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Hi! (I Couldn’t Think Of A Clever Title…)

Because I gotta write something once in a while (or almost exactly 4 months), right?

It’s Weird Doing Videos Again

Especially when I’ve gotten so used to posting on the blog as my lone source.

Things I Liked In 2018

So I said recently that I hate Best of the Year kind of conversations, so in response to that, here is a list of things from various categories that I don’t necessarily think is the best thing this year, but my favourite things from 2018.

I Hate ______ of the Year Conversations

Another year is about to end so naturally it’s time for every journalist to tell you what the best thing was. Me? I just wanna talk about what was good.

The Evolution Of My Bisexuality

I happened to be looking through my old posts and found a specific article I wrote almost exactly a year ago. I felt it’d be interesting to talk about things further…

[QUICKIE] “10 Ways I Can Actively Reject My White Privilege”?!

Came across a lovely list that’s totally not racist. But let’s tackle it, shall we?

[VIDEO] Rotten Tomatoes To Silence “Racist” Negative Reviews of Black Panther?

When the possibility of a few losers who want to post negative review fan scores online for a “black superhero film” is looming, what’s the smart thing to do? That’s right, absolutely nothing. But Rotten Tomatoes would rather make a stink about it and call anyone who potentially doesn’t give Black Panther a shining rating, a racist.