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The Ol’ “Complaining About People Complaining” Stigma

I love Destiny 2. I’m starting to lose love in the people who play the game though.


Summer Is A Great Excuse To Not Wear Pants

Not that I needed a reason to do so, but hey, why the hell not?!

ConBravo 2017 – One Step Closer to Greatness

Four years in a row I’ve gone to this small Canadian convention and each year it continues to take steps forward.

[NSFW] Fantasies Changing With The Times

For many as we get older, a lot of things expand in our minds. But we’re going to have fun and talk about the sexy side of our minds expanding and opening up to more options.

If You Hear Someone Getting Harassed In An Online Game, Don’t Stay Silent: How It Should’ve Been Written

I lied when I said in my previous article that I’d take an hour or so. It only took me 30 minutes to properly write an article on this subject.

I Need To Stop Reading Cecilia D’Anastasio’s Articles…

I mean, I should stop reading Kotaku entirely, but there’s so much good shit to dig into…

[NSFW] Artist Spotlight: Mazjojo/Zamius

It’s very rare for me to follow anime artists and know them by their artist name. For being the ones who opened me up to a whole new world of my sexuality, Mazjojo and Zamius deserve the spotlight for being such fantastic artists.