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Saturday Morning Rants Are No More

This isn’t a goodbye to rants on the page, just a goodbye to rants on Saturdays at 9am EST.

Saturday Morning Rant: We Need To Figure Out Digital Gaming

Alan Wake will be taken off all digital stores on Monday. That worries me just a little bit…

Saturday Morning Rant: It’s 6am, I’m Sick, I’m Fucked

I think this is one of those times where the title really does explain the article more than any description ever could…

Saturday Morning Rant: ***SPOILERS***

This rant is not about a specific spoiler, but the way that developers are handling them. And it’s getting ridiculous.

Saturday Morning Rant: “It’s Early”

“It’s early.” Those words are ringing in my ears over and over again right now. I’m a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan and at the time I’m writing this, their record is 3-12. For a team that us fans anticipated and expected to compete for a playoff spot, this isn’t exactly the start we were […]

Saturday Morning Rant: Fuck You, Amazon!

Amazon has a new anime streaming service. I cannot watch it, as I’m not American. It has shows I want to watch. I’m not happy.

Saturday Morning Rant: The Term “Mark” (Wrestling)

If you’re a wrestling fan who keeps up with the behind-the-scenes stuff on the internet, you’ve surely heard the term “mark”. For those outside of wrestling here’s the definition of a mark: “A wrestling fan who enthusiastically believes that professional wrestling is not staged, or loses sight of the staged nature of the business while […]