I Am Way Too Addicted to Yakuza’s Hostess Club Minigame

Since starting the newer prequel to the entire series, Yakuza Zero, I’ve become very addicted to the series as I slowly play my way through, now currently at Yakuza Kiwami 2, a full remake of Yakuza 2.

However, while I love the series as a whole, there’s a particular minigame in the series I’m admittedly enjoying a little too much and spending way too much time in. The hostess club.

The Yakuza games are chalk full of minigames and sidequests to divert your attention away from the main story. You can play darts, go bowling, play mahjong and shogi, hit the batting cages and the driving range, play poker and blackjack, take pictures of Gravure models as they do sexy poses. Hm…I guess one of those things isn’t quite like the rest. Yep! Bowling isn’t in Yakuza Kiwami 2.

But the hostess club has to be the minigame that I spend way too much time in, in fact more like an absurd amount of time in. Now there’s legitimate reasons to start with, as you can make a massive amount of money early on in the game doing this. Hell, running through the entire minigame until it forces you out, it gave me enough money to easily buy all the workers I needed for the future Majima Construction sidequest, which if I remember correctly was around 50 million yen.

At this currently point, I’m in Chapter 9, so I know I will soon be returning to Sotenbori and the remainder of the hostess club story will unlock. But as of this point, I’m pretty sure that at least 5 hours out of the 30-35 I’ve put into the entire game has been spent at Four Shine, the hostess club you manage. It’s a minigame that for someone who thrives on organizing things and finding little efficiencies in everything, it works extremely well for me.

It’s also cool how this version of the minigame is a “sequel” to Yakuza Zero’s version, as the owner of Four Shine in Yakuza Kiwami 2 is actually one of the highest-tier girls you have on your roster in Yakuza Zero’s version of the club. It immediately grabbed my attention and confirmed that I was going to be spending a lot of time again at Four Shine, not that I needed any convincing, I already had plenty of evidence from the hours I put into Yakuza Zero doing the same thing.

Otherwise, there’s just a lot of little things I enjoy about the minigame. I do enjoy customizing the Platinum-tier girls, in the same way I enjoy making characters in The Sims games. I am admittedly disappointed you can’t do anything with the massive amount of girls that aren’t in that tier, I would love to truly make every hostess on my roster my own, but alas I cannot.

The absurdity of the minigame is also great, coupled with the ridiculous storyline that runs through the minigame, full of conspiracies, kidnapping and constant monologuing from the villain making this club business more like an intense action movie.

And honestly, I just love the vibrant atmosphere of the minigame. Sure, it satisfies my desire to make things run perfectly, but it’s just such a happy-natured distraction, which is sometimes necessary in a series that has a pretty intense and serious main story, like Yakuza. It’s a minigame that doesn’t demand too much of you, but just enough to keep your brain active and in the meantime, it’s just as silly as can be, so by the time I’m done, I feel accomplished and I’m smiling from ear to ear.

But seriously, I’m really mad that I can’t customize the special hostess who has an orange fruit mask on. If there was ANYONE who should’ve been Platinum tier…

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