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[VIDEO] 2017 Fall Anime Season – Review & Awards

[Podcast] Downloadable Opinions Ep.1 – Winter Jacket Triangle Boobs

This is the first episode of a returning podcast I used to do years before the blog page even existed. With two of my friends, VishalsViews and Chrismiyster, we talk about a bunch of nerdy subjects including the following: Previewing Star Wars: Rogue One The best of gaming in 2016 Previewing gaming in 2017

[VIDEO] Trump Hat is Hate Speech!!!

I’m proud to be a Canadian. And then there’s videos like these that make me re-think my love for this country and my hope in the human race.

[VIDEO] PlayStation 4 Pro – My Thoughts

After yesterday’s reveal of the PS4 Pro, I give my thoughts on whether the price is right and whether or not I’m interested in purchasing the system.

[VIDEO] Anita Sarkeesian Hates Slender Women!!! (In Video Games)

I was not aware that Anita Sarkeesian is still making videos! So I figured I’d try something new here and take a crack at this “legendary” feminist’s thoughts, opinions and ideas.

[Video] Enough With The Anti-Abortion Ads!

I apologize for the dark subject matter of this video, did not want this to be my first video post on the page, but they just had to throw one of these ads in the mail today. Viewer discretion is advised, of course as I do show the graphic content of the ad in the […]