What I Hope Borderlands 3 Is, But Won’t Be

I’m almost 100% positive that the rumored Borderlands 3 that Gearbox has slowly started to leak out, it will not be what I’m hoping it will be. I imagine it’ll just be a bigger and better version of the single-player/co-op games we’ve known to love already.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to gush about the dream Borderlands game I would love to play!

So I played a lot of Destiny over the years. Like over 1000 hours kind of a lot. The looter shooter series has been one that I was attached to for a long time and have now drifted away from, mostly due to playing it too much, but also because the newer iterations of these types of games have been less than stellar. Fallout 76 was a buggy disaster, Anthem is an all-around disaster and The Division, while I enjoyed the original, it wasn’t a game with legs to me.

But you know what would revitalize the genre? Borderlands. Without question, this series would take the core concepts of a looter shooter MMO and turn it upside down, sideways, spin it around and launch it into fucking space and beyond.

The biggest problem with most looter shooters is the variety of unique loot and how often you get said loot. Anthem has basically no unique loot, The Division’s loot is mostly stats and not unique-looking, hell, even Destiny in its early days had a real problem when it came to dishing out loot consistently for players trying to grind their way up, see the infamous “Loot Cave”. Borderlands? That won’t be a problem. Every gun is unique in every way and you’re constantly collecting more and changing out your favourite weapons of choice. I suppose the one downside would be that you’d never have “that weapon” that you love unconditionally and use it all the time, no matter what the meta says. See me and bows in Destiny 2.

With the core of the genre taken care of, that being the loot, the real question is whether or not Borderlands would be able to take care of the rest of the things necessary to make a great looter shooter. And the answer is a resounding yes.

Story? That’s an easy yes. The game is chalk full of fun missions, sidestories, characters that’ll make you love ’em or hate ’em. And to be honest, the stories told in looter shooters are generally fragmented and a lot of them aren’t memorable, so it’s not like Borderlands would have much of a bar to get over.

Gameplay? Do I even have to comment on this one? Some of the best shooting mechanics I’ve played in the last decade, once again the variety of guns and ammo types accentuate the gameplay and on top of that, the unique classes are already set up for a looter shooter MMO. Just change out the pre-established characters and have a character creation system and we’re all set. Just pick your class and off you go, looking like a 400-pound clown who just finished snorting a mile line of cocaine.

Music? I still listen to “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage the Elephant. They’ve got their music choices down pat.

Replayability? Given that the loot is random, there’s never really an endgame, unless you’re fully satisfied with the weapons you have. Obviously people will come out and claim what the “meta” is for the game or what the “best rolls” are for guns, but realistically, there’s never a 100% for sure answer. So you’ll keep playing to your heart’s desire, it’s really just a matter of whether or not the missions in the game are interesting enough to keep doing over and over. Which leaves…

Raids? Don’t tell me that it wouldn’t be amazing to play a raid in Borderlands. Crazy bosses, insane places to fight in, swarms of enemies you’re throwing every explosive you can find at. The only question mark to me would be puzzles, if they chose to do so. As a veteran Destiny player, the puzzle parts of the raids are a favourite of mine, as it’s something else aside from just running and gunning for two hours straight. It’s a chance to unwind and prepare for the next chaotic battle. So there’s the lone question mark, but I think raids in a Borderlands game are not only viable, but potentially the best we could have in the genre.

So there you have it, my dream unleashed. A game that is Destiny but is set in the Borderlands series. A looter shooter MMO with the craziness of the Borderlands series and the infinite supply of unique loot the series is known the most for.

Tell me there’s a better series for the genre. I dare you to try.

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