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Top 10 Favourite Wrestlers of All-Time

I know, I know, I said I was going to stay away from wrestling as much as possible. By I recently became a champion myself, wrestling’s on my mind right now!

Top 10 Songs I’ve Performed To An Audience

The last Top 10 in my personal music series, this Top 10 is about songs I’ve actually performed in front of people in an audience capacity.

Top 10 Songs I Enjoy Singing

So two weeks ago I did a Top 10 list for songs I enjoy playing again and again on my guitar. I had a blast making that list and yes, I did play many of these songs right after I finished writing that article. So this week, I’m going to the other part I enjoy […]

Top 10 Birthday Memories

So I’ve turned 29 today. Hooray! I’m old. I’ll make that post when I’m 30, because that’ll definitely be my reaction when that happens. This year, I’m having more fun with it and since my birthday this year has fallen on a Sunday, it feels like the best possible option to put this into a […]

Top 10 Songs I Enjoy Playing On My Guitar

I can’t believe after having a massive writer’s block, I never thought of a Top 10 like this one. It’s not like I recently did a Top 10 about anime opening themes and talked about enjoying playing a couple of them on guitar or anything, right? So now my brain has kicked into full gear again […]

Top 10 Anime Pictures On My Computer

It took a while, but I finally had writer’s block on my Top 10s. So it’s time to pull out the emergency backup plan…

Top 10 Anime OP Songs

An anime OP can enhance a show. This is the 10 best examples of music making its respective show that much better.