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[VIDEO] Rotten Tomatoes To Silence “Racist” Negative Reviews of Black Panther?

When the possibility of a few losers who want to post negative review fan scores online for a “black superhero film” is looming, what’s the smart thing to do? That’s right, absolutely nothing. But Rotten Tomatoes would rather make a stink about it and call anyone who potentially doesn’t give Black Panther a shining rating, a racist.

Dear Kotaku, We Don’t Need Blatant LGBTQ Representation In Movies

Valkyrie in the Thor canon is bisexual. According to Kotaku, that means we have to see at least a couple naked women emerge from her bed in order to signify that.

[REVIEW] Spider-Man Homecoming

After seeing the new and improved web-slinger in Captain America: Civil War, how does the new Peter Parker fare in his first standalone film?

The Spoiler Section: Wonder Woman

If you’ve watched Wonder Woman, come on over here and let’s talk about all the juicy spoilers.

REVIEW: Wonder Woman

DC’s last chance to keep me interested in their films was this very film. Were they able to keep me invested, or is this the end of the line for my desire to watch DC films?

REVIEW: Colossal

I watched this little indie darling over the weekend and I’ve gotta say…how the bloody hell did anyone like this movie?!

The Spoiler Section: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

If you’ve watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, come on over here and let’s talk about all the juicy spoilers.