Yes, I Would Love A “Fantasy” Final Fantasy Game Again

Just a quick post, stemming from a comment at the Paris Fan Festival from the director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida:

“I’d like to see a Final Fantasy that is straightforward fantasy, one that doesn’t have much machinery, and with no mecha in it.”

Given how so many RPGs in general as of late are focused a little too much on the technology side of things, take the last few single-player Final Fantasy experiences for example, I am more than okay with this. It’s not to say that I don’t want to see a more tech-based Final Fantasy, but I think it’d be nice to go back to the classic setting that the series was first known for.

My first ever Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy IV (or Final Fantasy II as it was known at the time in North America) and the game is definitely far more set in a fantasy world with fantasy elements. Sure there are airships, a spacecraft that gets you to the Moon and a hovercraft, but in this game, you are a knight who goes from town to town, castle to castle with a bard, several mages, a dragoon and other non-technology required classes. It was an incredible sight to me as a kid, I was seeing things I’d never heard of, nor seen before. I can’t imagine what my reaction would’ve been if my first FF game was the newest one in Final Fantasy XV and the first thing I do, is push a freaking car that ran out of gas.

Again, not to say I don’t want to ever see games like FFXV ever again, I think it’s just time that a lot of developers go back to that absolute fantasy era. Most RPGs that claim to be in a fantasy era are either taking from modern day technology or future technology, or they’re taking from our own past history and adapting that into a fantasy RPG. I don’t want stuff I know about or see on a daily basis, I want the awe and suspense of seeing things that don’t exist today, nor have ever existed.

I want to see floating cities in the sky, I want to see magical spells that defy all scientific knowledge. I would love to sit down and play a game where everything I know is thrown right out the window and everything I see challenges my brain not only to freak out about how awesome these things are, but make sense of it all.

After all, is it really a “fantasy” if I’ve seen everything and understand it?

5 thoughts on “Yes, I Would Love A “Fantasy” Final Fantasy Game Again”

  1. OMG. I agree about the car. When I first saw FF XV, I was like… really? I didn’t like how mundane the car was (despite looking cool) and I didn’t like how the area looked like the Midwest in the US during the fifties. I would like to see something that is more fantasy-like, like you said.

    I don’t mind mecha so much if it’s something I don’t see every day. For example, I really like the futuristic setting and technology in FF XIII.


  2. FFIX was a throwback and a lot of people like that. Maybe FFXVI will be a throwback to FFIX, which was itself a throwback to the oldest FF games. It would be nice to see Square-Enix take a little risk on a project like that.


  3. I think Final Fantasy X had a nice mix of mechs and fantasy. It is definitely my favourite final fantasy game and I love the look of it and the blend of magic and science that kind of carries through it. Also liked the conflict between those who used mechs and those who didn’t. It made for an interesting story line.


    1. While I consider Final Fantasy VI to be the best overall game in the series, FFX is also my personal favourite. That game uses machinery in ways that aren’t the norm, while games like the recent FFXIII and FFXV are more modern looking and realistic.

      If I wanted to play something somewhat realistic, I wouldn’t be playing a Final Fantasy game.

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