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Week #8 Is Delayed

Just a quick update, the Week #8 anime episodic reviews will not be up tomorrow at noon like normal. Not getting home till stupid late tonight because I’m working well beyond overtime. Can’t say for sure when it will be up, but I’m pretty sure (unless shit really hits the fan) it’ll be up by Friday.


Let Them Eat Tide Pods

This will be pretty straight-forward, I don’t feel like I need to explain much here.

If you have any awareness of things on the internet, you’ve no doubtedly come across the many stories about the “Tide Pod Challenge” where essentially a bunch of retarded adults and kids are getting the bright idea to try and eat a Tide Pod in the same way we challenged people to do other things like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and of course, dumb challenges like the Cinnamon Challenge.

Now I don’t think anyone reading this needs to be told how dangerous it is to try and consume laundry detergent, aka poison. So instead of doing what every other YouTuber and journalist out there is doing, I’m going to do the opposite.

If you have the inclination to do the Tide Pod Challenge, go for it. If you truly are so stupid that you think it’s a good idea, whether you’ll get views or not, then go right ahead and take a bite in that delicious looking poison gummy candy. If you’re so willing to put yourself in a hospital or even a casket, I’m not going to stop you. It’s your body, you get to choose what to do with it, but if you’re going to abuse it, be prepared to suffer the consequences. I will not pity you, I will not give you any sympathy, nor do you deserve it. If you’re going to do something absolutely retarded, I will not treat you like someone worth caring about, because clearly you don’t care about yourself.

And besides, natural selection has been lazy as of late, so fuck it, let’s thin out the herd a little bit more, shall we?

Street Fighter Lingerie? That’s A Start!

I’ve been saying for a little while now that I want gaming and anime-related clothing to be more of a normal thing you see in your average clothing stores. Whether it’s graphic tees, dresses, hats, swimwear and yes of course underwear, I want to see all of these things become something you see not just in niche stores like Hot Topic and on various niche websites, I want to see more well-known clothing stores to carry their own lines of nerdy-themed stuff.

And while this isn’t quite what I’m looking for, anything that adds onto the amount of choices consumers have to buy nerd gear, I’m all for it. Though granted this one’s quite…interesting?

Street Fighter underwear, folks! Specifically, Chun-Li and Cammy underwear. Now while the Chun-Li set definitely matches, the Cammy one’s a bit odd, don’t you think? I mean…it’s not a one-piece. Why isn’t it a one-piece?! I mean to be fair, if I was going to make anything Cammy-related, it probably makes more sense to make a one-piece swimsuit rather than underwear, but hey what do I care? At the end of the day, it’s more stuff that in this case, girls can buy and wear.

The sets are being produced and sold by a Japanese company called SuperGroupies (perfect name!) and they produce a lot of anime and gaming-related gear. This is just another round of stuff in their underwear collection, but this is arguably the first one to really take a stab at a major franchise (not that I can tell with any of the others sets they sell. I also can’t read Japanese…) like Street Fighter.

All in all, they look good, but I personally think the skirt was a weird choice, could’ve gone the boyshorts route with Chun-Li’s set and like I said earlier, Cammy’s is off considering her character. But on the models? They look fantastic.

I just want to see more stuff like this and going beyond just Japanese boutique stuff, I want to see Western markets take a shot at these things as well. It doesn’t have to be over-the-top and it doesn’t have to hit your over the head repeatedly with logos a’plenty on the clothes as if they’re trying to scream “WE’RE A POP CULTURE REFERENCE!!!” over and over again. I always go back to the example of Chrom’s swimsuit as it doesn’t look obvious that it’s meant to be from something, it looks like if anything, it’s boutique swimwear where the company REALLY likes their logo.

So when it comes to underwear for example, let’s try not to be too flashy. You can have Sailor Moon underwear without having a giant bow in the middle, you can have Batman underwear without a hundred logos on it, you can have Zelda underwear without having a giant triforce over the crotch. Let’s figure it out, folks! Because as soon as we do, there’s going to be a market ready for it, especially if it’s not ridiculously overpriced, as admittedly these Street Fighter sets are, priced at around $70 (Cammy) and $80 (Chun-Li) respectively. But then again, women’s underwear is stupidly expensive, so maybe that’s either the right price or just a little cheaper? I don’t know, you tell me, ladies!

