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[PODCAST] Saturday Morning Soapbox # 2

This week on the show we talk about the Thailand cave rescue, my pick for the World Cup Final, whether or not a baseball fan should get reimbursed when hit by a foul ball, a disgusting man who murdered a defenseless dog, how sexual education should be taught, and if all games should be catered to everyone or not.

[VIDEO] Ant-Man and the Wasp Review

The first movie was really good, does the sequel improve upon the first? Also, with the first Infinity War film in the books, does this film tie into that, or is it completely separate?

[VIDEO] There Is Fit Shaming Within The Gaming Community Too

The story about a gym’s sign has reinvigorated me and caused me to go back to a well that really needs to be looked at again, the idea that there’s a lot of fit shaming in video gaming that goes completely unchecked.

[VIDEO] Should Sony Allow Cross Play?

The short answer is yes.
The long answer…is yeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss.

[VIDEO] I Can’t Get Into Twitch & eSports

This is by no means a shot at Twitch streamers or various eSports leagues and tournaments. It’s just that for whatever reason, I can’t seem to get into that scene…

[VIDEO] Forcing Political Attack Ads To Offer A Rebuttal Or Solution

After enduring a rather irritating provincial election here in Ontario, Canada, I’m starting to specifically get tired of all the horrendous attack ads you see on TV and hear on radio. Here’s my case for what needs to be tweaked with these ads.

[VIDEO] Male Characters Need “Sexy Armor” Too

I have zero problem with games, anime, etc. having female characters in more sexualized-looking armor. But if the create-a-character women are wearing revealing armor, so should the men. It’s only fair.