. However, I think she’s still absolutely struggling to find herself outside of wrestling in the ring. Her personality, looks, mannerisms, they’re all inconsistent and all over the place. She needs to nail that down and maybe then we can start considering her getting a little more work in the NXT women’s division.
Needs to find her voice before getting a real run in NXT

Tino Sabbatelli – See Riddick Moss.
– Re-pair with Riddick Moss or Future Endeavoured

Tommaso Ciampa – Like Johnny Gargano, he has absolutely killed it with this opportunity to run NXT’s main event. He’s become arguably the most hated heel in the company and has put on some of the better matches this year. But like I said with Johnny, I don’t want these two relegated to 205 Live, or being midcarders on the main roster, these two should be the faces of NXT and carry the torch for the next couple years and really establish NXT as its own brand.
– Keep on NXT; Frontman

Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly & Roderick Strong) – These guys have kicked so much ass in NXT since they all debuted. They have been the closest thing WWE has ever had to a Bullet Club kind of presence in the company. They are heels, yet they’re super over. I admittedly don’t know how well their merch is selling, but you listen to the pop they get every time their music hits, you know these four have been something special. Post-Mania, these guys should be the big faction on Smackdown, since Fox is looking for a more athletic focus. Fish and O’Reilly should be taking names in the tag team division, Strong should be making a case for the US Title and Adam Cole should be trying to cheat his way into a WWE Title match. Book it!
Post-Mania call up

Vanessa Borne – She’s definitely a work in progress, much like Lacey Evans. She’s got the look of a good “pretty girl” heel, so once she starts really hitting her stride in the ring, who knows, we might have a good worker on our hands.
 Stand Pat

War Raiders (Hanson & Rowe) – These two should be running rough shot all year long in NXT’s tag division, including a title run. Was happy to see these two get signed and they haven’t disappointed yet. I can’t wait to see a War Raiders vs Heavy Machinery title match. That’ll be so fucking good.
 NXT Tag Title run in 2019

So there’s a lot of other names either on the UK brand or not listed as a part of the NXT roster, but working at the performance center, so I’ll give quick pointers on the names I’m interested in:

Dominik Dijakovic – About to debut, he will be someone to look out for in 2019 on NXT. 6’7″, 270 lbs, he’s quite possibly the big man that WWE has been looking for.
Kacy Catanzaro – I’m not sure how far along she is in her development, but given her run in the Mae Young Classic, I wouldn’t be shocked to see her on NXT television by end of 2019. And you know with her being a first female Ninja Warrior winner, WWE will be pushing for her to be a big success.
Kavita Devi – I think at some point, Kavita will have to get pushed out onto television. The division in NXT is in dire need of a big girl and unfortunately we’re still waiting for one who’s a really good wrestler (since Piper Niven and Jazzy Gabert ain’t coming anytime soon…), but Kavita’s the best we’ve got and we’ll need to see her soon. They have to do something with her sooner or later.
Lacey Lane – I’m shocked she wasn’t immediately put on NXT television after her stellar performance in the Mae Young Classic. There is no way she isn’t on NXT in 2019 and getting a big push from the start. She’s got a great look and personality to her. Hell, if the women are getting tag belts, I can see her and Ember Moon working together real well.
Rhea Ripley – Has been phenomenal over the last year with her improvements. Will be running the UK brand for the women along Toni Storm for most of 2019, expect Rhea to develop for at least another year before perhaps getting a better look in 2020.
Tegan Nox – Pay close attention in 2019 to how her recovery’s going. She’s had two major injuries already, but we know she has the talent. She’s either going to be a gigantic success story, or a huge example of how sometimes, everything goes wrong. Maybe she’ll get lucky and end up in a situation like Corey Graves did. It’d be a real shame for her career to end so badly.
Toni Storm – Like Bate/Dunne/Seven, she should be on the main roster soon, but will spend some time establishing the UK brand. She will be an absolute juggernaut once exposed to the main roster audience. The fact she’s this good at such a young age could mean this girl has a hell of a superstar career ahead of her.
Xia Li – I think at some point Xia’s gotta come out of developmental too. I really like Xia, so I think she’ll do good. It’s a matter of whether she’ll be title worthy in her career, that’s the real question.


Booker T – I like Booker, but after years of colour commentating and working on the pre-show, I don’t know man, but it just hasn’t worked. Like at all. I’ll say this now, the pre-show should be done by professional sports personalities, not other wrestlers. The pre-show should sound like a sports radio show, so if guys like Booker are on the pre-show, it’s in an interview format, not as a commentator.
 Legends Deal, stop using on the pre-show

Byron Saxton – No idea why he’s stuck around for so long. The announcers in the end are company guys/girls, it’s pretty obvious that the heads at WWE don’t care so much about the skill of their commentators, so much as whether or not they tow the line. Byron seems to be no exception, because he’s certainly not there on his announcing skill. Up to me, he’d be gone.
Future Endeavoured

Cathy Kelley – Perfectly fine. Does her job with the shows she’s a part of. Don’t think she’ll get to the booth ever, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing either.
Stand Pat

Charly Caruso – Kind of the same as Cathy, she’s perfectly fine with what she’s doing, isn’t rubbing me the wrong way at all. Same as well in that I’m not sure if she goes anywhere beyond where she’s at.
Stand Pat

