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[VIDEO] A Year Without TotalBiscuit: Remembering John Bain

A full year has passed and I still miss him as much as I did the day he passed away. Rest in peace, TB.

Dumb Things Gamers Say #2 – Everyone Should Be Done With Battle Royale

Today in dumb things I saw gamers saying online, people think that no one should still be playing battle royale games, because apparently we all think the same way.

What I Hope Borderlands 3 Is, But Won’t Be

I know Borderlands 3 won’t be a looter shooter MMO, like Destiny…but let me tell you why it should be!

Dumb Things Gamers Say #1 – Being Mad About Free Things

Apparently there are people out there in the gaming community who don’t appreciate that a beloved fighting game has a free version of it. So let’s talk about why they’re dumb.

[REVIEW] Kingdom Hearts III

After over a decade of waiting, can the third console game in the series live up to its long hype? The short answer, is an emphatic yes.

50 Hours In, Still In Love With Kingdom Hearts 3

I’m just shy of 50 hours into KH3. I know I’m at the last possible point before the final boss, so I’m out grinding and finishing all the sidequests I want to do beforehand. So I know the end is near, at least for now, assuming there is DLC coming later on. And I’ve gotta […]

Yes, I Would Love A “Fantasy” Final Fantasy Game Again

A comment made from FFXIV director/producer Naoki Yoshida certainly caught my attention in the idea of a Final Fantasy game that breaks away from what we’ve seen since the 3D era.