50 Hours In, Still In Love With Kingdom Hearts 3

I’m just shy of 50 hours into KH3. I know I’m at the last possible point before the final boss, so I’m out grinding and finishing all the sidequests I want to do beforehand. So I know the end is near, at least for now, assuming there is DLC coming later on.

And I’ve gotta tell you…it was well worth the wait.

I’ll obviously talk more about it once I’ve completed the game, but man oh man am I in love with this game. There may be less in terms of worlds, but the quality of these worlds is nothing short of incredible. For example, the Toy Story world has mech combat and the Pirates of the Caribbean world have ship battles. It’s not what you’re used to in the series where you drop in, smack smack smack, boss battle, smack smack smack, all right, all done, move to the next world. These worlds, some more than others carry major differences that make them easily to differentiate, thus making them more memorable.

The combat still hasn’t soured on me either, thanks large in part to the unique keyblades. No longer just stats, each keyblade has extra forms to it, ranging from a spear, blasters, to even yo-yos. Adding all the flowmotion moves (which admittedly I cut out from Sora’s ability list late in the game to make room for more stat bonsuses and combo extenders) and the variety of special moves and combos you can generate with magic, keyblades and your teammates, it makes KH3’s combat the best it’s ever been. Also I’ve had no noticeable frame drops, so man has it been fluid.

Lastly though, since I want to keep this post as spoiler free as possible, thus the shorter post, man the story has been really good at the very end. The Disney stories for the most part are just re-tellings of the source material, but after clearing all the Disney worlds and getting to the meat and potatoes of the Dark Seeker Saga ending, man oh man has it struck the heart a couple of times. All I can say is, if you’ve kept up with the series as a whole, you won’t be disappointed by all the loose ends as they’re being closed. The story is still a mess, as the KH series has always been known to be, but there are definitely some memorable moments here, two in fact (back-to-back no less…) that made me nearly cry.

But all in all, as I strike the 50-hour mark of this game, I’m not feeling like this was over-hyped, a disappointment, a bad game, hell I wouldn’t even say it’s really all that flawed, despite a couple things I can nitpick, which I’ll do in my final review. I’m feeling like this might just be my favourite Kingdom Hearts game in the series.

Then again, I haven’t played Kingdom Hearts 2 in over a decade, so I don’t really remember how I felt back then. I barely remember how I felt about games like Oxenfree, that I finished at the beginning of the freaking year.

But feeling as positive as I feel right now, I couldn’t ask for more.

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