Corey Graves – Corey’s tough because he’s still got that potential of being the Bobby Heenan of this current generation of WWE, but it’s clear that ever since leaving NXT for the main roster, Vince and his cronies have been getting into his head. He’s not bad, but he’s certainly dropped a point or two overall since leaving NXT. I don’t think they’re letting him hit his full potential. You’re gonna see this with a couple folks here, they need to get out of his headset.
Stand Pat, allow him to speak more like himself

Dasha Fuentes – See Cathy and Charly. She’s fine.
Stand Pat

David Otunga – He’s not wrestling anymore, so unless he’s using that law degree and becoming a lawyer for WWE, there’s no reason for him to be around anymore. He’s bad, real bad. Always was.
Future Endeavoured

Greg Hamilton – The best ring announcer the WWE has had in a long time, really since Howard Finkel. Justin Roberts was decent, Greg however has been fantastic. Made guys like AJ Styles mean so much more when announcing them and that’s what his job is supposed to be. Should be the announcer on both shows, but if they gotta be different, then keep him where he is, cause he’s doing wonders on Smackdown.
Stand Pat

Jerry Lawler – He might be the one exception to the rule when it comes to wrestlers on the pre-show, though admittedly if I had the choice, I’d relegate him to shows on the WWE Network, like y’know…BRINGING BACK THE LEGENDS OF WRESTLING ROUNDTABLE?!!! So yeah, do that.
Legends Deal, use on Network content

Jojo – Eh, she’s all right, certainly an upgrade from Lillian Garcia, who I never liked as a ring announcer. JoJo for me has been similar to Justin Roberts, an okay hand in the ring announcer position, but not my first choice. They seem to like her though, which is fine, she’s not hurting anybody.
Stand Pat

Jonathan Coachman – I think he’s in the perfect position as someone doing the pre-shows. He worked with ESPN so it’s perfectly within his wheelhouse, as we learned pretty quick he was bloody awful in the commentary booth.
 Stand Pat

Kayla Braxton – Same as JoJo, is perfectly fine as the NXT ring announcer, but wouldn’t be my first choice.
Stand Pat

Mauro Ranallo – Should be the next Jim Ross, but a mixture of his bipolar disorder and the way WWE has treated him in the past has kept him down in NXT and perhaps it should stay that way. If the Vince McMahon regime goes away, maybe Mauro can find a home on RAW or Smackdown, but until Vince, Kevin Dunn and his other despicable yes men are gone, leave things be, it’s best for both parties.
 Stand Pat

Michael Cole – Cole is that frustrating “what happened?!” kind of situation. I remember clearly his call of Mankind’s first WWE Championship victory and it was fantastic. Today? It’s like the man is completely different. I think Vince being in his head the entire show is the real culprit though. Don’t let “hardcore” fans tell you otherwise, Cole is a legit good announcer, he’s just held down by the constant lines and Twitter hashtags he’s being fed all night long.
Stand Pat, get out of his headset!

Mike Rome – He’s been pretty good as a ring announcer in NXT as well, I’d put him slightly above Kayla, but both have been quite serviceable.
Stand Pat

Nigel McGuinness – Knew basically nothing about Nigel, apart from him being in Ring of Honor, but man oh man he’s been a fantastic addition to the NXT booth. Adding him to 205 Live has been great as well, really adding to the brands that have needed that extra push to get people over.
Stand Pat

Percy Watson – Don’t have an opinion one way or another with Percy, but he hasn’t been bad as a part of the NXT and 205 Live teams. Couldn’t tell you if it’s because he has a good cast behind him, or if he’s just a solid, albeit quiet addition.
Stand Pat

Peter Rosenberg – I really thought he’d be better, really enjoyed his Cheap Heat podcast, thought WWE grabbing him would be fantastic…and it’s been meh at best. I think it’s honestly best if he goes back to what he was doing before, because clearly the corporate influence has diluted the personality a lot of us wrestling fans enjoyed before he got hired.
Future Endeavoured

Renee Young – It hurts that Renee has become a casualty of the WWE machine taking what made a personality so good and ruining it. She and Arda Ocal (who was Kyle Edwards for a cup of coffee in WWE) were fantastic personalities in Toronto as a part of theScore and the Aftermath show that also featured Mauro Ranallo and former referee, Jimmy Korderas. Renee was a shining star wherever she was and looked to be a potential great commentator as well while working alongside William Regal on NXT. But now? It’s just not there, she’s not working in the booth for whatever reason. She’s still a fantastic interviewer, maybe that’s where she needs to be.
Leave commentary booth, resume interviewer position

Sam Roberts – Same as Rosenberg though I will admit I don’t really like Sam outside of WWE either. So it’s even easier for me to say that it’s time for him to go.
Future Endeavoured

Tom Philips – Serviceable play-by-play guy, always has been. Hasn’t been around long enough to get the Michael Cole vibes where you get sick of hearing him. So he’s fine for now.
Stand Pat

And that’s it, folks! This took me way too bloody long to write out, but it’s my passion, so it wasn’t that hard to write either.

If I missed anyone, let me know in the comments below, I tried my best to get in everyone important, but names will always fall through the cracks.

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