So yeah, more of this please! I need some Mass Effect N7 boxers and some Overwatch Soldier 76 briefs. Get on it!

A Meme Has Shaken My Trust In My Favourite YouTubers

For a few years now, my biggest idols on YouTube have been the three heads of the Co-optional Podcast, that being TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox and Dodger. I have been a fan of all three since their TGS days and have grown fonder of them, in particular John “TotalBiscuit” Bain in the past couple years as he’s been at the forefront of journalist integrity when the vast majority of games journalism hasn’t not been so trustworthy in recent memory.

But at this year’s CoxCon, a convention in the UK that features these YouTube celebrities, as well as others, my confidence with them has shaken just a tiny bit over the reaction to a three-word question that set off a firestorm that resulted in more than just laughing a silly question off.

So what was the question that caused the entire chain of events? Well…here it is:

Yup. That was it. “Are traps gay?”. A meme. A fucking meme! Granted, if you don’t know the meme, sure the question catches you off-guard and in fact I think Jesse’s initial reaction of “W-WHAT?!!” was about the right reaction. That’s a ridiculous random question that’s being asked during a Q&A full of fans asking them stuff about their content, the gaming industry and other casual topics. That question would certainly throw you off, but I’m trying to understand here why this became such an “offensive, transphobic” moment at the convention.

Even worse, the head of the outrage has not been Jesse, the personality the convention it’s named after. It’s my favourite YouTuber, TotalBiscuit who’s at the forefront of the reactions to this question:

First of all, the question is not transphobic. The term ‘trap’ is a made-up word that came out of 4chan through the classic Star Wars quote from Admiral Ackbar “It’s a trap!” to describe transsexual or androgynous people or fictional characters that look like a women but have male genitalia and coerce men into having sex with them, without these men knowing what’s hiding underneath. Which by the way, any person who does that to anyone, you’re a disgraceful human being, that’s the kind of shit you HAVE to announce to someone you’re trying to have sex with.

The “are traps gay?” question is nothing more than a meme, a silly debate on internet forums over whether being attracted to a trans-woman would be considered homosexual. I can’t answer that question myself through my own feelings, considering I’m bisexual, so my attraction to more feminine-looking males doesn’t exactly answer that question either. But taking the core concepts of this question into mind, it’s pretty simple, being attracted to a trap in the end is gay. If you don’t know that person’s a trap, then you didn’t know. But if you do know, or if you find out and you’re still in, guess what? You like having sex with men, so you’re either gay or bi.

Anyways, that debate aside, the idea that TB’s now asking people to rat this guy out for asking a stupid question. Like come on, did it need to go that far? It happened, it’s over, it didn’t offend anyone (I challenge you to explain to me why it is offensive), now move on and continue enjoying the convention. Everyone will forget moments after when they get to meet you in person, John and the rest of the internet will forget in about…oh wait, they’ve already forgotten.

But instead, you had to keep going, didn’t you John?

You removed him from the event? Really? It was that bad? Not only that, but from what I’ve read and heard, there isn’t any refunds given out for tickets at the convention. So this guy for saying a meme into the microphone, he had to be removed, because him being there, even though few saw what he looked like and would have forgotten moments after, he was a cancer and would’ve made everyone’s life miserable for the rest of the convention.

Come on, TB…

This is just a small thing that irked me. So you basically made a donation under 100 bucks to a LGBT charity. Allow me to give you a slow clap, John. Oh and by the way, if that charity was so important, what’s this about not making a sizeable donation before this event. It comes off more like you’re trying to win new fans over with this, John.

Because at no point in your career, in Jesse’s career, in Dodger’s career or anyone else in your circle, you’ve never been an internet edgelord? And for fuck’s sake, John, this comment screams of “If you have a different opinion than us, you don’t belong here.”, which by the way, really hypocritical for someone who was against the whole GamerGate debacle when that happened.

Isn’t the whole idea for the gaming industry to be inclusive to as many people as possible? Because it looks like to me that you just want those people to be within your ideology as well.

