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[BLOG] Things Pissing Me Off Today #1

I’m bored as shit, stuck at work and Reddit has already run out of interesting things for me to look through. Welp! Time to start writing again!

No idea how often these’ll happen, hell this might be the only one. But instead of doing one big solo article, since I can save those for YouTube videos, here’s just a list of the things in my head right now that are driving me absolutely fucking crazy!

#1 – The Game Awards/Golden Joysticks

Who knew that an awards show would create so much toxicity in the gaming community, a community that has defined itself as being one of, if not the most toxic places on the internet. And with The Last of Us: Part II racking up Golden Joystick awards with the Geoff Keighley run extravaganza, The Game Awards looming near, the toxic fanboys who want politics out of their video games (despite the vast majority of their favourite games being VERY political…) are screaming bloody murder at a game that dares to be a winner, instead of the game(s) they want to win.

First of all, it’s a fucking awards show. When have awards shows EVER been in your favour? I figured out from a pretty young age that awards shows weren’t for me when teenage heartthrobs were walking away with surfboards every year instead of the cool, badass people that were also nominated as a formality to please the rest of the crowd. The Oscars mostly feature films that few people watch until the list comes out, the Grammys are mostly mainstream acts or artsy acts that no one’s heard of. Why would a video game award show be any different?

Granted, if there is any awards show that is the closest to its fanbase, The Game Awards probably falls into that category, though granted it has more to do with the smaller base of content to choose from, as well a viewer base that’s relatively consistent and together in deciding what games should be nominated for certain awards. I think it’s fair to say that almost all gamers out there who read the Game of the Year list for The Game Awards looked at it and went “Yeah, that makes sense.” and started making their predictions.

However, a small sector of the community seems to think that because they don’t like the politics of a video game, that it shouldn’t be allowed to win. The Last of Us: Part II, I’m not going to pretend I played it, hell, I’m not even going to pretend I liked it. I hated the first game, thought it did a terrible job of pulling me in and the gameplay to me was atrocious. I read the story leaks that came out for the sequel and I thought that on paper it was a shit story. But that’s my opinion, and clearly the opinion of a lot of reviewers and gamers alike thought it was not only a good game, but one of the best. I may disagree with that, but it doesn’t mean other people can have a different opinion.

One of my favourite games from last year, Trails of Cold Steel III, to my knowledge has zero nominations on major game awards lists. Did that affect my love and enjoyment of the game, absolutely not. Does The Last of Us: Part II potentially winning Game of the Year this year make me suddenly stop enjoying gaming, or the games that I played this year, of course not. These are toxic “gamers” who are mad that a game they didn’t like, for reasons that honestly do not fucking matter, won. And I use the term “gamers” loosely to describe them, because any self-respecting gamer would recognize that having differing opinions on the industry, community and games alike, are a must. Not this bullshit, SJW vs Anti-SJW culture war that I admittedly spent way too much time into during the Gamergate controversy.

If you are one of the people absolutely malding over The Last of Us: Part II winning Golden Joysticks and potentially awards from Geoff Keighley, answer me this one question: How does this affect you personally? I would love to know how a video game winning an arbitrary and meaningless award affects your enjoyment of other games that you enjoy. If Naughty Dog takes a bunch of awards home, I’m not going to stop enjoying Yakuza, Trails of Cold Steel, Cyberpunk (assuming it ever comes out) or any other game series that I enjoy.

Stop wasting your life away in this culture war bullshit. You guys all claim that you want politics out of your games, but you damn well know that most of the games that are in your Top 10 have political themes in them, they’re just not the politics you’re against. You guys claim to be for gamers, but you raise your torches against any game or gamer that is different than the vision you have for the industry.

You want to enjoy gaming again? Go back to when you were thinking about political implications in games. Stop playing games looking for stuff to nit-pick and start playing games just to have fun again. I used to be like you and believe me, I’m having a fucking blast playing games like I used to when I was younger. It’s great enjoying a story when I’m not worried about the race, gender, sexuality and/or political stances within the game I’m playing.

#2 – The Blame Game on Console Scalpers

Holy fucking shit what is wrong with people? A lot of us tried to get PS5s at launch day and failed to do so. Some consoles got bought by bots and scalpers, but the vast majority of them went to people who wanted them.

But instead of pointing the blame at retailers for not using captchas and things like that (or personally my favourite option, which is not getting mad at all), people are pointing the finger at Sony for the scalper problem. Y’know that makes perfect sense, despite the fact that Sony has ZERO CONTROL over what retailers do when selling their content. Oh, what’s that? You think they do? Yeah okay, you try to tell Wal-Mart exactly how they have to sell your product and see how that goes for you.

Point your fingers at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, EB Games/Gamestop, Amazon, or whoever else sold consoles online without doing things like adding captchas, one console per person, or anything else that would’ve maybe not stopped bots/scalpers, but at least would’ve limited them a little more. But no, instead you point at the company who produces the console that you’re still going to buy and some of you even swallowed the ultimate bitter pill and spent more than retail price from these scalpers.

I get it, you’re mad you don’t have a PS5. You’re not alone. But holy shit you guys need to channel your anger in a different way. You’re so far off the mark on this one that I’m not even sure you’re in the same dimension as me.


All right, that’s it for this round of annoyances. Who knows when the next one will be, but for now that’ll do it!

Let me know what you think about these two issues in the comments below!

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