Hi! (I Couldn’t Think Of A Clever Title…)

I told myself I was going to do this about a month or so ago and then I flaked out on that one. So here we are, August is nearly upon us, and the last time I wrote anything on here was on April Fools, and it wasn’t a joke post. Sure, I’ve been posting video content, but for all you readers on the site, I haven’t really given you anything to work with here. So here’s a first in a while, a nice written hello, brought to you by a guy who is basically staring at the clock on his work computer during one of the more dead days he’s had in quite some time.

How’s everybody been, since I last wrote something here? Me? It’s been an absolute fucking whirlwind since April 1st of this year. As I said in March article about how weird I felt posting videos again, I moved into my own place, a nice shiny new apartment and now that the transition phase is over, things have certainly gotten a lot better for me, in more ways than one.

I’m 31 years old and technically this is the first time I’ve ever lived on my own. I moved out of my parents’ place when I was 25, but from then to now, I was still living with other people, but I certainly had a lot more freedom. But now, sky’s been the limit for me and it’s been quite the breath of fresh air. The fridge and freezer is all mine, I dictate the noise in the place, no worrying about waking other people up, or vice versa. And in true anime fashion, pants are optional, or in my case, never used.

Almost. Sitting on the couch naked just feels weird, honestly…

Jokes aside, the most important thing since moving to my own place has been the time I’ve had to sit and think and really get myself to a place where I feel like I have full clarity of mind. I’ve really started to chill out again, for example I’m trying my ass off to stay out of politics that don’t cross into the nerd culture territory. I already take enough of my energy and put it towards gaming, anime, pro wrestling and more, why waste any more on a part of society that I don’t know remotely enough about and don’t necessarily care about as much? And it’s been about a month since I made that decision and I’ve already been less upset at things. I spend far more time enjoying things, than freaking out about miniscule crap going on in parts of the world I don’t live in.

But having clarity of mind means far more than just not being pissed off at pointless shit. Through a number of short spurts of depression, high stress and all that lovely bullshit, I’ve for the time being, found myself in a much calmer state of mind, which has really allowed me to let my creativity flow a little more freely, instead of being constantly distracted by other things.

Speaking of creativity, part of why I got myself to finally write here, is because things happened recently that really kickstarted my desire to make more content. Last weekend I went to small local convention, one I’ve attended for six years and have done panels for five. This year was my fourth year doing an anime discussion panel with a well-known anime YouTuber called Glass Reflection and this year’s edition turned out to be the best I’ve ever done. I’ve never felt more comfortable, all my jokes were landing among the crowd of about 100 people in attendance and by the end of it, I had several people asking me after the panel was over what my Twitter/YouTube handle was and one fan even became the artist of my very first piece of fan art.

Before this panel happened, I was already thoroughly enjoying my convention experience this year, but this panel did something to me. Changed me.

I mean, it’s pretty simple to say that because I got an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and even a really awesome surprise, I suddenly want to do more of the thing that generated this amount of positivity. And thus that is what I plan to do. I already plan on doing weekly reviews of All Elite Wrestling once they start their weekly TV show October 2nd, but I also plan to start doing tri-weekly anime reviews for the simulcasted shows, so that being 4 videos a season for Episodes 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 (or 13).

That might be it for now, only because of a few issues that currently prevent me from doing much else. As it stands, I work 4 days a week from 10-8, which severely limits my time recording on weeknights, especially when there’s a chance I can come home from that shift and have zero desire to do anything. Also, my apartment is currently dealing with all the balconies being reconstructed, so even on my days off, the potential of recording audio/video during the day is completely reliant on whether or not rain keeps the loud machinery noise away. So for the time being, I’m biding my time until I have full reign of my free time during the days I’m not working.

Now you’d think this would mean I might start more writing again, and while I won’t flat out say no to this, I would still say to expect a lot more podcast-level content here than anything else. I’ve learned that I straight up have zero desire to write articles at home, so this basically means that my writing is limited to dead days at work like this. So unfortunately, unless the evening parts of my shifts are always dead, the chances of a sudden influx of writing content here are still relatively low.

Regardless, it’s nice to write something once in a while here. In March I said it was weird making videos again, now as I’m writing this out, it’s the polar opposite. Weird how half a year can change so much, eh?

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