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Character Spotlight: Ikta Solork

As you’ve probably noticed from the number of Character Spotlights I’ve done over this year, there’s almost zero male characters that get this treatment. That’s because well, let’s be honest…most male anime characters when it comes to the shows I enjoy watching, they’re dumb as fuck. They’re usually not that interesting. Ikta from Alderamin on […]

Character Spotlight: Kou Yagami

Last week, we shined the spotlight on my favourite character from the recent anime, New Game!, Hifumi. This week, we take a look at the girl above Hifumi and the other character designers and my second favourite character from the show, Kou Yagami. So take off your pants, get comfortable and let’s talk about this blonde […]

Character Spotlight: Hifumi Takimoto

Tomorrow the Anime Spotlight will be shined on my favourite anime of the summer season this year, New Game!, but since the Character Spotlight comes first, let’s talk about my favourite girl from that show and my favourite girl of the entire season: Hifumi. Hifumi is a part of game developer, Eagle Jump’s character design team. […]

Character Spotlight: Nayu Hayama

In a world where generally speaking the average anime girl would freak out (and then some) if anyone caught them holding a pair of underwear, let alone seeing them wearing underwear, you would think a show all about underwear would be an endless supply of slaps to the face, right? But then you see the […]

Character Spotlight: Vash the Stampede

This might be a shorter article, specifically because there’s only a certain part of the entire Trigun series that I really enjoyed and that’s the goofier first half of the anime series. The more dark and serious half of Trigun was not my forte nearly as much. And that’s large in part due to the show’s main […]

Character Spotlight: Cayde-6

I’m a huge Destiny player. So in honour of the new Rise of Iron expansion that just came out on Tuesday, I thought it’d be a great idea to gush about my favourite character in the series thus far, Cayde-6. For those unfamiliar with the series, Cayde-6 is an Exo, a race of humanoid machines. […]

Character Spotlight: Seishirou Tsugumi

I don’t know how the core audiences in Japan are when it comes to anime and the various cliches and plot devices that are used in various shows. But I feel like if there’s any cliche in anime that I don’t understand how it gets drawn up like it will totally fool people, it’s female […]