About Me

Hey there! Come on in, take a seat why don’t-cha!

My name’s Adam, aka CSRadical. I’m a gamer, a musician and a fan of many things, such as anime, pro wrestling and many other things that the average pessimistic person would love to yell and shake a stick at. But most importantly (because I remember those late 90s, early 2000s Molson commercials), I! AM! CANADIAN!

You’ve somehow stumbled onto my corner of the interwebs, so I suppose I ought to give you a heads up on what to expect here.

This page is essentially a blog page where I speak my mind and sound off on the various things that get me talking. I’ve been a YouTuber and podcaster on and off for about 3 years, so I’ve labelled my rantings and ravings as “Radical Rants”. The topics I will speak about will range from nerdy topics such as video games and anime, to more mainstream topics like sports and pro wrestling, to societal issues where I have to show my serious face, to extremely random topics where I do not. Sometimes my rants will be fiery and to the point, others will be super-psychological and philosophical.

And then of course there’s the main content on my site, the content that one would consider…sexy? Literally too! I am a proud supporter and consumer of sexual content whether through media such as anime and video games. I firmly believe that when done right or marketed specifically to a certain demographic, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having both women and men dressed to turn those attracted to them on and getting in very risqué situations to increase that attraction. After all, these are fictional works, how could they cause any damage, right? Right?

So enjoy the page and if you are interested in more content, you can follow me either on Twitter @CSRadical or on my YouTube page where I’ll once in a while post a video rant, perhaps even a video podcast.



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