It’s Weird Doing Videos Again

I’m a month into my new apartment, a couple weeks into being back in the saddle of making videos on YouTube again. I’m back to doing a weekly show in the Saturday Morning Soapbox, I’ve now done my first standalone video since getting back, so it’s safe to say I’m back in the swing of things.

And I gotta tell ya, it’s weird, man…

I mentioned it in my return video and probably on the Soapbox as well, but making YouTube videos again feels kind of nostalgic in a way. Since so many of the things that are now in my new apartment were in a storage locker for two years, having them all back in one place made the apartment feels less new and more familiar. I’m back to sitting in the same spot on the couch with my big screen TV facing the same way, for example.

The same goes for my YouTube videos. Same desk I used to sit my laptop on, same microphone, same webcam, same DXRacer chair that in retrospect, I maybe shouldn’t have spent so much damn money on, but fuck it, I love that freaking chair! The first time I sat in that chair and started recording that “I’m Back!” video, it really felt like the two years that had passed almost never existed. It felt like I was back in the house I used to live in when I was still recording videos and that wave of nostalgia just flooded me. It’s why it feels so strange to say it’s only been a month since I moved into my new place. It honestly feels so much longer than that.

The real challenge for me now is making sure I don’t get too attached to just making videos that I forget to give you guys stuff to read here as well. Obviously I post all my videos here, but I don’t want it to be the only things that get posted here. Granted, most of my posts here come from very quiet hours during work where there’s not much going on. I’ve honestly tried recently to write at home and it’s damn near impossible, I’m too easily distracted by the mounds of game consoles, anime, TV shows, music and so many other things I want to do while at home.

Also, finding subjects to write about is becoming increasingly difficult because of the Soapbox. A lot of the things I’m talking about on that podcast are essentially mini-articles that I could’ve written here. So it’s almost a matter of there needing to be an excess of stories I want to talk about that I can’t fit into an hour-long podcast and would have to write a post about.

But I think in the end, what’s important is that I’m finally back to where I’ve been wanting to be since I had to leave the house I was in, when I was lasting recording YouTube videos. When I make a video, I want to make it. When I write something on the blog, I want to write it. I’m not forcing myself to do anything, I’m not freaking out cause I’m going to miss a deadline that I shouldn’t have set up for myself in the first place, I’m just producing content when I want to, about things I want to talk about. And that’s a plus for you guys as much as it’s a plus for me. You’re getting the passion from me, not a brief post that’s just trying to put something out there into the ether.

So in advance, I will apologize if there’s a lack of written content on the blog for a little while. I’m not avoiding it, I’m just trying to figure out how to do both the blog and YouTube without having to force it. I want to have unique stuff to write about here, not just rehashing videos I’ve made. It may start moving along next week, might be next month, might be all the way to the summer, who knows. But I want to figure out how to balance this, it just a matter of trial and error before I can get to that point.

Who knows, maybe I’ll just start posting “Would I Bang This Anime Character?!” kind of stuff again.

3 thoughts on “It’s Weird Doing Videos Again”

  1. Enjoy your content, always fairly brutal but honest which is critical. Have been having similar musings around the video vs writing situation. Do find I prefer the writing aspect as just more expressive for me personally. Looking forward to seeing what you put out.


    1. I like being honest and sometimes brutal, because it makes it very clear that I’m not hiding any biases, I’m not blowing smoke up anyone’s ass, and I’m certainly not placating to certain people because it’ll get me more views. You know that every article I write now, is 100% genuine.

      Now if that sweet sponsorship money ever comes in…that’s another story. 😉

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