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[VIDEO] There Is Fit Shaming Within The Gaming Community Too

The story about a gym’s sign has reinvigorated me and caused me to go back to a well that really needs to be looked at again, the idea that there’s a lot of fit shaming in video gaming that goes completely unchecked.

[VIDEO] Should Sony Allow Cross Play?

The short answer is yes.
The long answer…is yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss.

[VIDEO] I Can’t Get Into Twitch & eSports

This is by no means a shot at Twitch streamers or various eSports leagues and tournaments. It’s just that for whatever reason, I can’t seem to get into that scene…

[VIDEO] Male Characters Need “Sexy Armor” Too

I have zero problem with games, anime, etc. having female characters in more sexualized-looking armor. But if the create-a-character women are wearing revealing armor, so should the men. It’s only fair.

[VIDEO] There Is No Battlefield V Controversy

One side is arguing about historical accuracy, the other is arguing about equality, sexism and all that lovely stuff. Alas, artistic freedom once again is taking a back seat to another pointless war being fought on social media.

[VIDEO] Do I Play As A Male Or Female Character In Games?

An interesting question was posed to me when I was browsing online one day. What gender do I play as when playing video games? It’s actually a little more complex than you’d think.

“Cost Per Hour” Is Fine For Those Who Would Use It

Apparently “cost per hour” is becoming a problem to some people in the gaming community. The reality? There’s nothing wrong, of course.