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R.I.P. Dick Dale (1937-2019)

Rest in peace to the guy who helped me learn how to play the guitar way faster than I ever needed to.

Top 10 Songs I’ve Performed To An Audience

The last Top 10 in my personal music series, this Top 10 is about songs I’ve actually performed in front of people in an audience capacity.

Top 10 Songs I Enjoy Singing

So two weeks ago I did a Top 10 list for songs I enjoy playing again and again on my guitar. I had a blast making that list and yes, I did play many of these songs right after I finished writing that article. So this week, I’m going to the other part I enjoy […]

Top 10 Songs I Enjoy Playing On My Guitar

I can’t believe after having a massive writer’s block, I never thought of a Top 10 like this one. It’s not like I recently did a Top 10 about anime opening themes and talked about enjoying playing a couple of them on guitar or anything, right? So now my brain has kicked into full gear again […]

[Review] Dropkick Murphys – 11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory

I take my first listen of the newest studio album by the band in 4 years and see how it shakes out!

Top 10 Bands I Want To See Live

Last week’s Top 10 featured my favourite bands that I’ve had the privilege to watch live in concert. This week we take a different approach, this time around it’s the Top 10 bands that I want to see live in concert! The rules for this list is simple, only bands that could conceivably put together […]

Top 10 Bands I’ve Watched Live

I’m 28 years old, so I’ve had a number of years to find and listen to a ton of music. I’ve also had plenty of time to go and see a bunch of these bands live in concert. So this week, we’re taking a break from 11 straight weeks of anime girls and having a […]