Because every single person that disagrees with you must be someone you wouldn’t want to have around you? Listen to yourself, John! Fuck man, one of my best friends is someone I disagree with on major and I mean MAJOR issues and we’ve had mini heated debates before and yet we’re still the best of friends. You’re just putting a massive amount of assumptions on people for the sole reason that they disagreed with your decision to remove a person from not just the panel (which would’ve been fine), but the entire convention just because he spouted a meme like a fucking idiot!

Holy crap, John! Like, I totally get you not wanting certain types of people in your circle, I get that, I wouldn’t want an extremist feminist in my inner circle either. But not everyone who disagrees with a single opinion you hold is necessarily that type of person you don’t want around you. It’s a single case, John, not a pattern of behaviour.

This is the tweet that pissed me off the most. You’re basically saying that you’re okay with shutting people down just because they’re making noise, not because they’re doing any real damage. You’ve been against censorship, false DMCA claims, people taking other people’s YouTube channels down, all this crazy shit, yet if someone annoys you ever so slightly, you feel vindicated to completely remove someone or something out of your existence.

Fuck man, for someone who tries to act like an intelligent guy among the commoners, you’re showing an extreme elitist attitude towards things, John. Like holy shit dude, a tweet like that makes me really question whether you’re someone I can trust now, because you’ve shown a lack of willingness to be open-minded. This isn’t remotely as serious as you acted like it was in this case, the guy didn’t ask “Is it okay to hate transgendered people?”, he asked “Are traps gay?” a meme and honestly a more interesting discussion than people think it is, because they’re too busy getting offended or on edge because the question involves transgendered people, a topic that gets anyone and everyone extremely triggered right now.

In the end, all I’ve gotta say is that for the first time, my confidence in some of my favourite YouTube personalities is wavering, especially with my favourite YouTuber ever, TotalBiscuit. And in a time where I’ve pretty much stop listening to Jim Sterling and I’m hearing about some of the shit Angry Joe is saying, I’m really starting to fear a time where my entire subscription list will flip upside down.

That’s something I don’t want to do and thought I’d never do.

SGDQ: The Second Time Every Year That I Watch Speedrunning

I’m not a speedrunner. I don’t really watch speedrunners. Hell, I rarely even watch anything on Twitch.

But when January and this time specifically, July rolls around: I’m jumping head-first into the world of speedrunning for Summer Games Done Quick.

From July 2nd to July 9th, speedrunners and fans within the speedrunning community will come from around the world to a single place where all day and all night, players will be showcasing their amazing skills at getting through some of your favourite games in record time. Whether it’s newer games like Nier: Automata, to classics like Super Metroid, there is a ton of awesome material for you to watch and with the players and their friends sitting nearby, it’s also a great tool to learn how the mind-blowing feats you’re watching came to be.

I got first introduced to this event with last year’s SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick), where I saw a few really cool clips after the event had already ended. So I ventured this year when AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick) swung on by in January, to actually watch the stream and check out a ton of content there. I wasn’t disappointed, I saw some incredible stuff, like Mario Bros. races and a guy doing Super Mario World as fast as possible WITHOUT EVER USING A MUSHROOM!!!

EDIT: I am an idiot, that Mario run was from SGDQ last year, seen here.

Those are just a couple examples, but there are over 100 games played every event, there is guaranteed to be something for to watch with great interest.

It also goes to a great cause in Doctors Without Borders which (via the GDQ website) is an international medical humanitarian organization providing aid in nearly 70 countries to people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect or catastrophe, primarily due to armed conflict, epidemics, exclusion from health care, natural disasters, or malnutrition. MSF provides independent, impartial assistance to those most in need. MSF reserves the right to speak out to bring attention to neglected crises, to challenge inadequacies or abuse of the aid system, and to advocate for improved medical treatments and protocol. In 1999, MSF was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work.

The last event being AGDQ in January did an unbelievable amount in donations, totalling $2,222,790.52! This event hopes to do the same and hopefully it picks up, as at the time I’m typing this, it’s just before 2pm EST on Monday and they’re only at $158,000.

So if you’re not checking out this event, do so! And also please donate to the cause as well, support these awesome charity event that has quickly (pun intended) become my favourite event to watch.


