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[VIDEO] The Walmart Canada E3 Leaks To Me Aren’t Anything Special

Whether true or not, everyone’s talking about the Walmart Canada E3 leaks and quite honestly, there really isn’t much there in the way of overwhelming surprises.

[VIDEO] Will Warmind Bring Me Back To Destiny 2?

Warmind is coming out this Tuesday and I haven’t played D2 this entire year. With changes coming and the positive vibes starting to come back, will Warmind be the DLC to bring me fully back to the game, or will it just be another expansion that gets a couple weeks of playtime?

[VIDEO] Should Gaming Addiction Be Classified As A Mental Disorder?

The short answer is yes. The long answer comes with A LOT of potential worries in doing such.

[VIDEO] Why Are “Gamer Girls” Still A Thing?!

Apparently in 2018, we still have morons who think a girl playing the same game as them is a dangerous thing and could possibly “ruin” the community. On the other side though, journalists act like women are the only ones who take the hit online. Let’s discuss what the real course of action should be.

[VIDEO] Fox and Trump STILL Think Video Games Cause Violence?!

Apologies in advance for the level of anger in this video, but this subject is one that elicits such reactions from me. It’s obvious, the data exists, but still there are people out there who believe video games have a link to real-life violence. And they’re all idiots.

Am I A Gaming Addict? – 20 Questions

So I stumbled across this little questionnaire designed to test you and see if maybe, just maybe you’re addicted to video games…

In Retrospect, Perhaps Destiny 2 Should’ve Been An Expansion

After 150 hours of Destiny 2, I really think that Destiny 2 should’ve been put back on the drawing board for something bigger.