Dumb Things Gamers Say #1 – Being Mad About Free Things

Well one day after saying “I’m not sure what kind of content I can do for the blog that’ll work immediately”, I already came up with an idea! Well, more like I stumbled across something that helped me come up with said idea…

So I frequent the internets once in a while. Which naturally means I read articles, or watch videos, or browse social media. Which means there are often comments on these things, which in turn means I will read things that make me go “…Really? …Really?!”

So there we have it! Enter a new series of (likely) short and sweet posts about stupid shit I read people saying in the comments section of various places.

This series of articles will likely have to be predicated on the notion that we all know people who write comments on the internet are generally either trolling, or they’re stupid. That’s kind of the fun of it though, isn’t it?

So Dead or Alive 6 has a free version now. The previous game had it too, allowed you to play the basic fighting modes, including online, but locking Story Mode and making a small number of fighters available. Right now, 4 are available, that being Kasumi, Bass, Diego and Hitomi, but I don’t know if they’ll rotate the fighters or anything. If you want to unlock more fighters, you either buy the full game, or pay a smaller price to buy individual fighters. Sounds fair, right? Being able to play a game that normally costs $70 for free in a smaller dose works for me.

Well…not everyone thinks that way.

I think it’s just the ol’ DOA stink because it’s “only ever been sold as a titty simulator”, but either way, there appears to be a bunch of people who are talking about how the game is either only doing this because their sales are low, or because now that they’re not being as overly sexual as they usually are, it’s showing that they needed the sexual content to sell their games. Regardless, they’re in a nutshell not just being like “Cool, there’s a free option.”, but instead having to take shots at a series they probably never cared about in the first place.

Which comes back to that whole “fandom” conversation, does it not? This could be Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Mortal Kombat, or other fans of different fighting games just shitting on a series they don’t like. This could be non-fighting game fans just salivating at the opportunity of shitting on a fighting game that isn’t doing so hot, as it’s been a while since a major fighting game hasn’t been doing well. In the end though, it doesn’t matter, it’s absolutely childish if you go ham and rip on a series you don’t actually like anyway. You don’t have any passion there, why are you wasting your time and everyone else’s time? Save the critique and debating to people who actually play the games.

But the biggest problem I have is simply this. WHY ARE PEOPLE TAKING SHOTS AT A GAME FOR MAKING A FREE VERSION?!!! IT’S FREE!!!

Maybe I’m being a little unclear. Dead or Alive 6 is a major fighting game. That lots of people play. That has a pedigree. That has major production values. That has a diverse cast of characters. That has very underrated fighting mechanics. And now that game has a free version. It costs you nothing. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Sure, it’s not the entire game, but it’s a taste. It’s like getting a free sample when you’re at the grocery store. Y’know, except that sample is food you can eat as many times as you want!

Nah, they’re right. Getting things for free sucks. I’d rather pay high prices for mediocre content and then pay a ton of money on top of that for small amounts of content that if put together to equal the same cost of the game it’s for…it wouldn’t even be fucking close to the same value. Which is ironic given it’s Dead or Alive with their massive amount of outfits you can buy.

But no, I the all-knowing internet commenter, would rather spend my day talking about how bad the game must be if they’re releasing a free version of the game (and did it quietly, by the way), especially when that game is a titty simulator.

Seriously, man. Can we stop with the DOA titty simulator comments? We get it, the series has a lot of big-breasted girls and bikini outfits. Have you never watched anime before?

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