Only Sony Themselves Can Drive Me Away From Sticking With PlayStation

I’ve said it before, the console war is dumb as fuck. I could care less about brand loyalty and especially about senseless cult-like followings that will defend every decision their company of choice makes, regardless of how anti-gamer it is.

Me? I take a much different approach. When the current generation first started and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were about to release, I was a Xbox 360 guy. Had been since the very beginning. All my friends had it, so it was an easy decision.

But there was always a sticking point with me as a guy who used to play his PlayStation 2 endlessly. A lot of the exclusives to that brand were games I grew up with, like Persona, Kingdom Hearts, even Final Fantasy (because at the time FFXIII didn’t count to me, cause I hated it so much), so there were a lot of games I felt I could’ve been missing out on. I’m big on the Japanese market and those games were all on PlayStation. Thankfully, I didn’t miss out on too much during the PS3 era. But I knew Persona 5 and Kingdom Hearts 3 were potential possibilities for the PS4, so I had to keep that in mind when choosing my next console. Also by the time I came to making my decision, my friends list on Xbox 360 had dwindled, people vanishing, drama between certain groups of friends, so my need to keep on the same console was lessened deeply.

Then Microsoft made it really easy for me. They decided it’d be a great idea to release a console that had to be online at all times, wouldn’t allow you to play used games and basically be a TV box that also played video games. That reveal event and following E3 left an unbelievable sour taste in my mouth and there was no going back. I was going to buy a PS4. Not solely out of spite, but some spite in there along with the long list of reasons I had already.

This upcoming generation is a little different. My thoughts on PlayStation having the market of games exclusive to them remains the same. My friends list, while smaller as most of them were Destiny friends and I’ve pretty much decided to step away from that game, I still have a core group of friends I talk to almost daily in parties on that console. So right now, the ball is really in Sony’s court. Which brings me to the title of this post.

100%, the only way I will not buy a PlayStation 5 is if Sony repeats similar mistakes to either how they released the PlayStation 3, or how Microsoft absolutely fucked themselves over with the Xbox One reveal. As long as Sony doesn’t release a massively overpriced console and doesn’t put in a bunch of features that come off as anti-gamer, I’m good.

Looking back now, the no-disc thing doesn’t necessarily bother me as much, as a lot of games I buy are digital. But most of them I also buy much later into their life cycle when they’re on sale at massive discounts. The one fear about an all-digital console is whether or not they’d be inclined to have as many sales with the discounts they have. If there’s no competition through retail chains to sell copies, will we as consumers still get good deals? That’s a question that really could make a difference.

Realistically, what could Sony do to piss me off and make me switch consoles. They’d have to pull a similar stunt to Microsoft with the Xbox One. Now I’ve read stories about how Sony wants to integrate their music and video service with PlayStation and honestly, that’s perfectly fine, if it’s not shoved down our throats and marketed like it’s the main feature of the console. We as gamers don’t care if the console has all these music and video apps, we want a new console that’s native 4K and 60fps. That is the most important thing, make a powerful console and put games we like on it. Everything else comes secondary.

So who knows how it’ll go in this upcoming generation. Assuming it’s either in the Fall of this year or 2020, I’ll soon be at another crossroads, not to mention the Switch is still a viable option, so long as they keep the library of good games coming. At this point though, the ball’s in Sony’s court, they’re really the only ones who can stray me away from buying their own console.

Will I be in line to buy a PS5 at launch? God no. I may not even have a PS5 until at least two years after in launches. After all, it’s not like the PS4 won’t still have most of the major games out for it and generally speaking, the first year or so of a new console is usually pretty ‘meh’ at best, given that developers are in the midst of testing how far they can go with the new hardware. So suffice to say, I’ll certainly have time before the console reveals and after said reveals.

Unless Cyberpunk 2020 is a launch game with the new generation and only the new generation. Then I’m fucked.

5 thoughts on “Only Sony Themselves Can Drive Me Away From Sticking With PlayStation”

  1. I’ve stuck with Sony since the PS2 for the JRPG focus, but I’m probably jumping over to the Switch because it looks like my favorite series are moving to it either on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. As for restrictions, there’s always PC gaming to get around such things. I still hope Sony doesn’t screw this up.


  2. Oddly enough, I remember that e3 like it happened yesterday. Back then, I did not think that going all digital was a bad idea. The way they sold it to the public was the problem because now, that is the way everyone is moving. I don’t even buy digital games anymore because of convenience of being able to buy them while I am out and have them ready to go when I get home. (Especially after expanding my hard drive which is a must. 2 TB should be the base level.) Which sucks because Microsoft was on to something.

    As for the next generation, I have never own an Xbox but I can’t deny the appeal of what Microsoft is doing now. Being able to freely switch between PC and console is really amazing feature. I have always felt like the social aspect of Xbox Live has always been better than PSN. But even with these highlights, I can’t see myself jumping ship.


  3. Ridiculous to think how that one reveal pushed so much of the 360 user base over to the PS4 and conversely such good move from Sony with their simplistic basic gaming approach. Loved my 360, PS4 has had some solid titles but agree no rush to upgrade just yet, the last gen set a precedent of a long cycle and seems to early to go that route yet.


    1. Xbox out of the blue seemingly turned away from gamers in order to try and get a larger market through cable TV and sports. That pissed off a lot of people. And in my case, the Japanese market being released on PlayStation more often, it just made my decision to switch that much easier.


      1. Kinda seems most of the ‘restrictions’have become part and parcel of modern gaming with most consoles connected permanently any way. The bit that put me off was the restriction on second hand gaming etc but in a digital world kind of a mute point. If anything guilty of not clinging onto the past and pushing a future that has largely come to pass.


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