On Hold: Waifus and Cuties

Long story short, the Waifu and Cutie weeklies on Mondays and Tuesdays are going to be put on hold for a while. I’m not necessarily cancelling them, but it’s time for me to relax a bit on these kinds of articles.

It’s never easy coming to these kinds of decisions, but in the end you have to do the things that will help your sanity more than anything else. What’s happened to me in the last month or so is not anything negative towards this page or the articles, but my own real life. There is so much more going on now that I cannot spend hours writing articles about how sexy a girl looks or how worthy of being my wife a fictional female character is. I don’t dislike writing those articles, they’ve always been fun, but I’m sacrificing too many other things because I’m writing them.

I work full-time, I go out with friends every other day of the week, I play two recreational sports every season of the year and on top of that, I’m still trying to listen to podcasts, watch anime, play video games, all the other kinds of things I do that make me happy as well. Unfortunately, being on a precise schedule with articles on here interrupts that and in fact it’s to the point that I’m not getting a lot of free time to do anything anymore.

And that’s the biggest thing, I’ve essentially lost almost all my free time I’ve had left because I spend a few hours typing up stuff like I’ve been posting for a while now. Because of it, I haven’t had time to play the last dungeon of Persona 5, to the point I might actually never finish i now, because it’s been too long and I’ve lost interest (mostly because I finally bought Horizon: Zero Dawn) in finishing it, which sounds so crazy to me, but I’ve had no inkling to turn it back on now, after not playing it for at least a month now.

That’s the scary thing with me, the number of times I’m driving home and instead of just relaxing, I’m spending the entire drive mapping out my schedule for the day so that I get a certain article done so I don’t have to think about it the rest of the week. I never wanted this blog to feel like a job, I wanted it to be something fun that I did. So what I want to do now, is alleviate that thought in my head that I have to finish an article by a certain date in order for myself to feel like I accomplished something properly. Instead, I want to feel like anything I’m writing doesn’t need to be due like it’s school homework or anything like that, I want each article I write to feel like something I’m writing out of sudden desire to write it.

Basically, I want anything I post on here to exist because I want to write it, not because I have to write it. So that’s what will change. The only weekly thing that will remain will by my anime viewing, which is easy enough considering I’m going to watch the shows I want to watch anyway, that’s something I’m doing because I want to, every single week. What’ll happen otherwise, is anything I’ll write will be either spur of the moment, or it’ll be recent news that I want to talk about. You saw it, yesterday as well, I have the “Too Much To Write” articles for a bunch of stories I don’t feel I can throw 1000 words at, rather a few stories I can bunch together and get my quick thoughts out about it.

I want to enjoy writing for you guys and I always will to varying levels. But at this current point, I dreaded a full day off because it meant six hours of typing as I tried to knock out 3-4 long articles for the page, plus watching a bunch of anime episodes on top of that. It’s time I started writing for myself again and by doing so, I’ll enjoy it just as much as a I did when I started.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been around here for a while now, I’m shocked you’re still here honestly, I didn’t think I was all that interesting, yet you continue to make feel so goddamn good for coming back and staying engaged with me. So I’d love to hear your thoughts on how things have been here, how I’ve been doing, what the quality of my stuff has been. I’d also love to know what you’d like to see on here, just for curiosity’s sake.

Again, thanks for always stopping by here and I hope to continue to see you on here. And please, don’t feel shy either saying hello and talking to me here on the page, or via my Twitter, I’m always happy to shoot the shit.


Be Back Soon!

Just a quick post to give you all a heads up that I will be gone from Saturday until Tuesday. My younger brother is getting married over the weekend and then I’m also heading up north to cottage country for some good ol’ R&R afterwards.

Ideally I wanted to have content for you guys at the beginning of the week, aka my usual articles on Monday and Tuesday. But as I’m typing this, it’s literally 10pm at night, I just got home from the wedding rehearsal and dinner and I literally have no time left from now until I get back on Tuesday. I suppose if I REALLY wanted to, I could find some time to write, but I’m gonna be honest, my head will be elsewhere and I should be elsewhere and not on my laptop.

