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17 Questions For An Anime Fan

Well, when you’re bored on a random Sunday evening…


I Loved Amanchu’s Bonus Episode 13

With Crunchyroll starting to put OVAs on more often, I got the chance to catch one for Amanchu!, and boy was it fantastic!

Week #1 – Fall Anime 2017

Week #1 has arrived with the Fall anime season. What’s in store this week?!

The Ol’ “Complaining About People Complaining” Stigma

I love Destiny 2. I’m starting to lose love in the people who play the game though.

What The N64 Classic Should Look Like

The SNES Classic is on the way and the NES Classic is making a comeback. So it must be the perfect time to talk about a third entry into the Nintendo Classic market.

[VIDEO] 2017 Summer Anime Review & Awards

Back on YouTube with a look back at the summer season of anime this year. I look at the shows I dropped, review the shows I finish, and hand out awards to all the best of the best when it came to anime this season!

Week #12-13 – Summer Anime 2017

Week #12 has arrived with this Summer anime season. What’s in store this week?!