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Saturday Morning Rant: Gamestop…Need I Say More?

Gamestop is planning to close down over 200 stores worldwide? I’m so shocked…

Saturday Morning Rant: Let’s Maybe Not Film Everything…

As WWE Superstar, Paige is learning, this age of cell phones, texting, images, videos, all of it is easy to find, steal and post online for all of the world to see, regardless of how personal and how private they are. How many times have we heard about leaked sex tapes, leaked nude photos, all […]

Saturday Morning Rant: We Get Death Threats Too!

It’s a controversial rant that’s long overdue, but I gotta put my two cents in on feminists using death threats to gain sympathy, while avoiding the reality that they’re not the only ones who get them…

Saturday Morning Rant: The Battle of Avoiding Mass Effect Spoilers

I can’t wait for Mass Effect: Andromeda to come out. I only wish people would stop talking about it until it does…

Saturday Morning Rant: Just Watch It!!!

So I re-discovered one of my biggest pet peeves the other day. So I wanted to show someone the trailer for the upcoming film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, that’s all I wanted to do. Show this person a two-minute trailer. That’s it. Two minutes. Two. Instead of that, I got a long […]

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Saturday Morning Rant: My Golden Rule For Pre-Orders

The reviews are starting to pour in and for Horizon: Zero Dawn, it did not disappoint. A lot of people who pre-ordered the game will likely all be breathing massive sighs of relief that their purchase will not have been a mistake. When I saw the initial reveal of the game at E3, I was amazed […]