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[VIDEO] Fox and Trump STILL Think Video Games Cause Violence?!

Apologies in advance for the level of anger in this video, but this subject is one that elicits such reactions from me. It’s obvious, the data exists, but still there are people out there who believe video games have a link to real-life violence. And they’re all idiots.

Am I A Gaming Addict? – 20 Questions

So I stumbled across this little questionnaire designed to test you and see if maybe, just maybe you’re addicted to video games…

In Retrospect, Perhaps Destiny 2 Should’ve Been An Expansion

After 150 hours of Destiny 2, I really think that Destiny 2 should’ve been put back on the drawing board for something bigger.

5 Things: JRPGs I’d Love To See Remastered

Final Fantasy VII and Secret of Mana are getting the HD remake treatment, what else is out there deserving of it?

Breathing Space – October 20th, 2017

A new place for me to talk about a myriad of random topics. Topics today include Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XII, the Fall Anime season and Richard Spencer. Yep, I’ve got range.

The Ol’ “Complaining About People Complaining” Stigma

I love Destiny 2. I’m starting to lose love in the people who play the game though.

What The N64 Classic Should Look Like

The SNES Classic is on the way and the NES Classic is making a comeback. So it must be the perfect time to talk about a third entry into the Nintendo Classic market.