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R.I.P. Dick Dale (1937-2019)

Rest in peace to the guy who helped me learn how to play the guitar way faster than I ever needed to.

[VIDEO] Saturday Morning Soapbox #5 – Why Can’t M-Rated Games Have Butts?!

Get your caffeinated beverage of choice ready, it’s time for the Saturday Morning Soapbox!

Dumb Things Gamers Say #1 – Being Mad About Free Things

Apparently there are people out there in the gaming community who don’t appreciate that a beloved fighting game has a free version of it. So let’s talk about why they’re dumb.

It’s Weird Doing Videos Again

Especially when I’ve gotten so used to posting on the blog as my lone source.

[VIDEO] Morgan Rielly: The Man Who Didn’t Utter A Homophobic Slur

A true representation of how quickly information can change, this video was going to be completely different when I first heard the story of Morgan Rielly allegedly using a homophobic slur during a hockey game. Now with all the information out, this video turns into just another case of people not waiting to hear all the facts first.

[VIDEO] Sun-turday Morning Soapbox # 4 – Captain Marvel: Good or Bad?

Turn those clocks forward, folks! It’s time for another Soapbox! Our primary target for this week’s show is my review for Captain Marvel. The review were very mixed, not to mention the sheer amount of score bombing/boosting. But in the end, was the movie a thumbs up, or a thumbs down?

[REVIEW] Kingdom Hearts III

After over a decade of waiting, can the third console game in the series live up to its long hype? The short answer, is an emphatic yes.