It’s a weird feeling honestly, watching my younger brother prepare to get married in two days. He’s four and a half years younger than me and he’s about to get hitched, it really makes me feel old as fuck, y’know? I’m not too stressed about the whole I’m not married thing, as I’m not all that interested in marriage or a wedding, both myself and my girlfriend aren’t exactly dying to go through all the stress for a single exciting day. Either way, I’m really excited to be at a wedding where I’m not just an outside viewer, this is the first time I’m a part of the groomsmen, it’s gonna be fun.

But yeah, wedding and cottage vacation for the next few days, I’m at least hoping to get you guys Week #12 of anime out for Wednesday like I usually do, no promises of course.

Take ‘er easy!

Yes Kotaku, I’m Aware Women Play Video Games

So once again, Kotaku has succeeded at looking at their entire male viewership and thinking they’re all idiots and assholes. This time, it’s an article so cringe-inducing that I’m shocked someone with any brain cells in their head actually clicked “publish” on this article.

Kirk Hamilton of Kotaku thought it would be a great idea to let us all know that there is a secret fact that we don’t know about. What is that you ask? Well apparently…WOMEN PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!!

(you can view the “amazing” article here)

Now click-bait aside, let’s take this article at its core concept, the idea that we apparently aren’t aware that girls play video games. Let me debunk that in four words: It’s 2017. We know.

But let’s go through his article and tear it apart, shall we?

“Hello! I’ve come here today to explain something that apparently still needs explaining: Women play video games.”

Yeah, we’re living in a world where we can’t go a single day without hearing about women in relation to gaming. I think if we weren’t aware, we are more than aware now.

“I know, it’s a radical concept.”

It’s not.

“(As plenty of you are doubtless aware, it is not a radical concept.)”

Really? Because if it isn’t, why’s it so important for you to tell the world about it?

“Yet here in the year 2017, it’s apparently still really easy to assume that despite the fact that A) video games are awesome and B) video games have been a huge part of mainstream popular culture for decades, women do not play video games. But they do.”

No one thinks this anymore. If they do, it’s in ignorance, not in fact.

“I know that many of you reading this are on the same page. If so, cool. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Yeah…I think that someone like me, even though I am aware of the insane idea of women playing video games being a real thing, if I keep “doing what I’m doing” you still won’t be happy.

“But you may be surprised how many people still think that women, as a general rule, do not play video games. Ask any woman you know—who, again, probably plays video games—and she will likely have a story about someone assuming that she, a woman, does not play video games. Despite the fact that she does.”

Why would I ever ask them that? Instead, here’s a great idea, how about I just talk to them? About anything? Video games aren’t the center of the world, I don’t need to verbally harass them by throwing endless video game conversation at them. If it comes up naturally, then so be it.

“Basically every woman I know who works in games or plays a lot of games regularly has people assume she doesn’t. A quick survey today of several of the women I work alongside at Kotaku confirmed that, yes, this is a frequent occurrence. In fact, for women at game conferences like E3, it often gets a lot worse than having someone assume you don’t play games. The basic truth of the matter still bears repeating, however, so I’m going to repeat it now: Women play video games.”

They’re full of shit. We’re living in a culture and society right now where it’s “cool” to be feminists. And in order to be a feminist, you apparently need to be a victim, so when you’re asked if anyone (aka, a man) has thought you didn’t play video games because you’re a female, you’ll lie and say yes, because it puts you in victim status and keeps the narrative you’re trying to push. I am willing to bet that at best, 10% of these women have actually had this happen to them. Any of the other 90% either are lying or took someone’s (a man’s) words out of context. It’s pure and utter bullshit, no one thinks this in 2017 without being a troll or ironic.

“The assumption I’m talking about is rarely made with the intention of hurting someone’s feelings.”

Bullshit, Kirk. You are triggered as hell about this, or your friends are triggered as hell about it. Because if no one was butthurt about this “issue”, it wouldn’t be a topic that warranted being posted on a website with 10+ million monthly views.

“Like most assumptions, it doesn’t require much thought at all. But if you have ever assumed that maybe women don’t play video games, take this opportunity to remind yourself that in fact, they do.”

I can’t facepalm any harder without actually injuring myself. Someone who is being paid to be a “professional journalist” thought this was a good read, a good article to post.

“If you are a man (or if you’re not!) out at a social gathering, talking with some friends about video games, and a woman comes up and joins the conversation, do yourself a favor: assume she plays video games.”

