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[VIDEO] REVIEW: Deadpool 2

The first movie remains one of my favourite Marvel films to date, can the sequel to one of the highest-grossing R-rated movies compete with a bar so high, or will it fail to meet expectations?

[VIDEO] The Walmart Canada E3 Leaks To Me Aren’t Anything Special

Whether true or not, everyone’s talking about the Walmart Canada E3 leaks and quite honestly, there really isn’t much there in the way of overwhelming surprises.

[VIDEO] The 2018 Spring Anime Season Is The Worst I’ve Watched

I’ve been full-on watching anime simulcasts since 2015 and have been doing my weekly reviews since the Winter 2016 season. Taking all of those into account, this current season is without a doubt the weakest and downright forgettable season I have ever watched.

…and we’re only halfway done it. Ouch!

[VIDEO] REVIEW: Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple

It’s the first time I’ve gone to a movie theatre to see a non-Ghibli anime film. The Bungo Stray Dogs anime series has been for two seasons, a fun and hilarious action anime. Will it continue that trend with Dead Apple, or will it fizzle?

[VIDEO] Will Warmind Bring Me Back To Destiny 2?

Warmind is coming out this Tuesday and I haven’t played D2 this entire year. With changes coming and the positive vibes starting to come back, will Warmind be the DLC to bring me fully back to the game, or will it just be another expansion that gets a couple weeks of playtime?

[VIDEO] Incel and the Toronto Van Attack

It was a rough day yesterday for the GTA. Now with a little more information about what happened, it’s time to talk about a few things relating to this terrible attack.

[VIDEO] Should Gaming Addiction Be Classified As A Mental Disorder?

The short answer is yes. The long answer comes with A LOT of potential worries in doing such.