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This Covington Story Is Making Me Lose Any Remaining Trust In People

Like any and all political stories that come out into the lovely ether that is the internet, I do not get involved right away. I have learned that time and time again, there’s nothing to be had by reacting to what at first glance is being shown as a despicable and appalling story.

Now I saw the initial report of what happened in D.C. between Native American elder Nathan Phillips and students from Covington Catholic High School, in particular one student who on camera stood there and “grinned” at Phillips as he played a drum and chanted what he claims were songs of peace. Taking the reported context aside of the MAGA hats (we seriously need to have a conversation about these fucking things…) and “Build the wall!” cheers aside, the video itself is laughable, there’s nothing truly of note here. So when the context is what supposedly makes the story, I know better than to react. Context is easy to misrepresent, misjudge and carry mass amounts of bias.

Lo and behold, more video footage comes out and a third party of “Black Isrealites” are involved, shouting obscenities and horrible things at the students, Phillips appears to be the one that gets in the middle of things, including getting right in that one student’s face, seemingly unprovoked, and by all accounts, the students…really didn’t do anything. Even now, there’s still more footage and more claims being made, so this story as pointless as it should have been in the first place, it looks like it’s not ending anytime soon.

This story should have been a nothing story, it never should have gotten remotely close to the polarizing story it’s been. It’s starting to feel like all the Antifa riots, the alt-right marches and everything else that’s gone on in the past few years especially, none of them matter now, because a kid had a smug look on his face and was wearing a MAGA hat. Seriously, this is the kind of insanity we’ve become. We’re not worrying about real violence, going on in the real world, we’re worrying about an event that without any symbolism involved, was a kid smiling at someone drumming.

The reactions and the backlash have been the absolute worst. People who have actual influence, whether members of the media, celebrities and more, they’re calling for violence, if not death on this kid and the rest of the students that were there. For smiling. People want him dead, because he was smiling. Do we truly sound like first-world nations anymore? Because this is bottom of the barrel, third-world, poor as all hell, tyrannically run nations kind of stuff. This kind of bullshit shouldn’t be happening in America and yet the people at the top allow it.

Both sides are to blame, because both sides refuse to back down, to keep their mouths shut. After more footage came out, showing the students not being the perpetrators, the flood of right-wing anger ran amuck and the leftists who didn’t take a moment to relax and just admit they didn’t have all the facts, they doubled down. This story is becoming the absolute proof we need, to show that this has become more than a debate between the left and the right.

It has become a civil war.

Mark my words, this is not going to get better, at least not remotely anytime soon. I’ve thought several times before, since Trump’s election that this virtue signalling, endless parading of bigotry on both sides, it would ease up as people learned that their way of thinking wasn’t working. But the reality is that it’s only made them more aggressive, more angry, and more violent. I said after Charlottesville that this was only going to result in further violence and eventually result in a, albeit minor, present day version of the Civil War.

I do not like that this is happening, but I am convinced now that it is going to get worse and we’re going to start seeing more rioting in the streets and major names in different fields will be killed in the process of this. Whether it’s a politician, a celebrity, a reporter, a public speaker or even an internet personality, by the end of this year we’ll have a major shooting or something similarly happen to a major name, because of this political unrest. I don’t know who, nor what side of the political spectrum that person will be on, but it will happen and that will start the chain. One will fall and that side will take revenge. And thus, the snowball will begin to roll.

I thought Donald Trump being elected President would open people’s eyes to the ridiculousness, but I was wrong. I thought Charlottesville would open people’s eyes to the ridiculousness, but I was wrong. Continuously, again and again and again and again, I’ve been shown to be wrong. It’s not getting better and it’s gotten worse enough times that I can’t fool myself any longer. It’s going to get worse, things are going to get even more polarizing, the lies will be spread wider and those lies will be even more insane. More people will be out of work and more people will be hospitalized, if not killed. And what’s even scarier to me is that I don’t know how it ends, if it ever will. We’re going downhill and the brakes aren’t working.

I cannot trust what I read anymore, I cannot trust what I’m told anymore. Facts don’t mean anything, opinions are only allowed if they coincide with another’s, and my ability to speak is apparently regulated by what I am on the outside, regardless of the fact I had no choice over it. I feel like I need to pull from Stone Cold Steve Austin and adopt his DTA creed, “Don’t Trust Anybody”.

This whole story revolves around kids and people are calling for their heads like they all slit the throats of babies live on camera. And the fact that major influencers are not backing down and YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many news outlets are either defending them or straight up being ignorant of it, that’s the scariest thing of all. That you can tell people to kill a kid who did nothing and there’s zero consequences for doing so.

I used to joke about how I’m going to hell, that all the fun people will be down there and the barbecue will be fantastic. The longer I’m alive though, the less appealing hell is becoming to me. I’m starting to fear there won’t be any room left.