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[VIDEO] Fox and Trump STILL Think Video Games Cause Violence?!

Apologies in advance for the level of anger in this video, but this subject is one that elicits such reactions from me. It’s obvious, the data exists, but still there are people out there who believe video games have a link to real-life violence. And they’re all idiots.

Week #8 Is Delayed

Just a quick update, the Week #8 anime episodic reviews will not be up tomorrow at noon like normal. Not getting home till stupid late tonight because I’m working well beyond overtime. Can’t say for sure when it will be up, but I’m pretty sure (unless shit really hits the fan) it’ll be up by […]

Let Them Eat Tide Pods

Everyone’s telling you to stop doing the Tide Pod Challenge. I’ve got a different idea…

Street Fighter Lingerie? That’s A Start!

It may not be sold here in the West, but the Japanese are at least keeping my dream alive!

A Meme Has Shaken My Trust In My Favourite YouTubers

Yup, a single meme asked at a convention Q&A has made me question whether I can trust some of my favourite YouTubers of the last five years.

SGDQ: The Second Time Every Year That I Watch Speedrunning

I’ve never really been into speedrunning, but two times a year it’s the biggest thing for me.

On Hold: Waifus and Cuties

This is nowhere near me shutting down, but it’s definitely time to change how I go about things on this page, for my own sake.