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Of Course Black Panther Is The First Best Picture Nominated Superhero Film

Let’s get all the bullshit out of the way, shall we? I’m not mad because the first superhero Best Picture nominee is a movie that features predominantly black characters.

What am I mad about, is that they picked the most divisive film in the history of superhero movies and they didn’t even pick a superhero film that was in the Top 3 of this year.

Sure, they weren’t going to pick Deadpool 2, that one was a given. But Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse is the best story told in a superhero film all year (and it was an animated film!) and Avengers: Infinity War was the best all-around superhero film this year, without question.

Plain and simple, this movie was not picked because of its quality, it was picked because of its content and what it represents. I’m not saying that what Black Panther represents isn’t good, I remain happy that we got a predominantly black superhero film, we need that kind of diversity in our content in order to learn how to write better films that everyone can associate with. But ask the average person if they think Black Panther is a Best Picture worthy film (without putting a political gun to their head) and they will tell you a resounding no.

Black Panther is not a Best Picture quality film. Hell, I would say the best superhero film this year in Avengers: Infinity War is not a Best Picture quality film. I’ve come to terms a long time ago that Oscar winning films are not cut from the same cloth that films I like are made from. They rarely put “fun” movies in that Best Picture slot, it’s always dark films, depressing films, frightening films, films based on horrifying events in history and then whatever musical film decided to get the thumbs up that given year. Nerd culture films are not Best Picture material, we all know this and have pretty much come to accept that.

So when Black Panther gets a Best Picture nominee and doesn’t have a single nominee in Best Director, Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress, Best Screenplay or hell, even Best Cinematography, is it not right for me to be a little suspicious. I mean sure, they’ve got nominations in the sound and design categories, but how does a Best Picture quality film not have a single nominee in the categories that are really, really supposed to mean something? Once again, it calls into question that the film isn’t high on quality, but high on the “message”.

There’s no doubt in my mind the Black Panther is a nomination born as a result of the outrage from the lack of black actors/actresses being nominated for the 2016 Academy Awards. People still haven’t gotten over it, racial tensions have heightened since and Black Panther since its initial trailers has been a film marred by racism from both sides. I haven’t forgotten the people that told all white people to stay home the first week and allow black people to enjoy the film first.

When I really think about it, the majority of my angers doesn’t even have to do with the awards themselves. I’ve said it before, my level of care for awards shows is really low. But giving Black Panther a Best Picture nomination when it’s very obvious that it’s racially motivated and has little to do with quality, it only serves to bolster both sides of the debate even more. The left gets to rub it in and the right is going to yell even louder and in larger numbers.

In the end, all this nomination is going to do, is make the culture war intensify. Racism on all sides will increase and like I said in my Covington article yesterday, this civil war we’re starting, it’s only going to get worse.

What a cruel fate for a movie that was actually pretty good. Who knows how much more I could’ve enjoyed the film had all this hatred not been infused into it from all sides.

[VIDEO] Rotten Tomatoes To Silence “Racist” Negative Reviews of Black Panther?

When the possibility of a few losers who want to post negative review fan scores online for a “black superhero film” is looming, what’s the smart thing to do? That’s right, absolutely nothing. But Rotten Tomatoes would rather make a stink about it and call anyone who potentially doesn’t give Black Panther a shining rating, a racist.

Dear Kotaku, We Don’t Need Blatant LGBTQ Representation In Movies

I cannot resist taking shots at Kotaku whenever they publish a bad article.

This edition of “Kotaku Says Something Stupid” comes to you courtesy of James Whitbrook, who apparently is looking to collect some points within the LGBTQ community, as he decided it’d be a great idea to publish an article about the recent blockbuster film Thor: Ragnarok and how apparently the character of Valkyrie, who yes is bisexual in the comics, was essentially not bisexual enough in the film to satisfy the demands of the LGBTQ community.

The main paragraph of the article pretty much sums up the petty bullshit James will be going through as the article drones on:

Thor: Ragnarok is a great movie—but one area where it falters is with Valkyrie. Not because of characterization, because she’s just as great, kickass, and engaging as the rest of the cast. But Ragnarok’s Valkyrie was meant to be bisexual, and the erasure of that identity in the film is profoundly disappointing.

Yep, basically he doesn’t care that the character of Valkyrie was a badass and super entertaining, it’s all a moot point because the film didn’t go out of its way to put the glowing neon sign above her head saying she’s bisexual.

You can read the full article here, and while I’d love to go piece by piece of this trash, there really isn’t much that I need to explain to you, is there? I mean I go into the whole “Tessa Thompson tried to get a small moment in the film where a woman walks out of her bedroom, but it was cut” thing, or how “offended” James was that the scene was cut because it was considered “too distracting”, but it really comes down to one simple fact:


It goes to show you that we have way too many people both in the LGBTQ community and SJWs “fighting” for the LGBTQ community both trying to make a big deal out of their community not being represented, when in actuality what they’re claiming to want would only damage the community itself. I mean for fuck’s sake, in the past couple of years I’ve made the transition from a heterosexual male to a bisexual male, so believe me when I tell you that just because I now have an interest in sexual intercourse with another male, it hasn’t affected the way I talk, act, or anything that is visually noticeable.

Valkyrie is bisexual, those who know the lore already know this fact. Sure, do the casual viewers? No. But do they need to? Does Valkyrie being bisexual add anything to the plot? No. Does it affect any of the characters in the film? No, as she doesn’t go around dry-humping every guy in the film and it’s not like Valkyrie takes a break from the fight to go scissor Hela before the big final battle either. James is honestly just looking for a reason to spew his idiotic demands on behalf of a community that largely isn’t asking for his help on. I’ve seen numerous posts on Twitter, hell even comments on Kotaku under the article from people in the LGBTQ community that are basically saying “I don’t care about this, it’s not something we’re worried about, stop fighting for us when we’re not asking you to do so.”.

Folks, I’ll say it once again, who you want to fuck has zero impact on your personality. So in Valkyrie’s case, she’s perfectly representing the LGBTQ community in Thor: Ragnarok. Why? Because she’s just another woman. She’s strong, emotional, has her reasons for why she’s where she’s at in the film when we first meet her. She’s a real person. She’s not some over-the-top character who flirts with every hot guy or girl on screen, she’s a normal woman who happens to bat on both sides of the plate.

Being bisexual isn’t special, James. It’s normal, it doesn’t need to be made obvious. Stop being an idiot.