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Easy Modes And Yes, Terry Bogard Is In Smash | Radical Rant Podcast

Can We Just Stop Fighting?! | Radical Rant Podcast

Radical Rant Podcast – August 14th, 2019

[VIDEO] A Year Without TotalBiscuit: Remembering John Bain

A full year has passed and I still miss him as much as I did the day he passed away. Rest in peace, TB.

Dumb Things Gamers Say #2 – Everyone Should Be Done With Battle Royale

Today in dumb things I saw gamers saying online, people think that no one should still be playing battle royale games, because apparently we all think the same way.

What I Hope Borderlands 3 Is, But Won’t Be

I know Borderlands 3 won’t be a looter shooter MMO, like Destiny…but let me tell you why it should be!

Dumb Things Gamers Say #1 – Being Mad About Free Things

Apparently there are people out there in the gaming community who don’t appreciate that a beloved fighting game has a free version of it. So let’s talk about why they’re dumb.