Because she would totally join a video game centered conversation and partake in the conversation for any other reason other than that she plays video games. No, Kirk, she spends hours every night researching about the latest games, just so she can talk to people, because that’s the only thing us men talk about.

Well if that’s the circumstances we’re working under then, can all the women out there researching video games for conversational purposes, I’ll help you out with further discussion topics that we have. Research anime boobs, metal music and the Action section of Netflix.

“Don’t ask, “do you play video games?” Instead, ask, “what kind of games do you play?”

Or here’s a better idea, don’t change the pace of the conversation and in doing so, draw attention to the “shock” that we have a girl gamer among us. Would it not be more of an “equal footing” thing if the conversation didn’t change, as if nothing abnormal just took place?

“If she says, “Oh, I don’t really play games,” no big deal.”

But apparently it is a big deal, otherwise once again, why are you writing this, Kirk?

“Change the subject to TV, or music, or the weather. (Some people may argue that the weather is not an interesting subject of conversation; I say there’s a reason it’s a conversational default.)”

Don’t tell me what to do. Also, by your situation here, she joined the conversation. I don’t have to change a conversation suddenly just because someone’s left out, they can wait patiently and politely until we finish the conversation we were halfway into. That’s being a proper human being, not catering to someone else’s every whim.

“But if she does play video games, chances are she will have repeatedly dealt with people who assume that she doesn’t. Which is dumb, because women play video games. They just do.”

Thank you so much, Kirk, I feel so informed now!

In all seriousness folks, this may just be one of the dumbest articles I have ever read. The pretentiousness in this article is at such a high level, I’m nearly drowning from it. And it smells like shit so I’d really like to get this out of my mind so I can breathe clean air once again.

It is 2017, the vast majority of women now engage in some sort of video games, whether console, PC, handheld or mobile. You have to have your head so deep into the sand to not know this. After all, where do you think all these new voice actresses are coming from, all these developers, these journalists, hell all these gorgeous girls doing cosplay at every conceivable convention! Women playing video games is almost as obvious a fact as the world being round.

Next time, Kirk, try a different approach. Because this one ain’t cutting it. Maybe switch to how us “disgusting men” think girl gamers look like. Because I could’ve sworn they all look like this:

R.I.P. Adam West (1928-2017)

As I am writing this, about an hour ago we all got the sad news that Adam West has passed away at the age of 88.

Now I’m only 29 years old myself, so I never got to experience the Adam West era of Batman, as most people obviously know him from. Adam West is like many older celebrities to me, he’s not someone I have much experience with, but I absolutely understand the value of what he has done for the industry and the effect he’s had on all of us because of what he did as the original Batman. Without Adam West, who knows what happens after that, is there a future for Batman in terms of film and television? Who knows, there’s so many questions that can be asked. Either way, his value to the industry is second to none, despite how downplayed his tenure as the caped crusader is.

My main experience watching Adam West has been through Family Guy through his many appearances as the mayor of Quahog. Any time I saw Adam West on screen, it was a riot, I was always smiling throughout each and every scene he was in. I’m being serious too, I’m not just saying this because it’s a posthumous piece on him, every scene the Adam West character was in, I loved it. My favourite? Oh, that’s simple:

Mayor Adam West on the phone

“Not the Griffins, you moron! The rest of my Lite Brite pieces! My name isn’t “Adam We”… or is it? Who am I? What number did you call? Don’t ever call here again!”

Hangs up phone.

“I guess I told him! Nobody messes with Adam We.”

I’d love to write a massive article on Adam West, a look back to his career and such. But I will admit I don’t know very much about the man, I’m not a historian and I’m certainly not a journalist. I could go through Wikipedia and copy/paste his history and make it sound like I know more than anyone on the man, but I won’t do that.

Instead, I’ll make this quite simple. There’s been two deaths so far that made me really sad in comparison to all the others so far this year, that being Don Rickles (90) and Bill Paxton (61). Adam West is now the third on this year’s list. His contributions to the many things I love are massive and he is a figure in various cultures that will be dearly missed.

Rest in peace, Adam. Enjoy running around with giant bombs in the afterlife.