Milim: Leaving The First Season Behind…So We Can Stare At Her Behind

Just felt like I needed to make a quick note of something, because holy freaking hell!

So That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime entered its second half of the season here during the winter season. The first half was quite a ride, chalk full of comedy, insanity, badass battles and death. Yep, a lot more death than I thought we’d get in a show like this (see Shizu’s backstory). But I loved that first half and couldn’t wait to get through the second.

The show’s gone through some changes in that we’re in a period of calm before the storm. Characters are being introduced, some have transformed (I’m actually not happy about the lizardmen just being changed to human, Souka especially, she looked really unique) and for the most part, the show has resumed back to being a very comedic show.

Then this happens.

That’s literally our first introduction to Milim. Massive butt crack, not even sure how her bottoms are even hanging there. Now to preface this entire post, let me get one thing straight, I absolutely adore Milim, she in one episode quickly shot up the charts on my list of favourite characters this season, let alone on this show. She’s what I enjoy, full of energy, random as fuck, can change her emotions on the fly and has a great voice actress behind her.

But holy fucking Charlotte Dunois that butt!

Naturally, the memes are spreading, people are writing article after article, tweet after tweet, post after post about “how pathetic it is that anime needs characters like this to appease their disgusting male audience”, about how Milim looks like an underage girl, which yes, she looks like one and yes, they use the “she’s thousands of years old” trope, which I get why people think is cheap and ridiculous, but most importantly, about her lack of skin-covering bottoms.

So look, I’ll defer to my usual opinion on the matter, which is meh! Considering how much worse some shows can get (and yes, I enjoyed several of them, UzaMaid, Eromanga-sensei, Ryuuou no Oshigoto, etc.), this is barely landing a dent in what we normally see. Not to mention, this show has long told you before this 16th episode that sex was going to play a part, see Shion, hell, see Haruna, the female goblin from the very beginning of the show. So if Milim is putting you off this show, I’m going go on a limb here and say you weren’t watching this show at this point anyways, so resume not watching this show, I guess?

I know this is hard for some people, but I honestly could care less about how “sexy” a character is, that’s what hentai is for. Sure, I watch harems and yes, I do pay attention to how the girls look, but in the end, I’m more interested in her personality than anything else. For example, my favourite harem is still Infinite Stratos and my favourite character in Charlotte Dunois. She’s not even top 3 in looks on that show (in case you’re wondering, it’s Chifuyu at the top, followed by Houki and then Cecilia), but it’s her personality that really shines and puts her over the rest.

So in Milim’s case, while yes it is blatantly obvious she’s not wearing pants and is really wearing dental floss level bottoms, given how her butt looks at certain times on the show, what’s really going to make her so memorable is her pure insanity that is clearly going to be put on display in further episodes.

And I’m gonna love every moment of it. Also, I really want this damn figure now.

2 thoughts on “Milim: Leaving The First Season Behind…So We Can Stare At Her Behind”

  1. That is a pretty noice figurine. -Fist bump- And I completely agree with ya. One day there will be a world where people will allow people to have their cake… and eat it too. You don’t like cake, don’t stop someone else from enjoying it.


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