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[VIDEO] Rotten Tomatoes To Silence “Racist” Negative Reviews of Black Panther?

When the possibility of a few losers who want to post negative review fan scores online for a “black superhero film” is looming, what’s the smart thing to do? That’s right, absolutely nothing. But Rotten Tomatoes would rather make a stink about it and call anyone who potentially doesn’t give Black Panther a shining rating, a racist.

Gonna Be A Little Less Wordy And A Lot More Yelly

This one’s pretty straight-forward. I’m at work currently typing this out cause I’m bored as hell and I don’t want to do this when I get home. The amount of articles I write are going to go down, in the sense of that apart from the weekly anime episodic reviews I do, I may not […]

10 Questions “Feminists Should Ask Me On A First Date”

I need to stop surfing the internet once in a while…

Twitter’s Boring…

Twitter’s going on a censorship parade and I’m talking to walls. Maybe it’s time for a change…

Am I A Gaming Addict? – 20 Questions

So I stumbled across this little questionnaire designed to test you and see if maybe, just maybe you’re addicted to video games…

Two Years At Radical Rants!

Y’know, part of me wasn’t even sure I’d still be doing this after two months. But two years later?! WOW!

Dear Kotaku, We Don’t Need Blatant LGBTQ Representation In Movies

Valkyrie in the Thor canon is bisexual. According to Kotaku, that means we have to see at least a couple naked women emerge from her bed in order to signify that.