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[VIDEO] Morgan Rielly: The Man Who Didn’t Utter A Homophobic Slur

A true representation of how quickly information can change, this video was going to be completely different when I first heard the story of Morgan Rielly allegedly using a homophobic slur during a hockey game. Now with all the information out, this video turns into just another case of people not waiting to hear all the facts first.

This Covington Story Is Making Me Lose Any Remaining Trust In People

I stayed away from this story. But because of the actions of those who didn’t stay away, I fear that dark days are coming our way.

[VIDEO] Forcing Political Attack Ads To Offer A Rebuttal Or Solution

After enduring a rather irritating provincial election here in Ontario, Canada, I’m starting to specifically get tired of all the horrendous attack ads you see on TV and hear on radio. Here’s my case for what needs to be tweaked with these ads.

[VIDEO] Should the Voting Age Be Lowered to 16?

Here in Canada, the Ontario provincial government is playing with the idea of lowering the voting age to 16. However, I think that is an absolutely terrible idea…